MilesWeb Review: A Word About their WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a CMS platform used to build websites. Around half of the websites on the internet are built-in WordPress.

However, having a well-designed website is not enough, you require the best WordPress hosting to deliver a top-notch experience.

WordPress hosting is different from regular hosting, wherein the provider only hosts WordPress websites on the servers.

So, if you’re currently using WordPress or planning to use fastest web hosting for WordPress for your website in the future, then it’s essential to opt for WordPress hosting made to perform the best!

Which WordPress hosting provider is the best? Read this review further to know about one of the top WordPress hosting providers in the industry-MilesWeb.

So, yes, this isn’t a general review! We’ll get in-depth insights of their features, pricing, performance, support and more. It will help you to make a clear decision if MilesWeb is an ideal choice.

Key Information About MilesWeb

MilesWeb has been in the hosting industry for around 11 years and is known for offering reliable and ultra-fast web hosting to customers globally. They are well known for best cloud hosting for wordpress.

They have 6 data center locations worldwide in India, Singapore, Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA. They also have around 40,000+ happy clients.

Irrespective of your web hosting needs, you will find that MilesWeb is a reliable and robust hosting solution.

Along with WordPress hosting, they offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting and more. MilesWeb aims to meet and advance the web goals of every customer!

MilesWeb Review: WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb offers optimized WordPress hosting starting at just â‚ą60/m. Even at these lowest prices, you get all the features and resources to get your WordPress site to perform the best.

To get the best prices, you need to sign-up for three years. With Milesweb, your WordPress website will be faster as they include all the speed-oriented features like SSD NVMe storage, CDN and more.

MilesWeb’s entry-level WordPress hosting plan is best for individuals, bloggers, and WordPress websites with low traffic.

With this, you can host 1 website, unlimited bandwidth, DirectAdmin + 1-Click Installer, website builder, 3 MySQL DBs, 99.95% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, free SSL certificate and more. You can start with the basic plan and gradually upgrade as your visitors and requirements grow.

WordPress Hosting Features with MilesWeb! 

1. WordPress PreConfigured

With MilesWeb, WordPress is preconfigured for you to make website management easy. WordPress is installed with themes and plugins. This way, you don’t need to put in much effort to set up and configure WordPress to run ideally.

2. Free SSL Certificate

Security should always be the top focus when it comes to web hosting. For this, MilesWeb includes a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to keep your website data safely encrypted as it transmits between you and your visitors. Plus, an SSL certificate also helps to boost the SEO rankings of websites.

3. Secure Email Accounts

There is no limit to how many email accounts you can create with MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting. They offer unlimited email accounts that allow you to create email addresses with IMAP/POP3/SMTP accounts.

4. SSD NVMe Storage for Best Performance

Performance is the key to online success! Unlike other hosting providers, MilesWeb does not compromise on the performance factor! They offer SSD NVMe drives to keep WordPress websites running smoothly around the clock! SSD NVMes are faster than traditional HDD disks.

WordPress-Specific Technical Features You Get with MilesWeb

1. HTTPS By Default

HTTPS is a sign that indicates whether your website is secure or not. When you’re hosted with MilesWeb, you don’t have to worry about the security of your WordPress website as they are configured automatically with HTTPS.

2. GZIP/Brotli Compression

Doesn’t matter if your website is small or big. At MilesWeb, they include a gzip compression software with their WordPress hosting plans. It helps to improve the delivery time of all websites. Plus, it helps to reduce the amount of data sent from your visitor’s browser and boosts your WordPress website.

3. Cloning

You can create a complete copy of your WordPress website. With MilesWeb, they offer a 1-click cloning tool that helps create a copy of your site within just a few seconds. Cloning is great if you want to test a new theme, check the plugin’s functionality, or need to migrate to another web host.


MilesWeb compared to other hosting providers, offers immense techie features. With them, you get WP-CLI, a WordPress Command Line interface, and a powerful toolset. It helps to interact with your website from the command line interface.

5. Plans & Pricing

Check out the image given below to know about MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting plans and pricing.

To Conclude

If high-performance and secure WordPress hosting is your priority, then MilesWeb is a great option I would surely recommend. They even offer free website migrations.

Reach out to their support team on live chat and email, and they’ll help you move your website from the old hosting provider to the MilesWeb server easily.

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