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Internet marketing and traffic arbitrage are inextricably linked with active activity on the Internet on the verge of a ban. Arbitrators and marketers need many accounts to achieve results, but most online platforms ban you for multi-accounting.

The system can be tricked by creating accounts from different IP addresses. From the sites side, this will be displayed as actions of different users. At the same time, the user will be able to create any number of accounts from one device.

Proxies from help you mask your IP address, bypass site restrictions, and seamlessly manage multiple accounts. A proxy server replaces the IP address and geolocation — this function gives a lot of advantages when working on the Internet.

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What is is a proxy rental service that has been operating since 2016. Its popularity has been constantly growing since then: in 2024, the service ranks 3rd in Google search results. offers all types of proxies: mobile, residential, server, IPv4, IPv6.

They are suitable for any task: bypassing geographical restrictions on sites, protecting against hackers, multi-accounting, parsing, running automation programs.

Functionality and benefits of

The service creates comfortable conditions for clients and rents only reliable, anonymous and fast proxies. With a proxy from, you will not encounter personal data leaks, bans from sites, or slow speeds. However, these are not the only advantages of the service. is chosen for many other advantages:

  • A simple and intuitive website interface – even a beginner can figure out how to place an order;
  • There are proxy servers from 88 countries – there are addresses of both large countries and small states;
  • You can pay for your order using any convenient method of your choice;
  • There are tariffs for different budgets – prices for monthly proxy rental start at $0.13;
  • The average proxy speed is 7 Mbit/s. This is enough for watching videos in 720p, working on social networks and playing games;
  • Ability to return proxies if they do not work;
  • Automatic issuance of addresses after payment;
  • 24/7 technical support. Operators respond to messages day and night, waiting for a response takes no more than 5 minutes;
  • Profitable affiliate program. Its participants receive 20% of the purchase amount of the invited client.

How to rent a proxy on

You can place an order in several sections of the site:

  • on the main page by clicking the green “Buy proxy” button;
  • in the “Buy” section;
  • in the “Mobile proxies” section;
  • in the “Prices” section.

To place an order, you must indicate the desired type, country, period, server, number of addresses. At the end the final cost will be displayed. Then you will need to enter your email address, select a payment method and pay.

After the payment has been completed, the proxy data will instantly appear in your personal account. is an ideal platform for marketers. On the service you can rent reliable proxies that will allow you to create dozens of accounts from one device, work with them seamlessly and earn money.

And all this without a ban and the risk of leaking personal data. And using the Bluepreneurs promo code you can rent a proxy on with a 10% discount.

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