Impact Radius vs Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Network

In the list of top leading and popular affiliate marketing networks, Impact Radius and Commission Junction is one of the most trusted affiliate networks.

In order to start affiliate marketing or to make more money in affiliate marketing, the best option is to join some of the best affiliate networks.

So that you can easily manage all the programs at one dashboard, hence it becomes easier for you.

Now the question is, which is the best between Impact Radius vs Commission Junction. Well in this article I am going to reveal the best network for you between them.

So, if you also want to know the best affiliate marketing network between Impact Radius and Commission Junction, then this article is only for you, hence you must read it till the end.

Why Read this post?

  • A detailed comparison between Impact Radius and Commission Junction
  • Beginners guide to choose the best network
  • More about these 2 networks

Impact Radius vs Commission Junction (Overview)


Impact Radius is one of the biggest, powerful and popular affiliate marketing networks or marketplace.

It has a very large and strong network of affiliates and brands, which works together on this network.

I must say that Impact Radius is personally my favourite network, but don’t worry, here in this comparison, I will judge both these networks justly.

There are many big and high paying affiliate programs (brands), which are paying sales as well as leads commission also.

In order to be an affiliate partner over the Impact, you have to apply for it and before approving you, first, they will review your application.

According to my personal experience on this network, everything works fine for me such as sales, clicks everything was accurate along with the payment withdrawal process.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is also known as CJ affiliate, is also a big affiliate network, which has affiliate revenue in billions.

It is also a good and trustworthy network between advertisers (brands) and affiliates (publishers).

On CJ, you will be able to find many high authority as well as high paying affiliate programs of the advertisers.

I must say that the CJ affiliate dashboard is very simple and easy to navigate, which is the best option for a beginner.

The best part about this network is that it is one of the instant approval affiliate programs, which means that commission junction is giving you instant approval.

Hence, this is also best for beginner affiliates.

Network Strength


We can check the network strength of Impact by checking the traffic on this platform and the total number of brands over there.

Along with the traffic, we will also know about the country as well as the category rank, hence we can get an idea of the Impact network strength.

According to the data of Similarweb, the traffic on this network is more than 1.6 million per month (worldwide).

By its traffic, we can easily get an idea of the strength and power of this work.

Along with this, there are more than 2,700 brands on its network, which are all high authority and popular in their industry.

Commission Junction

Coming on discussing the network strength of commission junction, let me share all things with you.

It has more than 1.2 million traffic per month on its network.

Now if I tell you about the total of advertisers on CJ, then there are around 3,000 advertisers, which is almost the same as Impact.

Result: Seeing the network strength of both the networks, clearly Commission Junction wins in this case.

Joining Network


In order to join the Impact Radius network, all you need to do is simply apply for it by filling the application form.

After applying for it, you have to wait for around 72 hours, for their email of approval or decline.

In the application form, you simply need to complete the 3 steps and in those 3 steps, you simply need to provide them with some basic information, such as name, address, state, country, phone etc.

Along with the basic information, you also need to provide them with some basic information but don’t worry, they will not ask about your business.

They simply ask for your website URL (based on which they will approve you), your promotional methods, strategies etc.

Commission Junction

Now, in order to join the commission junction network, the simplest thing that you have to do is simply join it by filling the signup.

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

After creating an account on CJ for free, you have to activate your affiliate account, so that you can start working on this network.

In order to activate your account, you have to do provide them with some information such as promotional methods, website URL, website type and the main part is of TAX Form.

Although CJ is giving you instant approval to its affiliate dashboard, they need your website, so that they can get an idea that from which source you will promote affiliate programs.

Make sure that you properly fill the TAX Form, as based on this only, your affiliate account will be activated.

Result: Seeing the joining process of both the networks, clearly Commission Junction wins in this case.


Dashboard (Clicks & Sales stats)


Impact Radius vs Commission Junction

If I had to talk about Impact Radius vs Commission Junction, then should be the main factor.

If I talk about the updating time of your affiliate sales leads and clicks, then in the case of the Impact Radius it takes around 1-2 days for the affiliate dashboard to get updated.

For example: the commission and clicks for today will be updated tomorrow, which simply means that it tells you the data 1 day later.

But, sometimes, it may take around 2 days for the data to be updated in the dashboard if the Impact Radius.

Commission Junction

Impact Radius vs Commission Junction

In the case of the commission junction dashboard, it is also very simple, easy to understand and easy to navigate.

This is the reason that its dashboard is best for all the beginners, who don’t understand those tough and complicated affiliate dashboards.

It also takes 1 day for the data of the sales, leads and clicks to get updated in the dashboard, but really it is very easy to read this data.

Result: Seeing the dashboard of both the networks, clearly Commission Junction wins in this case.

Finding best Brands


On the marketplace of Impact Radius, I have found many best, high paying and popular affiliate programs.

Along with the list of pay per sale offers, there were also many pay per lead, pay per call affiliate programs, which is easier for beginner affiliates to promote and earn money with it.

In order to search for the best brand or affiliate program on the Impact, you can apply some filters such as pay per sale, pay per lead, category, commission type etc.

Applying these filters will provide you with many best band’s affiliate programs, which you can join and can start promoting.

Commission Junction

In order to get the best advertisers or affiliate programs on CJ, all you have to do is simply first of all come in the advertiser’s section.

Then there you will be able to see some popular and features advertiser’s programs.

But, if are looking for some offers in your category or in your industry, then you can even do that by applying the filters of country, category, commission type etc.

Visiting each offer’s page, you will be able to get all the details.

But, according to my personal experience, on CJ there are bot beginner’s friendly affiliate programs.

Result: Seeing the brand’s affiliate programs of both the networks, clearly Impact Radius wins in this case.

Best Accounting Affiliate Programs

If you want to make money by joining some of the best and top accounting affiliate programs, then you should follow the button, given below.


In order to promote any affiliate program, the one thing that you must need is its affiliate links as well as banners.

Now in the case of Impact Radius, let me tell you that getting affiliate links and banners is as simple as 1, 2, 3 or maybe easier than this.

To get the links, you have to come to your main dashboard of this network, then on the right side, you simply need to choose the brand of which you want the links and then click on the create button.

This will provide you with the affiliate links of that brand or affiliate program, now you need to start promoting it.

For banners, you have to visit the Ads & links section, which is under the content part.

Commission Junction

In the case of commission junction generating the affiliate links and banners is a little bit complicated for you, even I get confused sometimes.

To get the affiliate link of a particular advertiser, you need to first go in the advertiser’s section, then choose the advertiser (for which you have approval).

Then you need to click on the get links, then you need to search for the types of links & banners.

Hence, I find this whole process very complicated and time-consuming.

Result: Seeing the process of getting affiliate links & banners of both the networks, clearly Impact Radius wins in this case.

Deep Linking


I should say that this could be one of the most important factors to choose the best between Impact Radius vs Commission Junction.

In order to do Deep Linking on Impact, you simply need to come to the right side of your affiliate dashboard.

There you first need to choose the brand and in the next field you need to paste that page URL, of which you want the affiliated link.

IR deep linking

Then doing this, you simply need to click on the create button, finally, this will provide you with you deep link to that page.

Commission Junction

Let me tell you that it is very much complicated to generate the deep link on the CJ affiliate.

I need to search this process on Google for this work.

After spending a few minutes searching on Google, I find a detailed valuable short article to do the deep link on CJ.

In order to get the deep link of a particular advertiser, you first need to get approved by it, then you have to come to the main website of that advertiser.

Then you need to bookmark the CJ deep link generate, then coming on that website, you need to click on the bookmark, this will give you the deep link to that page.

CJ deep linking

Isn’t it complicated?

Know in detail- How to do deep linking on CJ affiliates.

Result: Seeing the Deep Linking process of both the networks, clearly Impact wins in this case.

Withdrawing Payment


So, in the case of this network, the payment withdrawal process is very easy.

It offers you two methods to withdraw your payment, the first is PayPal and the other is Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), which simply means direct bank deposit.

Now it is up to which methods you choose to get your payment from this network and let me tell you that both methods are very safe.

I personally use PayPal to withdraw my payment from Impact, hence I will also recommend you to choose this method.

But, in both ways, you need to provide them with the TAX Form, hence you need to fill it properly.

Let me also tell you that the threshold of this network is only $10.

Read more- Impact Radius Payment Methods and TAX Form (in detail).

Commission Junction

Now in the case of this network, which is CJ, there is only one method to get your payment.

The one method is Direct bank transfer.

So, if you want to withdraw your payment from this network, then all you have to do is simply, first of all, fill the TAX Form.

Then you also need to provide them with some details such as your bank account number, Routing number, account type.

After this, once your commission has been approved and is ready to be issued, then it will come to your bank account, but it may take some business days to arrive in your bank.

The threshold of CJ is a minimum of $50, which is more than Impact.

Read more- CJ affiliate Payment Method (in detail).

Result: Seeing the payment withdrawal process of both the networks, clearly Impact Radius wins in this case.

Filling TAX Form


Now we can also compare commission junction vs impact radius, on the basis of the process of filling the TAX Form or info.

Let me first tell you that filling this form is mandatory.

In the case of Impact, filling the TAX Form will not take more than 5 minutes, there you need to provide them with your name, citizenship, country of residence, state, address, PAN card number etc.

Along with this, you also need to give your digital signature and then after filling in all those info, you have to submit the TAX Form.

Commission Junction

Now coming on the CJ TAX Form, which is very popular as it is a little bit hard to fill.

If you will not fill it properly, your affiliate account will not be activated, hence be aware.

There also, you need to provide them with some information such as your name, address, PAN card, citizenship etc, but along with you also need to give a signature in the form of your name (not digital).

Result: Seeing the TAX Form of both the networks, clearly Impact Radius wins in this case.

Page speed experience


Now, this may be a new factor for you in judging two affiliate networks, but it matters.

If you have visited the affiliate dashboard of Impact Radius, then you must have experienced a good page speed.

You will be easily able to navigate from one page to another, quickly.

This is one of the parts I like about this network.

Commission Junction

If I talk about the page speed of the CJ affiliate dashboard, then it is not good.

If you have used the CJ main website or the affiliate dashboard, you must have experienced that it takes a lot of time for the page to load.

Sometimes the main website of CJ does not open at one time, even sometimes it shows an error, which is very horrible.

Hence, if you look from the point of page speed, CJ needs many improvements.

Result: Seeing the page speed of both the networks, clearly Impact wins in this case.

Who is the Winner?

After comparing impact radius and commission junction on multiple factors, finally, it’s time to choose the winner, I mean to choose the best network for you.

As you have read this article, Impact wins in the majority of the cases, hence I must say that Impact Radius is the best affiliate network as compared to Commission Junction.

Now it doesn’t mean that CJ affiliate is the worst or it is not for earning, no this result doesn’t mean this.

It simply means that CJ is also good, but as compared to Impact, it is a little bit difficult to work, understand or earn from it.

Which one is my Favourite?

Along with these two networks, there are multiple networks such as ShareASale, FlexOffers, MaxBounty, Awin etc.

If I talk about my favourite affiliate marketing network, then for sure it is Impact Radius.

The reason for the favourite is simply that it has many best and high paying CPS as well as CPA affiliate programs, its dashboard and interface is very amazing and it is also very easy to work on it.

Hence, my first choice and recommendations will always be Impact.

Frequently Asked Question on Impact Radius vs Commission Junction:

1. What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

There are many high paying affiliate marketing programs, so let me share with you some of the best one:

1. SEMrush
2. WP Engine
5. FreshBooks
6. Bluehost
7. GetResponse
8. A2 Hosting
9. Sendinblue
10. Hostinger

2. Which is the best affiliate network and why?

If you ask this question from me, then I should say that Impact Radius is the best affiliate network for beginners as well as advanved.

Along wit this, there are also many such as ShareASale, FlexOffers, Commission Junction, MaxBounty etc.

3. What makes a good affiliate network?

A good affiliate network is the one that has the following features or things:

1. Easy to use affiliate dashboard
2. Easy to get affiliate links
3. Quick Deeep Linking
4. Multiple payment withdrawal methods
5. Good contact support

4. How can I increase my affiliate sales?

In order to increase your affiliate sales, you first need to choose the best and high paying offer, then you need to target the right audiences for that offer.

Now, you simply need to promote that offer on your website or if you have budget, then you can use paid marketing to get more sales.

Also, you can make of Quora marketing, to get free and targeted traffic on your affiliate offer.

5. How to make the first $100 in affiliate marketing?

In order to make your first $100 in Affiliate marketing, you can make use of email marketing, quora marketing orthe best option is to make a website and drive traffic.

Final Words

So finally this is the end of the detailed comparison of Impact Radius vs Commission Junction networks.

Here in this article, I have compared these two networks based on some reasonable factors and hence I came to the result that Impact is really better than CJ.

But, CJ is also a popular and trustworthy platform, from which you can also earn money.

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