Top 10+ ShareASale Alternatives To Make More Money

ShareASale is one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks that has a big and strong network of affiliates and merchants.

Along with ShareASale, there are many affiliate networks or programs that are also very big and from which you can make more money in affiliate marketing.

So, if you were searching on Google to know some best ShareASale Alternatives, then let me tell you that you should stop searching more.

As here in this article, I am going to reveal more than 10 alternatives of ShareASale, which are similar to it and by joining hose network, you can increase your revenue.

If you have got approved by ShareASale or not, you should read this valuable article, as here you are going to get some legit platform to make big online.

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  • Guide to Affiliate Marketing
  • Know about the 10+ Alternatives to ShareASale
  • Tips to make more money on ShareASale

ShareASale Affiliate Network

ShareASale is one of the most popular, big and my favourites affiliate marketing networks, which has more than 16,000 merchants listed on it and those merchants have their own affiliate programs.

I have been working on ShareASale for 6 months and Alhamdulillah I am able to earn from it.

I should say that it is the best affiliate network for all beginners, where it is very easy for a beginner to make money in affiliate marketing.

Besides ShareASale, there are some more affiliate networks that you should know and you can even join those networks to make more commission online.

So, let us know some top websites, which are similar to ShareAsale.


10+ ShareASale Alternatives:

ShareASale Alternatives

The following are some of the best platforms to do or start an affiliate marketing business. Hence, I will recommend you thoroughly read this article, in order to get knowledge in detail.

The following networks are arranged randomly and not according to their network rank or power.

1. Impact Radius

Along with ShareASale, Impact Radius is also my favourite and one of the largest networks for affiliates as well as brands.

There are many big brands on Impact that has their own affiliate programs listed here, so what affiliates do is simply promote those affiliate offers to make money.

I have an approved account of Impact Radius and the best part that I like about Impact Radius is its dashboard, which is very easy to navigate and user-friendly.

From its dashboard, you can easily pick the affiliates links of any brand or can even do deep linking and this is really awesome.

Let me tell you that, on Impact, many popular and big brands are listed and this is the reason that it is so popular.

So, if you are really looking for a network similar to ShareASale, then I must say that Impact is the biggest alternative to ShareASale.

As there are many similarities in both platforms.

In order to work or earn on Impact, all you need to do is first take its approval similar to ShareASale. But, getting approved by Impact is also very easy.

All you need is a website, hence if you don’t have your own website, then I must say that you should make a website.

Because, they only see your website’s content, so you should put quality content on your website.

View Impact Radius detailed Review

Watch video on Impact Radius

Network Info

  • Threshold- $10
  • Payment Frequency- When Threshold completes
  • Payment Methods- Direct Bank Transfer/PayPal

2. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is an affiliate network that is very big and famous, but there are some people who don’t get approved by FlexOffers easily.

Let me you that, Alhamdulillah I have an approved FlexOffers account and in fact, I am able to earn from it by promoting the affiliate programs listed over there.

There are many best and high paying affiliate offers on FlexOffers such as Skillshare, Constant Contact, Linkedin Learning, Bigstock, Freshbooks etc.

Similar to the case of ShareASale, in order to become an affiliate on FlexOffers, you need to take its approval with your website.

And this is the main reason that some people don’t even get approved by FlexOffers easily, as they don’t have their website.

So, here website is compulsory and not only this but you should also some traffic on your website to get approved by it.

Once, you are get approved by this network, then let me tell you that you will easily get the approval of multiple advertisers inside it and hence it becomes easier for us.

The commission reports are very easy to check and not only this the payment withdrawal methods of FlexOffers are very acceptable.

Hence, I would like to recommend that, you should join this network to become a champ in affiliate marketing.

Network Info

  • Threshold- $25
  • Payment Frequency- Net 60 days
  • Payment Methods- PayPal, Wire & Transfer, Check

3. Commission Junction

Commission Junction is also like ShareASale but the difference is that it is giving you instant approval and I think that this platform is good for you.

Commission Junction or CJ is one of the biggest networks of affiliates well as advertisers, those advertisers have many affiliate offers on CJ, which are promote my affiliates like us.

So, if you are a beginner, then I should say that it will be very easy for you to make money with commission junction and it is giving you instant access to its affiliate dashboard.

The best part that finds good in CJ, is for sure its dashboard that is very simple and easy to navigate, even for a beginner.

There are multiple instant approval affiliate programs on CJ, so all you need to do is to join them as soon as possible to market those offers to generate more commission.

But, the most important part of CJ is its TAX form, where many people m and due to this they are not able to activate their account.

Hence, you need to be very careful by filling the CJ TAX form, it is not difficult, in fact, it is easy but you need to correctly fill it.

Watch video on Commission Junction

Network Info

  • Threshold- $50
  • Payment Frequency- Monthly
  • Payment Methods- Direct Bank Transfer/Check

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon is the big e-commerce company on this planet, you all know this.

Amazon has its own affiliate program, which is known as Amazon Associates. Let me tell you that it is one of the most popular and biggest affiliate programs in this world.

There are many bug affiliate marketers that recommend the Amazon affiliate programs for all the beginners which are starting their career in affiliate marketing.

Even I started my affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates and let me tell you that I have more 1-year of experience in Amazon Associates and my experience eas great.

Actually, I made a website, where I share content relevant to the products on Amazon and Alhamdulillah, those articles get ranked on Google and for sure, I have earned through it.

Although the commission that it gives is very less as compared to other affiliate offers.

But, the products of Amazon are very easy to promote as it has a very broad audience, hence it becomes easier for a beginner.

In order to promote any products on Amazon, you don’t need any kind of approval from the brands, all you need to do is pick the links and promote.

So, I would recommend you to join this network and pick the products and start promoting them to make money from them.

Network Info

  • Threshold- $10
  • Payment Frequency- Net 60 days
  • Payment Methods- Direct Bank Transfer

5. Awin

Well, I should say that Awin and ShareASale are almost the same networks. Let me tell you that ShareASale is acquired by Awin.

You can even see their website, which is almost same, this means that thy both network are linked to each other, hence it is also one of the biggest ShareASale Alternatives.

I don’t think so that I need to tell you much about this affiliate network, as the working system of this platform is almost the same as ShareASale.

It is a network that connects advertisers or merchants and publishers or affiliates and they both are benefited from this best network.

In order to join Awin, you need to take its approval, but there is a difference in the process of joining this platform.

In order to become an affiliate of Awin, you need to apply by paying them $1.

But, if you are getting approved by Awin, then this $1 will be added to your affiliate dashboard and you can easily withdraw it when your threshold is completed.

But, if your application has been rejected, then also you shouldn’t worry, as you can request them to give back your $1 and for sure they will give you back, as they said on their website.

Hence, you are not at loss, this is just to verify or security deposit, you will easily get it back in both cases.

Once you approved then you will find multiple affiliate offers to promote as they are giving you a high payout.

Network Info

  • Threshold- $20
  • Payment Frequency- 1st or 15th
  • Payment Method- Payoneer

6. Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising is another best alternative of the ShareASale affiliate marketing network which has a big brand value in this industry.

There are many big and popular brands on the Rakuten Advertising network, of course, there will be multiple affiliate programs of those brands.

So, in order to make money online in affiliate marketing, all you need to do is first of all you need to join those affiliate offers of brand and then you need to start making content relevant to your affiliate offer.

For example: if you want to promote a Health affiliate offer of a particular brand, then either you can make a website and put content on it related to health, which is the best option.

Or you can make a high converting landing page based on that health product or service and can run paid campaign with the help of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads etc.

As you know that running paid campaigns is a paid method and in this, you need to do a good amount of investment.

But, if you are a beginner, then you may not have this much enough budget to spend on these campaigns, in this case, you can simply use the free method to promote affiliate offers on Rakuten Advertising.

Believe me, this Rakuten platform will help you a lot to master affiliate marketing and make money easily from it.

Network Info

  • Threshold- $50
  • Payment Frequency- Net 60 days
  • Payment Methods- Direct deposit

7. ClickBank

ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace, which is similar to Amazon Associates (working system), as there are multiple products but digital that you can promote.

The best part that I like about ClickBank is that, in order to promote affiliate offers or products, you need to take approval, you just simply need to pick their links for promoting, isn’t it cool.

There are many brands or people who lite their SAAS service or a digital product on ClickBank and affiliates on ClickBank promote those digital products to earn high commission.

Yes, on ClickBank you are not going to get a very high percentage of commission on each product of which you bring sales and this is the reason that this platform is recommended by most people.

In order to be an affiliate on this platform, you need approval, instead, you need an email to simply sign up.

Hence, this is a complete platform for all beginners as well as pro affiliates, who want to earn money or want to increase their earnings through affiliate networks.

So, if you are the one who is looking for some of the best alternatives to ShareASale, then I will recommend this platform more.

Network Info

  • Threshold- $10
  • Payment Frequency- 7days or 14 days
  • Payment Methods- Direct Transfer

8. Digistore24

Let me tell you that Digistore24 is as same as ClickBank.

It is also a good marketplace, that has many good and high paying offers of digital products as well as some physical products.

Not only this, similar to ClickBank, you will get instant approval on this marketplace, hence you will be able to access instantly to your Digistore24 dashboard.

The dashboard of Digistore24 is one of my favourites affiliate dashboards, as it is so simple and good looking that it becomes almost impossible for me to leave it, but I had to leave it.

So, in order to make more money in your affiliate marketing career, you just need to come to this awesome network, where you will get that affiliate offers that can give a boost to your earnings.

If you are new to this marketplace and want to learn about this, then you shouldn’t worry, as on the internet there are many tutorials on this marketplace, that will help you to become a master of Digistore24.

Network Info

  • Threshold- €50
  • Payment Frequency- 7days or 14 days
  • Payment Methods- Direct Deposit

9. WarriorPlus

WarriorPlus is also a good alternative to ShareASale, which will for sure help you to increase your online earnings.

First of all, let me clear to you that it is giving you instant approval to its affiliate account, it simply means that your application will not go under review.

So, here it is very easy to join for beginners.

There are many vendors or merchants on WarriorPlus, that list their products or services on this platform.

Along with the vendors, there are many affiliates like you and me who simply promote these products or services to earn.

There are many features or options on WarriorPlus, that will help you to find the best and top leading vendors, so that you can promote the offers of only those vendors.

You can even filter the offer to find the best offer of the day or week, hence this will give you some best offers that have a conversion rate and less return rate.

The products or services, which are listed over here such as software, courses or ebooks are very easy to promote, even for a beginner.

Network Info

  • Threshold- $15
  • Payment Frequency- Instantly
  • Payment Methods- PayPal

10. MaxBounty

MaxBounty is also one of my favourite affiliate networks, as there are very good and high paying offers are available.

Basically, on MazBounty there are more CPA offers instead of CPS offers.

CPA means Cost per action, it means that you will get a commission for each action made by the user on that website through your affiliate page.

For example: if someone follows your affiliate link and land on that website, so if that visitor enters his email or phone or simply take a trial of that website, then, in this case, you will earn a commission.

This commission can be $1, $2, $3, $4 …$10 or even more than this, it depends on the offer.

And this is known as CPA Marketing, which is actually a part of Affiliate Marketing.

There are also many CPA offers available on ShareASale and this is the reason that MaxBounty also comes on this list of ShareASale Alternatives.

In order to become an affiliate of MaxBounty, you need to apply for it. But, you also need to verify by a call by MaxBounty.

Once you have filled the application form, within few days a call will come from MaxBounty (if your website is approved), in that they will just ask few questions regarding your experience in affiliate marketing.

Don’t worry, if you have some knowledge, then also, they will get approved by MaxBounty.

Network Info

  • Threshold- $100
  • Payment Frequency- Weekly
  • Payment Methods- Direct Transfer

I should say that Skimlinks should also come in this list of alternatives.

Skimlinks is also a good largest network for affiliates, where there are multiple advertisers that list their own affiliate programs to be promoted by the affiliates.

There are more than 60,000 publishers and more than 48,000 advertisers, it simply means that there are more than 48,000 affiliate offers for you.

Hence, you can easily imagine that how big this platform is.

Let me tell you that it will take hardly 5 minutes for you to complete the application of joining this platform.

But, when you join it, in some steps, it will ask you to place a Javascript code inside the body tag of your WordPress website.

Believe me, this will of placing the code is also very easy and will take only 2 minutes.

All you need to do is log in to your WP dashboard and then you have to come to the Theme editor section, where you have to find the header.php section (at the right side), then you have to paste that code at the bottom part, before body tags end.

You need to do this simple work, in order to get approved by this network.

Watch video on Skimlinks Affiliate Marketing Network

Network Info

  • Threshold- $65
  • Payment Frequency- End of each month
  • Payment Methods- PayPal/Direct Bank Transfer

Cuelinks is one of India’s top leading networks, which will help you to monetize the content of your website or your YouTube channel.

Since it was founded in India, hence there are very good offers available to be promoted in India and even there are very big brands such as Flipkart, Myntra etc.

So, if you have an Amazon affiliate website or something related to it, then let me tell you that this platform is going to become a gold miner for your website as with the help of this, you can increase your earnings.

Not only an Amazon affiliate website, if you have any kind of website which can easily be monetized by any offers on Cuelinks, then also you can make more money.

Hence, if you are a complete beginner in this world of affiliate marketing, then this Cuelinks platform is only for you as it is easy to join and promote.

Network Info

  • Threshold- 500 INR
  • Payment Frequency- Every Friday
  • Payment Methods- Bank Transfer

13. CPALead

CPALead is a CPA affiliate network, which is giving you Instant approval to its dashboard.

Let me make you aware that, there are all types of offers on CPALead such as CPA, CPS, CPI etc.

This particular platform is also very good and easy for those beginners who are not getting approved by big affiliate networks.

So, all they can do is to join this for free and promote some best affiliate programs.

In this platform, there are some features or may call it options that will help you earn extra, such as content locker, readymade templates for CPA offers etc.

All these materials will make your work easier by making landing pages etc. You can even do content locking to extra income.

Hence, this is also an alternative for which you are looking on Google.

Network Info

  • Threshold- $0.75
  • Payment Frequency- Daily Payments
  • Payment Methods- PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer etc

Tips to Make More Money on ShareASale

As I told you at the beginning of the article that I will also share with you some strategies or some tips to make more money on ShareASale.

So, below are some of my personal strategies, that I have experienced in affiliate marketing through ShareASale, so all you need to do is to follow up on these tips to earn extra money.

Tip:1 Join Top & Famous brands

Since there are multiple merchants on ShareASale, but wait, all those merchant’s programs are not high converting and easy to promote.

So if you are a beginner, then you need to pick up only those merchants or brands that are famous and has a good power rank.

If you will promote top and famous merchants offers, then it will become easier for you to promote, as those top merchants are already very famous in the market, hence people will easily trust that particular merchant.

Hence, to make your promotion easier, you need to choose the top power rank merchants. Usually, you can go with those merchants that have less than 1000 power rank.

Tip:2 Promote High Paying Affiliate Programs

Along with the top level of power rank brands, you also need to focus on the commission rate.

Some affiliate programs pay a very high commission, while some pay less commission.

So, in order to make more money, you just need to choose those affiliate offers which is giving you a high commission.

Finding the high paying affiliate programs on ShareASale is very easy, all you need to do is apply the filter and you will get those.

Tip:3 Provide value in your content

After choosing the affiliate programs that you wish to promote, you need to create content on your website or landing page.

But, don’t forget to provide value in your content, because if you will miss this part, then you may not get conversions for your affiliate offer.

Because the audience is looking for value, hence you need to explain your offers in a detailed way to your visitors.

FAQs on ShareASale Alternatives


1. Best Competitors of ShareASale?

So, if you want to know some top competitors of ShareASale, then let me share with you:

1. Impact Radius
2. FlexOffers
3. Commission Junction
4. Rakuten Advertising
5. Awin

Besides these, there are some more platforms that are the biggest competitors of this network.

2. What are the Top Affiliate Marketing Networks?

In the world of affiliate marketing, there are multiple networks for brands and affiliates, some of the tops are listed below.

1. FlexOffers
2. ShareASale
3. Impact Radius
4. ClickBank
5. Commission Junction
6. Amazon Associates
7. Awin
8. Digistore24
9. WarriorPlus
10. Rakuten Advertising

3. How to earn 1st $100 in Affiliate Marketing?

Starting affiliate marketing is easy, but to earn your 1st $100 in it may be difficult for a beginner like you.

So, if you really want to earn 1st $100 from it, then you should promote your affiliate website or landing page on Quora.

There you simply need to answer the questions, that are relevant to your niche. By doing this, you can easily drive traffic from Quora to your affiliate landing page.

Once you have traffic, then you can easily generate affiliate sales.

4. How to get approved on ShareASale?

Believe me, it is very easy.

In order to get approved on ShareASale, all you need to do is follow these proven steps:

1. Make a website
2. Put content
3. Drive Traffic
4. Apply to ShareASale

5. Enjoy your approved account

These steps are my personal steps that helped me to take its approval and Insha’Allah it will also help you get approved.

Conclusion (Final Words)

So, this was all about this valuable article, which I have shared with you based on my knowledge and experience in online marketing.

In this article, I have not only shared more than 10 ShareASale Alternatives but also provide you with some tips to maximise your earnings from this network.

Now, I don’t think so that you will search more on this particular topic, as here you got many things to know.

So, here I would like to give you a piece of advice that you should also join some more networks so that you can grab more opportunities of earning.

Go ahead…

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