Learn How To Use Impact Radius Affiliate Network In 8 Steps

Impact Radius is one of the most trustworthy and biggest affiliate marketing networks or marketplaces.

It has multiple high paying and best affiliate programs of multiple brands so that you can become their affiliate member and can earn money promoting their offer.

I have more than 6 months of experience with Impact Radius and my experience was amazing and I am 100% satisfied with this network and Alhamdulillah I am able to earn from this network.

So, if you want to know that what is Impact and How To Use Impact Radius network so that you too can start affiliate marketing and make money online.

Then all you have to do from your side is simply follow up with this detailed article, where you learn to use the Impact network and also to earn money from it.

Impact Radius Review

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What is Impact Radius & How it works?

Impact Radius is an affiliate network or marketplace, where there are multiple brands or advertisers that list their affiliate programs or offers.

Affiliates simply join this affiliate network and after they also join the programs, which they are interested in promoting, in this way affiliates of Impact earn money.

Impact charges a 2% fee on each payment of affiliates and it also charges brands for listing their affiliate programs.

Hence, in this way Impact works and earn money.

How To Use Impact Radius (8 steps)

Now is the time to tell you about how you can use Impact. So here are only 8 steps and I am pretty sure that by following these 8 steps you will be able to use and also earn from this network.

So without getting into another topic, let’s get started with our main topic for which you are over here.

Step: 1 Become its Affiliate member

The very first step that you need to do is simply become its affiliate member by simply joining its affiliate network.

For this, you have to fill an application form, where you have to provide them with some information.

There you have to provide you basic info such as name, email, address, country, phone, etc and along with this you also need to provide them with your website information.

Joining Impact is a very easy process, it would not take more than 5 minutes.

Join Impact Radius Now

Once you have applied for Impact, then your application will go under review and they will review your application within 72 hours.

According to my experience sometimes it may take around 14 days to review your application, hence be patient.

Step: 2 Apply for Best Affiliate Programs

After getting approved by Impact Radius, then you should learn to apply for the brand’s affiliate program.

In order to make money online from affiliate marketing, all you need are some best and high paying affiliate programs, so that you can promote and can earn money.

On Impact, you will find many best, high paying and instant approval affiliate programs also, which you can promote easily.

To get the best offers, you have to go to the brand’s section and there you will find many brands that have listed their offer.

How To Use Impact Radius

Now it is totally up to you which category brands you choose such as health, hosting, marketplace, education, travel, pets, home & garden, internet services etc.

After choosing the offer that you wish to join, then you simply need to apply for it, by clicking on the apply button.

Before applying, you will be able to see a box, where you can provide that brands about your website details, promotional strategies etc, to boost your approval.

After applying for brands, you have to wait for some days, you will get updated via email as well as on this network, days depends on the brand.

After getting approved by some brands, you should also learn How To Use Impact Radius affiliate links.

Now the main step that you need to take after joining some brands is to simply pick the affiliate links to promote.

Let me tell you that it is very easy to get affiliate links and banners on Impact Radius, all you need to do is simply come to the homepage of your dashboard.

Then you have to look at the right side, there you will find a box.

Then you have to choose the brand and the next field is optional, if you want a custom link to a page, you can paste that page URL over there, this is basically deep linking.

IR deep linking

After choosing the brands you simply need to click on the create button and this will give you your default affiliate link.

Now to get the banners, you have to go to the Ads & links section, which is under the content section.

There you will be able to see many banners of different sizes, which you can use in your websites or landing pages.

Step: 4 Make a niche Website

Now I must say that this is the main step, that you must take to earn money from affiliate marketing.

In order to promote any affiliate program, all you need is a website, hence you should make your own quality website.

Make sure that your website should be niche related, you should put content ton one niche such as health, education, digital marketing, travel etc.

But, in order to make a fast and good website, you must need fast and secure web hosting, you all know this.

Hence, here in this case I would like to recommend to you the web hosting, which I personally use, and that is Hostinger.

This website (bluepreneurs.com) is proudly hosted on Hostinger.

Hostinger text logo
  • Best Affordable Hosting
  • Easy to use hPanel
  • Fast and Secure Websites

I have more than 1-year of experience with Hostinger hosting and I am satisfied with its services, hence I would like to rate it 10/10.

Here are some reasons to choose Hostinger:

Why choose Hostinger?

  • Best affordable web hosting provider
  • Get 24X7 contact support
  • Get very fast website speed
  • Get website security
  • Easy to use hPanel
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

As you can see below, it is the GT Metrix data of this website speed, which is hosted on Hostinger.

GT Metrix Speed
Very Fast Website Speed

Step: 5 Put content to promote affiliate programs

Now after a niche website, the next step that you need to do is to put content related to your affiliate offers, which you want to promote on your website.

As you all have heard that Content is King, hence you need to put quality content on your website.

So first of all you need to choose the affiliate offers and then start writing blog posts on them.

For example: if you want to promote the Hostinger affiliate program, then you can write an article on ‘How to make a website with Hostinger’ or ‘Sitegroud vs Hostinger’ etc.

While writing articles, you should also do On-Page SEO of your blog posts, so that they can rank on Google and can gain traffic.

Step: 6 Drive Traffic to your website

I always say that ‘If the content is king, then traffic is subject’, as without subject the king is nothing.

The meaning is that you need to drive traffic to your website so that you can generate sales in affiliate marketing.

As you all are aware that there are multiple ways through which you can generate traffic to your website.

So, let me share some of the best and working ways to drive traffic to your website.

  • SEO- In this, you need to optimize your blog posts, so that they can rank on Google.
  • Quora- Here, you need to answer questions related to your niche, so that you can gain trafic.
  • Paid Advertising- If you have enough budget, then youy can run ads, to gain paid trafic instantly.
  • Email Marketing- Here, you need to buil an email list, the you need to do send them bulk emails.
  • Social Media- It is very simple, you simply need to share your website content on each socila media platform to gain traffic.

Step: 7 Be Patient and track your sales

After this, you need to be very patient, because sales will not come instantly.

As you all know that it takes time for your website to rank on google and affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick method, hence it will for sure take its take.

So, all you need to do from your end is to put more and more content on your website and do its proper on-page and off-page SEO.

Along with this, don’t forget to promote on social media and Quora.

You can easily track your affiliate sales or leads at the Impact Radius dashboard.

Step: 8 Withdraw your affiliate payment

In order to completely know How to use Impact Radius, you should also be able to know that how to withdraw your payment from this network.

Let me tell you that the payment withdrawal process on this network is very easy, hence let me explain to you.

There are basically 2 methods to withdraw your earnings.

Method:1 Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

In this method, all you need to do is simply provide them with your bank details such as account number, account country, routing number etc.

In this method, you will get your payment directly into your bank country.

To get your payment via EFT, just follow the image below.

EFT Impact Radius Payment-Methods

Method:2 PayPal

This is another and my personal favourite method to withdraw payment.

Let me tell you that I personally use PayPal to get my earnings.

If you want to receive your payment, you simply need to provide them with your PayPal email address and nothing else.

PayPal Impact Radius Payment Methods

It is as simple as this.

Impact Radius vs Commission Junction

I have published a detailed comparison between Impact and CJ and also declared the winner, let me tell you that the winner is my favourite network.

Why to use Impact Radius

Now, along with ‘how to use’ let me also share with your ‘why to use’ Impact.

So, here are some of the best reasons to use Impact as your number one affiliate marketing network.

1. Biggest Affiliate network

According to my experience and network strength, I must say that Impact Radius is the biggest affiliate network, which has thousands of brands.

Those brands have multiple affiliate programs which are also very high paying and trustworthy, hence it is the best option for all the affiliates.

2. Easy to navigate and use

Let me also tell you that Impact is also very easy to navigate and use.

Its affiliate dashboard is very beginner-friendly and easy to read.

It shows you the most accurate data of your links clicks, leads as well as sales, hence it becomes easier for a beginner to understand all the things quickly.

It is also very easy to deep-link and to get affiliate banners.

3. High Paying affiliate programs

If you will scroll in the brand section of this network, you will be able to see that there are many categories, in which you will get many affiliate programs.

If you check some affiliate programs, you will find that they are really paying you a high payout, such as $100 per sale, $200 per sale, 70% per sale etc.

Along with the sale commission, there are also many offers, that pays you lead commission also, such as SEMrush, Pluralsight, Skillshare and Linkedin Learning hence you can make money fast on this network.

4. Easy to withdraw payment

If I talk about the payment withdrawal process, let me also tell you that it is also very to receive your payment from this network to your bank account.

You can either choose Direct bank transfer, which is EFT or you can choose PayPal, both ways are safe.

Should not use Impact in these cases:

Can a Blog be About Anything

Let me make you aware that there are some cases, in which you should never use Impact. Let us understand this in more detail.

1. Planning to use Micro-Freelancer sites

If you are planning to promote the affiliate programs of Impact on micro-freelancers sites, then let me tell you that you are going to lose your affiliate account along with the earnings in it.

I have seen many people, which promotes the affiliate offers on these types of micro-freelancers sites and the result is that their account gets banned and they lose all affiliate earnings in it.

So, if you want to keep your affiliate account safe, then I would like to give you pro advice that you should never use this method, as it is illegal.

2. Planning to bring Fake leads or sales

Alternatively, if you are planning to bring untargeted or fake leads to the brands on Impact, then in this case also, you are going to lose your affiliate account.

All the brands listed their offer to get targeted and genuine leads, so that they can get real customers, if you bring fake leads to them, they will have no profit, hence they will ban your account.

Hence, you should only bring real leads or sales by promoting in the right way.

Along with this, if you are also planning to use your own affiliate links to purchase any plan or product of a particular brand, then let me make you aware that they will track this activity and you may not get the commission.

In case you get the commission, then it will not be approved and your affiliate account may be suspended.

I have seen many people who sign up on their own to get leads commission and the result is that their account is suspended.

Hence, be aware.

Frequently asked questions on ‘How To Use Impact Radius’

1. Best brands on Impact Radius?

So if I talk about the best brands or affiliate programs on Impact, then let me share with you some of the best:

1. SEMrush
2. Hostinger
3. Envato
4. Bluehost
5. Appsumo
6. Web .com
7. Skillshare
8. Linkedin Learning
9. Pluralsight
10. Domain .com

Besides these brands, there are many best brands in each category.

2. Which platform is best for affiliate marketing?

There are many best platforms or networks for doing affiliate marketing and earning money from it.

Let me share with you the list of some of the best and trustworthy platforms for affiliate marketing.

1. Impact Radius
2. ShareASale
3. FlexOffers
4. Commission Junction
5. Amazon Associates
6. ClickBank
7. Digistore24
8. WarriorPlus
9. JVZoo

10. Awin

3. How does Impact affiliate works?

As you all know that Impact is an affiliate network.

It is basically a network that connects multiple brands and affiliates.

Affiliates promote the affiliate program of brands and they make commissions doing this and in return, brands get sales and targeted customers.

Impact charges from brands, in order to list their offers on its marketplace.

Hence, in this way Impact Radius works.

Final Statement

Now, I hope that I am able to explain to you in detail How To Use Impact Radius network so that you can also start using it to make money online.

In this most detailed article, I have explained to you in detail that how you can make use of this network and start promoting offers in a better way.

Along with this, I have also shared some cases in which you should not use Impact such as illegal methods or micro-freelancer sites.

Let me make sure that if you will regularly and properly on this network, then you can also earn a very good amount of earnings.

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