ShareASale Affiliate Program Review (Ultimate in 2022)

There are many ways of making money online, but do you have any idea about the best and the easiest way to earn money online.

Yes, for sure I am talking about Affiliate Marketing.

But why only Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make good money online working from home and another best part is that in this, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to start it.

All you need is content to monetize it with affiliate marketing and nothing else.

Now, there are many Affiliate Marketing Networks, which you can join and can monetize your content easily.

Because there are many affiliate programs of big brands.

Today, in this most detailed article, I am going to talk about ShareASale Affiliate Program Review, it is basically an affiliate network.

Here I am going to share everything in detail and step by step so that you can know everything in detail.

Hence, it would be very easy for you to choose ShareASale as your best network to make commissions.

So without wasting any more time, let me start with this most detailed article.

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What is ShareASale?

shareasale text logo
  • Biggest Affiliate Network
  • Best for Beginners
  • 16,000+ Affiliate Programs

ShareASale is the biggest, trustworthy and one of my favourite affiliate marketing networks in this industry.

It has a big network of merchants (advertisers) and publishers (affiliates).

Let me tell you the fact that on this network, you will be able to see more than 16,000 merchants (advertisers), which means that there are more than 16,000 affiliate programs.

Hence, it is the biggest opportunity for you to make money in affiliate marketing.

Since it is a network, therefore to become its affiliate member, all you have to do is first of all you have to get approved on ShareASale.

Believe me, it is very easy to take its approval.

Well, this was all about the ShareASale, now let me start the review of this network.


ShareASale Affiliate Program Review (Starts from here)

Network Strength

As I already told you that it is one of the biggest and powerful networks of affiliate marketing.

In its marketplace, there are more than 16,000 advertisers, hence you can now imagine how big this platform is.

The traffic on the ShareASale network is in millions (data by Similarweb), so you can easily trust it.

Inside its network, you will get all the types of affiliate offers such as CPL, CPS, CPA etc.

Using ShareASale Dashboard

ShareASale Affiliate Program Review

So once you are approved on the ShareASale, you will be able to log in to your affiliate dashboard, which is awesome.

A good affiliate network has a simple and easy to understand affiliate dashboard and you will get these qualities in the dashboard of ShareASale.

At the top-right of the main dashboard, you will be able to see your commission, which you have earned by promoting the offers.

And this is the best part I like about this network.

If you want to see more data such as clicks, impressions, CTR etc, then all you have to do is scroll down and come to the bottom of this page.

Then you will be able to check all the stats and also you will be able to understand clearly.

Another best part is that you will get a list of all the programs (merchants) you have joined on the main dashboard page (below the commission).

At the left side of the ‘joined merchants’ section, you will be able to see some banners of featured merchants of ShareASale, you can even join them, as they are very popular over this network.

Along with this, if you want to know that how you have earned commission, I mean that your commission history.

For this, you have to scroll down the main affiliate dashboard page, where you will find the section of Recent Transaction.

At the top, you will be able to see a menu, from which you can navigate to any part or section of the ShareASale dashboard.

Finding Best Merchants

shareasale power rank

Since this is the review of the ShareASale network, I should also cover this factor also, which is how to find the best merchants.

If you want to look for some advertisers or want to find some merchants or affiliate programs, then for this you have to come to the ‘search for merchants’ part, which is under the merchant’s section.

Once you will come to this page, you will find some featured merchants of different categories, so if you want to join them, then you can do this easily.

If you want to search for a custom offer or advertiser, then you can also do this by typing its name in the search bar.

But, if you don’t have any idea and want the best or top merchants, then for this you have to apply a filter.

This filter is known as ‘Power Rank’, you will see this filter side to the search bar.

Once you will apply this filter, you will get some of the best merchants on ShareASale, hence you are free to join anyone.

This power rank means that the merchants who have a power rank under 1000 are considered the best merchants.

Hence, to get the best results, you should look for offers that have a power rank under 1000.

Now it doesn’t mean that the merchants which have power rank above 1000 are bad, they are also good enough to make a good amount of commissions.

ShareASale network

Getting Marketing Materials

Now in the ShareASale Affiliate Program Review let me also review that how easy it is to take out marketing materials.

In order to promote any affiliate program which you have joined on this network, all you need is its affiliate links, banners etc.

To get these materials, all you have to do is to come to the ‘Get a Link/Banner part’, which is under the Links section.

How To Make Money With ShareASale

Once you will come here you will be able to see the merchants you have joined.

Now there only, you will get a button of ‘Get Links’, first of all, you have to choose the program and then simply click on the Get Links button.

Then there you will get all the marketing materials such as banners, raw links, multiple landing page links and you can even create a custom link, which is known as a deep link.

From here, you are free to pick any affiliate link or any affiliate banner of multiple dimensions and let me tell you that these banners are very attractive and high converting.

Hence, it would be very easy for you to promote the affiliate programs on it.

Deep Linking Process

Now if you want to know that how to do deep links on ShareASale, then let me explain you in detail.

Deep linking means, creating a custom link so that you can promote a particular page or feature of an advertiser or you can get another link for tracking.

To do this, first of all, you have to come to the Get Link/Banner part (which is under the Links section).

There you have to choose the program by clicking on the Get Links.

After coming there you will get all the marketing materials of that particular merchant.

There will be an option known as Create a Custom link, you have to come to that part.

After going there, you will be easily able to create a custom link for your campaign.

Let me make it clear for you

Step:1 Go in the Get Links/Banner section

Step:2 Click on the Get Links (of a program)

Step:3 Go in the Create Custom link section

ShareASale Payment Methods

This is one of the most important factors or things that we must discuss, which is ShareASale Payment Methods.

If you have earned a good amount of commission from the ShareASale affiliate program or network, then you need to withdraw it.

Now let me tell you that your earnings must be at least $50, for you to withdraw it, as it is the minimum threshold of this network.

In order to withdraw your money or earnings from this network, all you have to do is to choose a payment method.

ShareASale Payment Methods:

  1. Payoneer
  2. Direct Bank Transfer
  3. Check via Mail

Hence, it is totally up to you, which method you choose to withdraw your earnings.

To set all these things, first of all, you have to go to the Payment settings, which is under the Payment section.

shareasale affiliate

Now you have to set the threshold, which you can set at least $50.

After doing this, you have to add a payment method.

If you want to withdraw your earnings via Direct Bank Transfer mode, then all you have to do is provide them with your bank details.

Once you are done with this, you also have to fill the ShareASale TAX Form, which is very easy, which you can do by coming to the account settings.

Working System

This is one of the most asked questions that How does ShareASale work, means what is the working system of ShareASale Affiliates?

As you all know that I am here to answer all your questions.

So let me answer this question also (in detail).

As you all are aware that ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network.

It has a very big marketplace or network of multiple advertisers (brands) as well as publishers (affiliates).

What these brands do is list their affiliate program on the ShareASale marketplace.

And affiliates join ShareASale to promote the affiliate programs of brands.

By promoting these affiliate programs, affiliates get commissions (different for each program) and brands get customers, leads, sales etc.

In this way, both brands, as well as affiliates, are profitable.

Now ShareASale does not charge a single dollar from the affiliates, only brands had to pay to it to keep their affiliate programs online on its marketplace.

Hence in this way, ShareASale Affiliate Program or network works.

Now I am pretty sure that you have understood this in detail.

Instant Approval Affiliate Programs

Joining ShareASale Affiliates

Let us also see that how to join or become an affiliate partner of ShareASale.

For this, you have to join ShareASale as an affiliate and then you have to apply to it.

This whole process is very easy and simple and will not take more than 5-10 minutes for you to complete this application.

So let us start filling this application.

Step:1 Set up Login Credentials

Now as soon as you start filling up the form, in the first step itself it will ask you to set up login credentials.

How to Get Approved on ShareASale

You have to set your username, password and along with this, you have to provide them with your country.

With these credentials only, you will be able to log in to your ShareASale dashboard, once you have been approved by it.

Step:2 Set up Basic Information

Now in step 2, they will ask you for some basic information about your website such as your website URL and language.

Below, you also have to provide some more information related to your website.

How to Get Approved on ShareASale

Hence, as per your website or website content, you have to select yes or no.

Step:3 Email Address

Well, this is the easiest step.

Here you only have to provide them with your best email address.

step 3

So that they can contact you with this email and can send updates regarding any program or network to this email.

Step:4 Provide Contact Info

In step 4, you have to give your time.

Here you have to provide them with your personal details such as name, phone number, address, city etc.

You have to set the support phone pin, which could be any 4 digit number.

There is a section of ‘program description’, where you have to tell them about your website, promotional properties or how would you like to promote the affiliate programs.

step 4.2

After filling up this info, all you have to do is to scroll down.

Here you have to tell some more things about your website, hence you should check the options as per your website.

How to Get Approved on ShareASale

Step:5 Provide Payment Info

Now, this is the last and 5th step, where you have to choose payment options.

If you want to add a payment method now, you can do this by choosing one mode.

But if you are planning to add a payment method afterwards, which means after getting approved, then you can even do this.

For this, you have to follow the ‘Complete sign up’ button.

step 5

After you have been approved by it, you can set a payment method by coming into the payment settings.

Now once you are done completing all the 5 steps, your application to join ShareASale has been submitted and currently it is under review.

They claim that they will review your application within just 72 hours and will confirm with you via email.

Most probably, they will let you know the status of your application within 72 hours but sometimes it may take some more days.

Pros & Cons

Since this is the Review of ShareASale Affiliate Program, hence I also need to discuss the pros and cons of this network.

Before discussing this, let me tell you that this network has more good things as compared to the bad.


  • More than 16,000 Advertisers
  • Easy to use Affiliate Dashboard
  • Easy to get Links and Banners
  • Deep Linking availability
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Trustworthy Network
  • Multiple offers availability
  • Easy to take approval


  • Hard to contact the Merchants

Now you have seen both, good as well as bad things about this powerful network, which is ShareASale.

It is totally on you, whether you need to join this network or not, but if you don’t then you may miss the opportunity to earn big in affiliate marketing.

Some of the Best Merchnats (Affiliate Programs) on ShareASale

As I told you that ShareASale has many best affiliate programs or merchants inside it.

So let me share some of the best among those.

1. ShareASale

ShareASale is also an affiliate program inside its marketplace, which is my favourite. I have earned many dollars from this ShareASale affiliate program.

In this, all you have to do is simply promote this network to the affiliates as well as advertisers.

If an affiliate joins following your link and then earns $20 in commission, then you will get a $30 commission.

If an advertiser joins following your link and then completes some criteria, then you will get a $100 commission.

The best part about this offer is that as soon you are approved on the ShareASale network, you will get an instant approval for this ShareASale offer.

Join ShareASale affiliate program

2. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is the other best and top leading advertiser on this network.

The affiliate program of FreshBooks is very famous in the affiliate marketing industry.

As it is providing people with a good amount of commission and along with this, it is also very easy for you to promote this platform.

It is nothing but accounting and payroll software for businesses.

Join FreshBooks affiliate program

3. WPEngine

WPEngine is a WordPress Hosting provider in the hosting industry.

Its affiliate program is also very popular on the ShareASale network and hence I am recommending you.

It is also paying you a good payout so that you can earn a good amount of commission from this network.

Join WPEngine affiliate program

4. Namecheap

Namecheap is somewhat related to WPEngine.

It is also a web hosting service provider for all those beginners who want to start their own online careers by making a website.

It also has an affiliate offer on this marketplace, which is giving you instant approval, hence your application will not be under review.

Let me tell you that this offer is one of the easiest easy to promote offers, as it comes in web hosting affiliate programs.

Join Namecheap affiliate program

5. Wondershare

Wondershare is nothing but one of the biggest editing and designing software on this planet.

This wonderful software also has a partner program, which pays a good commission rate.

The best part I like about this offer is that its pays you commission is per cent, hence the more sales we bring, the more commission we will earn.

And if we bring more than a particular number of sales, our commission per cent increases.

Join Wondershare affiliate program

6. is also a WordPress hosting service provider.

Its affiliate offer is listed on this network which pays you a very high amount of commission.

It is considered one of the highest paying affiliate programs, hence you must join it.

This advertiser also has a good power rank on ShareASale, hence it is also widely promoted by many affiliates.

Join affiliate program

Know more- Know 25+ Best Merchants on ShareASale

Tips to Make More Money on ShareASale

Tip:1 Promote high commission rate programs

There is a trick or you may call it a strategy to make more money on this network.

On this network, you have to find some of the highest paying commission advertisers or affiliate programs, so that you can promote those programs.

If you will promote high rate offers, then you will be able to earn good commissions even if you generate a few sales or leads.

Hence, if you are a beginner or not, you should always look for high rate offers.

Tip:2 Promote through your webistes

Well, this is the best method to promote any affiliate program no matter whether it is CPL or CPS.

You should promote all the offers and program through your website.

All you can do is write a blog post on that particular offer and also do its SEO, so that it can rank on Google, hence in this way you will receive traffic on your website.

In this way, this traffic will convert into sales and leads.

Tip:3 Run paid campaigns

Promoting with websites is very good but it takes time for the website to rank.

So if you want results as soon as possible, for this you have to run paid campaigns.

If you have a budget in your pocket, then you can invest in paid marketing by running ads on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Quora etc.

Paid Marketing is good and it will you a good ROI (Return of Investment).

My Earnings from ShareASale (Motivation)

So, let me also share with you some of my ShareASale affiliate marketing earnings.

Let me first make you aware of the fact that I have multiple ShareASale accounts.

shareasale payment proof 2
Earnings- $116
shareasale payment proof 1
Earnings- $100
ShareASale Affiliate Program Review Earnings
Earnings- $70

So as you can see above, the total earnings are $286 (these earnings is for only a few months).

Besides this, I have multiple earning receipts.

Final Ratings of this Network

After discussing the ShareASale Affiliate Program Review on multiple factors, let me now share with you the final ratings of it.

Let me make you aware that these ratings are based on my experience and the factors which we have discussed today.

shareasale text logo
  • Biggest Affiliate Network
  • Best for Beginners
  • 16,000+ Affiliate Programs

As I told you that it is one of my favourite affiliate networks and based on the features, usability and multiple factors I would like to give it 4.5/5 stars.

FAQs on ‘ShareASale Affiliate Program Review’

1. How do I use the ShareASale affiliate program?

I order to use the ShareASale affiliate program, simply follow the given steps:

1. Get approved by it
2. Join best merchants (affiliate programs)
3. Copy the affiliate link
4. Promote the affiliate programs
5. Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

2. How much does it cost to join ShareASale?

For affiliates, it cost $0 to join, but advertisers have to pay ShareASale to list their affiliate offers.

3. How does ShareASale pay out?

ShareASale pays its affiliates every 20th of a month (if the commission is approved).

The payment methods are:

1. Payoneer
2. Direct Bank Transfer
3. Check via Mail

4. Does ShareASale pay via Payoneer?

Yes, ShareASale pays its affiliate via Payoneer.

5. Is ShareASale a good affiliate program?

Yes, for sure.

It is one of the best and good affiliate programs or networks. You can easily earn a good amount of money from this network.

Final statement (Conclusion)

Finally, here comes the ned of this most detailed article on ShareASale Affiliate Program Review.

Here in this article, I have shared all my personal strategies and experience regarding this network.

Today we have discussed many factors on which we have judged this awesome and powerful network and the result is that this network is a must to join the network.

Hence, in the end, I would like to recommend to you that if you want to start affiliate marketing or want to make more in it, then this network can help you a lot.

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