Leading Cards (Best Virtual Card for Affiliate Marketing)

Convenience of campaign management and along with it management of finances has had a stronghold on the marketing world for a while.

How do we keep a focused eye on all the campaigns?

How do we not go over the budgets? How do we keep track of all the spending and who approved it?

One of the solutions that seems increasingly popular (and for a good reason) is virtual cards.

They are created to be safer than physical cards and come with a bunch of benefits.

Where do you get one? One of the virtual card services we feel confident recommending is a platform called Leading Cards. 

How does Leading Cards work? 

Leading Cards is a platform where you can create and keep track of your virtual cards.

The service makes it very convenient to work with ad spending for social media and manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Why do we recommend Leading Cards? 

Leading virtual cards

Even though virtual card services seem to offer the same thing, they all come with different perks.

We love what Leading Cards has to offer its clients. Let us go over some of the perks we find the most beneficial:

1. Managing multiple campaigns

Leading Cards allows you to create an unlimited number of cards, so you can assign a separate card to each campaign.

Then, the platform lets you have real-time control of the spending on each card, as well as shows you which team member approved what spending and details of each campaign. 

2. Reduced blocking of cards

The BINs the platform provides are of premium quality and work for many different locations.

This, as well as the ability to assign each campaign a dedicated card allows cards to pass the picky social media algorithms that flag cards for suspicious financial activity. 

3. Instant card issuance

If you need a new card, there is no need to wait. Cards are issued instantly 24/7. This perk is of great convenience for teams that work from different locations and time zones.

Not to mention, it saves precious time and cuts needless conversations with bank representatives.

4. Teamwork

Now that we’ve mentioned teams, a very important tool that Leading Cards provides for its clients is the ability to manage campaigns as a team.

Each team member gets a sub-account that they can use to create, top up and customize cards.

The team-lead can look up what work has been done from sub-accounts to stay on track with the team without excessive reporting.

5. Card customization

A tool that helps greatly with avoiding card blocking and just makes campaign management easier is card customization.

You can set a budget cap to avoid going over the budget, you can set an expiration date to the card, so there is no need to worry about it after the campaign is over and a team-lead can assign a manager to each card.

6. Customer support

An honorary mention goes to the customer support team, that is attentive, friendly and happy to help you with any questions or concerns.

Let us color you convinced that a virtual card management platform is a great solution for keeping an eye on your campaign finances, and that Leading Cards is worth a try. 

What are your next steps?

The registration is pretty straightforward, and you get a team member to help you through it.

  1. Write to the team in telegram @LeadingCards
  2. A support member will ask you about your business to make sure they know how to best approach working together.
  3. Then a manager will get assigned to you and will tell you more about the service and answer your questions. 
  4. Next your manager will submit an application for a new account for you. 
  5. Your account will get delivered to you within 24 hours. You will receive an email with your account information as well as some helpful onboarding materials.
  6. Once you log in and see how the platform works, feel free to ask the support any questions until you feel comfortable.
  7. Your first card on the service is issued manually by the Leading Cards team to make sure you don’t run into any issues. So, once you want to issue your first card, just contact support. All the following cards are issued automatically and instantly.

Sometimes making a change requires a gentle push, so we asked Leading Cards to give us a motivational promo code for you- use BLUEPRENEURS to get 3 cards for free.

Don’t put away making your business more efficient and easier to manage! Go to Leading Cards now to redeem your promo!

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