Review of AffSpace Affiliate Program and Why Join It

The AffSpace affiliate program focuses on SaaS products, phone tracking, and parental control solutions, offering various strategies to promote the products and increase profits.

Everyone can join this program without paying anything, and the commission comprises 45% at the start, with potential reviews in the future.

It is a great choice for everyone who wants to start earning money on affiliate marketing securely, as AffSpace has 35+ juicy offers available globally that open the way to a huge range of opportunities.

To get a better idea of this affiliate marketing program and learn about all its pros, cons, and hidden tasty bonuses, skim through this review, and if something catches your eye, slow down and check for more details.

Review of AffSpace Affiliate Program and Why Join It

A Few Words About AffSpace

A couple of years ago, the company had only 1 affiliate and was on the rise. Today, it can proudly present 725 respectful partners, more than 35 affiliate offers with different payout models (CPA and RevShare), and 15+ high-quality products developed for PC and mobile platforms, most popular of which are presented in the App Store and Google Play.

It all became possible thanks to the hard work of developers and partners, and they are not planning to stop at the achieved numbers, so be ready to see even higher numbers in the future.

Now, AffSpace is a performance-based marketing program, meaning that the best and easiest way to start making profits is to generate leads and sales. Overall, the whole process can be divided into two main stages.

  1. Make people interested. As an affiliate partner, you should present AffSpace products to potential clients and provide them with the most detailed descriptions and reviews to engage them in using its products. You should also prepare and offer a tracking link a person can use to get to the next stage.
  2. Lead potential clients to the desirable action. Now, after following the link, the potential client should make a purchase. Eventually, you are rewarded on a monthly basis as soon as your earnings reach $100.

Why Join the AffSpace Affiliate Program

Review of AffSpace Affiliate Program and Why Join It

Affiliate programs are on the rise nowadays, and there are lots of offers on the Internet, so we would like to provide you with some reasons to choose AffSpace, among others.

  • You get a personal success manager. Every official partner who takes part in the AffSpace affiliate program receives a personal assistance manager whose task is to ensure that you are getting the best possible experience and that all your issues are solved immediately and professionally. The success manager focuses on your affiliate activity, provides ongoing training, optimizes your strategies, and informs you about product changes.
  • Simple start. The onboarding process is fast and simple, so you can start working on the same day you register with the program.
  • Available worldwide. It does not matter where you live or are located at the moment, AffSpace is available all over the world.
  • 120-day cookie tracking period. Every new member can start earning commissions on the sales that took place during this period.
  • Wide product choice. Every new joiner can choose one or several products from the list with almost 2 dozen titles.
  • Flexible commission. There are two models available: RevShare and CPA. Affiliates can choose the one that best fits their strategy. 
  • Motivational program. Those affiliates who demonstrate top performance are encouraged with special bonuses. For instance, you can get a 10% permanent commission for every new marketer who joins AffSpace via your referral link.
  • Transparent tracking program. AffSpace provides a convenient platform to track commissions, statistics, and payouts, which can be checked at any time and from any location. 

If you combine all these reasons, you will see what makes AffSpace so different and better than other top affiliate programs and how you can benefit if you start using it.

If it looks like something you might be interested in – follow this link and fill in all the required information to join the program.

The AffSpace team will need some time to review your application, and if everything is okay, you will be notified via e-mail. It will contain guidelines on what to do next as well as manuals and tutorials on how to continue and maximize your profits.

In case your application is not approved, you are still supposed to get an e-mail with an explanation and recommendations on what you should change and/or improve to get approved next time.

Niches and Software

The AffSpace affiliate program may be interesting to all those who work in the following niches and understand how the corresponding industries function.

  1. SaaS: includes internet-based and internet-deliverable software that guarantees users get a high-quality service.
  2. Software: includes different applications and services developed with a specific aim to provide a specific service or feature.
  3. Mobile apps: applications developed specifically for iOS and Android to function on mobile devices.
  4. Phone tracking: software to locate a mobile device remotely and anonymously.
  5. Parental control: software to provide parents with all the tools to ensure that their children are safe and manage their screen time better.

We have already mentioned that AffSpace offers more than 15 high-quality products, but it has 3 main titles that have become peculiar cornerstones for the program:

  • uMobix – a full-scale parental control app for Android and iOS mobile devices with 40+ features and a convenient online dashboard where all the tracking information is stored. It tracks calls, messages, social media, browser history, and more;
  • Glassagram – an online-based Instagram viewer for monitoring private and public profiles, which does not require registration in the aforementioned social media and guarantees 100% anonymity while using;
  • – an online phone number tracker for anonymous location monitoring, which sends an SMS message with the tracking link to the required number and shares its GPS location with the sender.

Any of these titles guarantees you get the high click and lead numbers if you choose any of them to start with.

Payment Structures and Withdrawals

Review of AffSpace Affiliate Program and Why Join It

The main reason you could be interested in joining any of the affiliate marketing companies is, of course, the potential payouts you can get. AffSpace has only positive numbers here, and there are several options.


Every new partner gets a 45% commission for the first sale, with a 25% commission for rebills at the start, right after joining the program.

Those partners who demonstrate good monthly performance can take part in the motivational program and increase their rates to 65%/45%, respectively, giving affiliates even more reasons to be more active throughout the month.

The average client check is usually around $80, so the affiliate commission may turn out to be quite profitable. In addition to all these juicy bonuses, you will also get a permanent 10% commission for every referral who becomes the program’s partner after your recommendation.

To give partners even more freedom and space for development, AffSpace sets aims for its partners.

Achieving them increases the commission rates for the next quarter, so it is always beneficial to check what you are expected to do and think about how to complete those goals.


People who stick to this model receive $3 for every trial subscription, and the reward can grow to $50 per sale. Such an approach makes AffSpace one of the most high-paying affiliate programs available nowadays.


You can withdraw your earnings every month. You’ll receive your money once your earnings reach $100 (for PayPal) or $500 (for Wire Transfer).

Among the available withdrawal methods are Payoneer, PayPal, and bank transfers. Payouts and other are also possible.

Geografical Pecularities and Top GEOs

There are no restricted areas where AffSpace doesn’t operate, but, of course, there are some Tier-1 locales where your earnings can reach the highest possible numbers:

  • USA
  • France
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain

The AppSpace affiliate program also spans across countries in the Tier-2 category:

  • Latin America
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong

Not many affiliate marketing programs have such a wide geographical activity range, so AffSpace looks into the future here, operating in developing markets that can significantly boost the revenue they can provide in the near future (for instance, LATAM or UAE).

For Whom Is This Program?

There are no rules or limitations on who can join this program, although there certainly are some categories of people who may benefit from joining it more or who know how to operate affiliate programs better.

  1. Content creators. You can use your efforts and resources to promote the products offered by AffSpace through your channels and pages on TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, etc., boosting your influence and increasing potential earnings.
  2. Media buyers and PPC specialists. People who have affiliate marketing websites as their second homes and are not newbies in this sphere should be able to squeeze everything possible from the AffSpace affiliate program.
  3. Website owners and SEO specialists. Partnering with AffSpace can be beneficial if you have a website or blog where you can promote AffSpace products and be sure that people will follow your affiliate links.
  4. All-Around Marketers. People who are into all possible types of marketing will definitely find niches where they can make profits from the products offered by AffSpace.


AffSpace is one of the top affiliate programs in high-demand niches. If you have channels to share and promote information about AffSpace products, it makes sense for you to join the affiliate program and introduce its products to your audience.

It can be the right fit for both beginners and skillful marketers. Considering juicy payout options, you won’t be left with nothing, for sure.

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