What’s Included in your MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting Package?

Websites are of different sizes and forms. However, each one of them requires a reliable web hosting infrastructure to become accessible for internet users worldwide.

Web hosting infrastructure is a must to make websites and applications accessible for internet users worldwide.

In simpler words, server is a hosting component to store websites and other types of web files. Websites come in many sizes and forms, but every website needs to be hosted on a web server.

So, internet users request browsers to get websites visible and browsers then fetch data or information from the server.

This is how web hosting operation works. However, which server would you like to prefer to host mission-critical web files? Most of the enterprises prefer cheap linux VPS hosting and MilesWeb provides top-notch VPS hosting services at affordable costs. For your satisfaction, buy free VPS today and evaluate its efficiency.

MilesWeb is offers a wide range of VPS hosting services, including CyberPanel VPS Hosting.

CyberPanel is a popular web hosting control panel that is designed to provide a simplified and easy-to-use interface for managing websites and servers.

With MilesWeb’s CyberPanel VPS Hosting, you get a powerful hosting solution that is optimized for performance, security, and ease of use.

Know All About The VPS hosting

The full form of VPS hosting service is Virtual Private Server. In this type of web hosting service, web hosting providers divide one physical server into multiple “virtual” servers, with independent hosting resources that website owners use to host their website or websites.

This virtualization is possible with different virtualization technologies. The KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is one among them. MilesWeb provider uses special software called a hypervisor to layer several virtual machines (VMs) in a physical server.

Furthermore, every virtual server has its own OS with CPU, RAM and the disk space. Hence, there are no server resource sharing among different web hosting account users.

Thereby, every virtual server functions as an independent hosting server, even though multiple of these “servers” exist on one piece of hardware.

Also, web administrators customize operating system of each server in the way they want. Besides, every web admin using the virtual server get access to use its resources only without intruding into other virtual servers within a physical server. Hence, we coined “private” term in this hosting term.

MilesWeb being the leading VPS hosting provider offer services for Linux and Windows operating systems with unmanaged and the managed server support. They offer top-grade features that helps users to get a smooth web hosting experience.

Salient Features You Get with VPS Hosting Services

1. Guaranteed Resources

One primary benefit of the VPS hosting service is that server resources are guaranteed to one web hosting account user. They have dedicated allocation of resources to one user who purchased VPS hosting plan.

Hence, it counts as an ideal web hosting service with the guaranteed resource at a nominal price.  In this type of web hosting service, users are getting dedicated hosting resources in low-costs.

2. Root Access

If your website or applications demand a full root access, MilesWeb VPS hosting services are the best option. Get a full-root control over the server and host volumes of web files hassle-free. Hence, keep no room for hackers or malware attacks to breach your sensitive information on servers.

3. Scalable Hosting

Scaling your website is no more a daunting task on VPS hosting servers. With this hosting service, easily scale your websites and handle a sudden spike in website traffic and engagement. VPS hosting servers are configured with a higher bandwidth, CPU cores and the disk space to accommodate more traffic and workload on servers.

4. 24×7 Technical Support and Service Monitoring

MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting services offer 24×7 customer support. Thus, the leading web hosting company monitor server resources 365 days round-the-clock.

If you require technical assistance from them, their IT team is available on live chat and email for your support. Also, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on your existing VPS hosting plan.

Why Choose MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting Services?

If your objective is to get a secured VPS hosting infrastructure with optimal hosting resources like control panel, bandwidth and a good uptime? Choose MilesWeb! They offer VPS hosting servers with an assurance of a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.

Hence, there is a maximum availability of your site and give a smooth browsing experience. So, if you have eCommerce sites or business applications to host them online, prefer MilesWeb’s VPS hosting services to host them with the maximum availability.


VPS hosting services are the need of an hour if you are running enterprise-level web applications. MilesWeb is the leading VPS hosting provider offering cPanel, 24×7 customer support and other features that gives a good hosting experience to users.

Their servers have Intel Xeon Processors and SSD servers to give a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.

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