ShareASale vs Commission Junction Affiliate Marketing Network

As you all know that ShareASale and Commission Junction are leading affiliate marketing networks.

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business or want to increase affiliate earnings, then you can join these networks.


There is a very good question that from these two networks, which network is better?

Don’t worry, if you also have the same question, then let me make you aware that here in this article I am going to compare ShareASale vs Commission Junction.

Based on the honest comparison, I will also tell that who is the winner, means that which is the best among them.

So, if you want to know the bets network between ShareASale and Commission Junction, then all you need to do is simply follow up with this most detailed article.

Let us begin…

ShareASale vs Commission Junction (Overview)

Now let me give you a quick intro to both the network, this will clear your view regarding these networks.


ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that has more than 16,000 merchants on it.

It simply means that it has more than 16,000 affiliate programs on its marketplace, which you can easily join and can make money online by promoting.

In order to become its affiliate member, you simply need to first get approved by ShareASale, so for this, you need to apply for it.

They will review your application manually, hence it takes a few days to review the application.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is also an affiliate network, which has more than 3,000 advertisers on it.

Those advertisers have multiple affiliate programs, that are listed on this network.

Affiliates join the affiliate offers of those best advertisers so that they can promote at their source and can earn money.

The best part about CJ is that it is giving you instant approval.

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Network Strength

Now Network Strength is a good factor to judge a network, this will give us a quick idea about the brand value and awareness or power of that network.

So let us see.


As I have already told you that there are more than 16,000 merchants or affiliate programs on this network and along with this it has more than 5 million visits per month.

You can make out by its website traffic that how big this network is.

Along with this, it also has a good category rank in its industry.

Commission Junction

Now, let me also talk about the network strength of CJ.

On CJ there are around 3,000 advertisers or affiliate offers, which is less than that of ShareASale.

If I talk about the traffic, the CJ website has more than 1.6 million visits per month, which is pretty good but less than ShareASale.

Result: Comparing the network strength, ShareASale is the winner

Joining Network

This is also a main and to consider factor on which we can compare ShareASale and Commission junction.

The network which is easy to join is considered to be the best one in the case of joining.


In order to join ShareASale, all you need to do is simply take its approval.

For this, you have to apply by filling the application form, let me tell you that this will not take more than 10 minutes for you.

There you need to provide them with your name, email, address, city, website, phone etc., which means that you have to fill in all the basic information there.

Once you have applied to it, they review your application and will reply to you within 72 hours, it is said by ShareASale itself.

If I talk about my cases, then I use to get approval within just 10-15 minutes. Want to know how?

How I got approved on ShareASale in just 15 minutes

Commission Junction

In the case of CJ, it is different from all the affiliate networks.

To become an affiliate member of CJ, you don’t need to take its approval, instead, you simply need to create an account on it and complete all the necessary steps.

After doing this, you can instantly log in to your affiliate dashboard, as CJ is giving you instant approval.

This is what I like the most in this network and I am sure that you will also like this.

Result: Comparing the join network process, Commission Junction is the winner

Affiliate Dashboard

A good, simple and easy to read affiliate dashboard is best for all beginners, hence a network must have such kind of network.

So, let us compare ShareASale vs Commission Junction, based on a good affiliate dashboard that tells about clicks, leads and sales quickly.


So, once you have been approved by ShareASale, then you will get an affiliate dashboard of ShareASale, which is very simple and easy to understand.

ShareASale vs Commission Junction

The main thing that you want to see in the dashboard is your affiliate commission and that you will see on the right side in a big font.

Now if you want to know that how or when you earn this commission or want to know about the clicks, etc, then you have to scroll down.

There you will come to know all the things in detail.

The best part is that, below the balance section, you will be able to see your top merchants, which you have joined.

Commission Junction

If I talk about the affiliate dashboard of CJ, then I have many things to share with you.

ShareASale vs Commission Junction

You will be able to see your commission in front of your eyes on the left side of your dashboard.

Along with the commission, you will also get the data of leads, sales, clicks, impressions etc, everything is clearly mentioned.

You don’t need to scroll or search for the clicks and additional data.

Besides this, the CJ dashboard is very simple and easy to navigate.

Result: Comparing the affiliate dashboard, Commission Junction is the winner

Finding best programs

In order to make more commission in affiliate marketing, you need to join some best as well as high paying affiliate programs.

Let us see that on which network, it is easier to look for the best offers.


In the case of ShareASale, let me tell you that it is very easy to find some best and high authority affiliate offers or merchants.

On this network, there is an option, which is known as Power Rank, if you will apply this filter, then you will easily get the best merchants on ShareASale.

Along with this, there you will also get some high paying offers, that pays you for sales as well as for leads.

Commission Junction

If you want to look up some best high paying advertisers on CJ, then first of all you have to go is the advertiser’s section.

There you need to apply the filters of commission type, country etc.

By doing this, you will get the best affiliate offers or advertisers on this network.

But, if I tell you based on my experience, it is easier and good to find the best one on ShareASale in comparison with CJ affiliates.

Result: Comparing the finding brands process, ShareASale is the winner

In order to start promoting any program, all you need is the affiliate links and banners of that program.

Now, let us see that in this process of getting these marketing materials easier, who is the winner between ShareASale vs Commission Junction.


If you get the affiliate links or banners of any merchant, then the simple work that you need to do is to come to the main page of your dashboard.

Then you need to scroll down and there you will the list of merchants that you have joined.

Now you need to choose any merchant and at the right of each merchant, you will be able to see the get links option.

If you the default link, then you can easily copy from there, but if you want a custom link or banners, then you can even do this easily.

I should say that it is very easier to get links and banners on ShareASale.

Commission Junction

In the case of CJ, you first need to come to the main dashboard page.

Then on the right side, you will be able to see the joined advertiser’s section, so you need to choose the advertisers first.

Then a page will open, then at the right, you have to click on the get links icon.

Then you will get many offers, banners and links from which you can choose anything.

Result: Comparing the process of getting affiliate links & banners, ShareASale is the winner

Deep Linking

I must say that it is also the main factor based on which we can compare commission junction and shareasale and can choose the best one.

Deep linking means creating a custom link to a custom page of that merchant or advertiser’s website or offer.


In order to do a deep link on the ShareASale affiliate dashboard, let me tell you that it is very easier.

You simply need to choose the brands from the home page top merchants list.

Then a new page will open, there you need to go to the custom link section.

Then there you have to paste your URL to which you want a deep or custom link, if you want you can even give it a name so that you can use it later.

After this, you need to click on the create button and this will give you the custom link to that URL or page.

Commission Junction

At the affiliate dashboard of commission junction, if you want to do a deep-link, then first of all you need to bookmark a page in your browser.

For this, you first need to come to the link tool section, which is under the link section.

There you will get the deep link part, they will ask you to drag and drop that page in the bookmark tab of your browser.

Now to get the deep linking of a page, you have to come to that page and then click on the bookmark (which you have bookmarked now).

CJ deep linking

This will give you the deep or custom link to that URL or page.

Well, I think that this process is a little bit complicated for a beginner as compared to that of ShareASale.

Result: Comparing the deep linking process, ShareASale is the winner

Payment withdrawal process

The process of withdrawing the payment from a network should be easy and has multiple payment options.

Now, let us compare both these networks based on this major factor.


To get or to withdraw your affiliate marketing payment from ShareASale, you have first need to come to the payment setting section, which is under the payment option.

Then after this, you have to choose the threshold, the minimum is $50, hence you are free to choose this.

After choosing the threshold, you have to add a payment withdrawal method.

You can do this, by clicking on the change payment settings.

withdraw payment from shareasale

On ShareASale, there are four methods:

  • Payoneer
  • Direct deopsit
  • Wire Transfer
  • Mailed check

Once you are done by providing them with all the information, you will be able to start receiving payment or earnings from this network.

Commission Junction

In the case of CJ affiliates, to get your payment into your bank account, you need to provide this information while filling the form of CJ.

They will ask you to add your bank account details, there you need to provide them with your account number, bank name, routing number, account type etc.

CJ payment info

The minimum threshold is also $50, hence it is easier for you to reach the threshold.

Besides bank transfer, you can also withdraw payment via check or Payoneer.

This process is also easy, but you may face some issues in finding the routing number, hence it is easier in the case of ShareASale.

Result: Comparing the payment withdrawal process, ShareASale is the winner

TAX Form

If you will not fill in the TAX Form, then you will not be able to withdraw your payment.

Hence it is compulsory for you to fill this.

Both the network ask you to provide this, but whose form is easier, let us find out.


If you want to fill the TAX form of CJ you simply need to come to the account settings section, which is under the Account option.

there you will find an option of TAX ID, you simply need to fill out this.

There you simply need to provide them with your name and signature (where you have to type your full name).

It is as simple as this.

Once you are done by filling in your name, you are done by filling in the ShareASale TAX Form.

Commission Junction

It is not the same on CJ as compared to ShareASale.

Let me tell you that is very complicated to fill the form and it takes some more time.

While you create an account on CJ, you have to fill the TAX Form, in order to activate your account.

In the form, you need to provide them with your name, country, citizenship, city, address, PAN card etc.

Know- How to fill the CJ TAX Form

Result: Comparing the TAX Form process, ShareASale is the winner

Who is the Winner?

How to Make Money with Commission Junction

Now after comparing ShareASale vs Commission Junction, let me finally declare the winner based on the comparison.

As you have seen that in the majority of the factor, ShareASale is the winner.

Hence, ShareASale is the winner, it means that it is a good affiliate marketing network as compared to commission junction.

Join ShareASale Now!

It doesn’t mean that CJ is bad, it is also a good network on which you can also work.

Which one I like the best?

Besides this comparison, if I talk about my favourite affiliate network between CJ affiliate and ShareASale, then it is ShareASale.

It doesn’t mean that, since it was my favourite, that’s why I have made it the winner.

It has qualities that made this network win over CJ.

I have more than 6 months of experience with ShareASale and let me tell you have I have received multiple payments from this network and everything was very simple and fine.

FAQs on ‘ShareASale vs Commission Junction’

1. What is the ShareASale affiliate Commission?

ShareASale also has its own affiliate program, which is one of my favourites.

It pays you $30 for each affiliate you joined through your link and earn $20 in commission, along with this it also pays you $100 for each merchant who joins following your link.

But there are some conditions for you to get the $100 commission, which you can know by visiting the ShareASale offer page on your affiliate dashboard.

2. Does ShareASale affiliates pay via Payoneer?

The simple answer to this most asked question is YES. It pays to its affiliates via Payoneer.

All you need to do is simply provide them with your Payoneer email and then you are all done.

3. How much does Commission Junction cost?

Let me tell you that it is 100% free for the affiliates.

Affiliates don’t have to pay CJ, in order to join its network.

But, advertisers have to pay CJ in order to list their affiliate programs on the marketplace.

4. What brands are on CJ affiliates?

On CJ affiliates, there are multiple best brands in different categories such as education, internet services, health, fitness, business, pets, home etc.

So all you need to do is simply choose the category in which you want the best offers and you will get multiple.

5. Alternatives of ShareASale & Commission Junction?

There are many competitors or alternatives of these two networks, CJ and ShareASale.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. Impact Radius
2. FlexOffers
3. Awin
4. MaxBounty
5. ClickBank
6. Digistore24
7. WarriorPlus
8. JVZoo
9. Rakuten
10. Amazon Associates

Conclusion (Final words)

So, let me conclude this most detailed article.

Here I have compared ShareASale vs Commission Junction and based on this comparison, I am able to reveal the best network among them.

In the end, we have found that ShareASale is the winner, but CJ is also a leading affiliate network, which is good enough to make money online.

Now, all you need to do is simply join ShareASale and inside it, you have to join some of the best programs, so that you can promote them to make commissions.

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