How to Make Money with Commission Junction (Real Guide)

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As you all know managing multiple affiliate programs becomes difficult for an affiliate marketer. Hence, here comes an affiliate marketing network.

There are many good affiliate marketing networks, that you are familiar with. In those networks, there is one of the best networks and that is Commission Junction.

So, if you are reading this valuable article with full focus, then I am pretty sure that you may be searching that How to Make Money with Commission Junction.

If so, then let me tell you that you are on the right page, as here only you will get a complete step by step guide on how to earn money on CJ affiliates.

For this, the very first step that you need to take is to join commission junction affiliates and then after joining it, you need to follow all the steps which I am going to share with you today.

I can make sure that if you will follow the steps and strategies mentioned in this article, then you will also become a good affiliate marketer and would be able to make money in it.

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Why you should Read this Article?

  • You will be able to become a money-making affiliate marketer
  • You will get a complete practical guide to earn money from CJ
  • Here I have shared my personal strategies and experience
  • You will get some Premium Tips
  • Learning results in Growth

What is Commission Junction?

Commission Junction, which is also known as CJ affiliates is one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks in the online industry.

Like other affiliate networks, it also has a network of many advertisers and affiliates marketers, on its platform.

Where affiliates promote the affiliate offers of different advertisers to earn money on CJ.


Commission Junction affiliate is giving you Instant approval to join its network. But to make money on the CJ affiliate, you need to get approved by the advertiser’s affiliate programs, which are inside it.
Hence, to earn money with CJ, you need to follow the following working steps.

How to Make Money with Commission Junction

How to Make Money with Commission Junction

Following are some working and easy steps that will make you a money-making affiliate marketer.

So all you need to do by your side is to consistently follow these steps, as here I have shared my personal strategies and experience.

Step:1 Make a Website

Now in order to be approved by the affiliate programs of advertisers inside the CJ network, all you need is content where you drive traffic or audience.

Based on your website’s content only, the advertisers gave you approval.

Many of my YouTube subscribers say that they are not getting approved by the advertiser of CJ, Ithe simple answer I gave to them is to focus on your website.

Many of them don’t have a website or if they have then that is of poor quality.

Hence, you should make a website, you can easily get approved by the advertiser affiliate offers you want.

So, when it comes to the making of a good and powerful website, then the first thing you need is powerful hosting that can make your website fast.

Here, in this case, I will only recommend you the web hosting service which I use and that is Hostinger.

Why choose Hostinger?

  • It has low-cost hosting plans
  • Best for beginners
  • Your website speed will become very fast
  • Your website will also be very secure
  • It also has user-friendly hPanel
  • You will get 24/7 contact support

This website (, is hosted on Hostinger hosting and based on the 1-year of experience, I would like to rate its services 10/10.

As you can also check the website speed, shown by GTMetrix.

GT Metrix Speed
Hostinger text logo
  • Best Low-cost hosting provider
  • Very Fast website speed
  • It has easy to use hPanel

For purchasing the best hosting of Hostinger, all you need to do is simply visit Hostinger and then you need to choose the hosting plan as per your requirement.

Given below are the Shared hosting plans:


Step:2 Publish Quality content on it

Now after purchasing the hosting, you need to install WordPress and then set up WordPress. In this way, you can make a good and attractive website.

After this, you simply need to start publishing content on your website as you all know that content is king.

You need to put more and quality content on your website so that when you apply for the advertisers offers inside the CJ, they don’t reject you because of your website.

While you start publishing content, you should also make sure that you are optimizing that content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Once you start doing the SEO of your content, then slowly it will start ranking on Google and in this way, you will gain free and targeted traffic to your website.

Then, if you have a good amount of traffic on your website, then you can easily get approved by the advertisers.

Hence, this is the power of content and I hope that you have now understood that what niche content do you need to publish on your website or a blog.

Step:3 Drive Traffic to Website

Now, if really want to make money with commission junction, then I should say that you shouldn’t skip is step or strategy.

This is the most important part that can give you a good amount of money on the CJ affiliate marketing network.

If you have so much quality content on your website but if you don’t have traffic of single, then all the content is useless.

Because, if the content is king, then traffic is the subject and as you all know that without subject, the king is nothing.

Hence, to earn from affiliate marketing you must have a good amount of traffic on your website.

As you all know that there are multiple ways through which you can easily drive traffic to your website’s content.

Some of those ways are:

  • SEO- This is the best method, in order to drive ree and the most targeted traffic to your website as it comes from Google.

You simply need to do SEO of your website’s content, it means that you need to do On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO of your website.

  • Quora- Besides SEO, Quora is my favourite source of free tarffic. Here, all you need to do is simply anwer the questions of the people (similar to your content) and in this way to can gain a bulk of traffic.
  • Social Media- Along with the Quora, there are multiple social media platforms, from where you can gain a good amount o traffic directly to your content. I am sure that you may be aware of all the top social media platforms.

Step:4 Join Commission Junction

After completing all the steps which are mentioned above, you came to the final step and that is to apply for the commission junction affiliate network.

Since it is giving you instant approval, hence, your application will not go under review and you will easily get access to its affiliate dashboard.

Now, all you need to do is simply search for the best and high paying affiliate programs on CJ, so that it becomes easy to earn from it, as you are a beginner.

Further, in this article, I will also share some of the best affiliate offers as well as some strategies that will help you to become a money-making affiliate marketer.

How to join CJ Affiliate?

Since CJ is giving you instant approval so I don’t think so that you need to think more to join the commission junction.

So, here I will not explain to you all the steps to join a CJ affiliate, because I have already written a detailed article on how to join commission junction.

Joining this network is very easy, you just need to provide some basic information about yourself and about your website.

But, in order to activate the CJ account, you need to fill the TAX form properly, as if you will not fill it properly, then your account won’t be activated.

So, if you too want to join this network and also activate your account, then all you need to do is simply follow the button which is given below and there you will get a complete step by step guide to joining.

Tips to Make Big on CJ Affiliate

Now, if you really want to know that How to Make Money with Commission Junction, then you should read further.

As you also told me before, that in this article I will also share some strategies or tips that will help you to make a good amount of money on commission junction.

Hence, I keep my promise and here are some of the best tips that you can follow.

As you know that I have good experience in affiliate marketing and based on this experience, I am sharing these tips with you, hence, you can easily trust me.

So, let us now talk about those best working and proven tips:

1. Focus more on your Website

Many of my subscribers say that they are not able to earn money from affiliate marketing, they are getting approved by advertisers and bla bla.

The simple answer that I give to them is, Focus more on the content of your website, as I already told you that content is the King.

The reason that you don’t get approved by the advertiser is that your website doesn’t match their audience or the quality of your website is low, which means that it has low-quality content on it.

Hence, in order to become a champ on CJ, you need to come with a powerful content trich website that has quality content along with good traffic.

Yes, traffic of your website mater in getting approved by the advertisers, hence the things on which you should focus more on are:

  • Your website content
  • Your website traffic

2. Promote High Paying Affiliate offers

Now, this particular step or tip can make the master of CJ.

While choosing an offer, you must look for the commission structure, which means that you need to check its commission per sale, per lead or trial.

There are many affiliate offers on CJ, but all those offers are not good and pay a high commission. Hence, you need to find only those offers that are paying you a High Commission.

Once, you start promoting those offers which are giving you a high commission, then you will automatically see the results in your CJ dashboard.

Further, in this article, you will be knowing some of the best and high paying advertisers programs, which you can join and earn by promoting them.

3. Promote famous Affiliate offers

Along with the high paying affiliate offers, you also need to check that the particular offer is famous in the market or not.

What I mean to say is that you need to check the reputation of that offer in the market, where you are going to promote.

For example: If you want to promote a hosting affiliate offer, hence there are many such programs on CJ, but you should only pick those, which are famous such as Hostinger, Bluehost, Namecheap etc.

Following this strategy is really going to help you a lot, as it will make your work easier and you need not put more effort in doing marketing of that offer and you can easily make commission promoting that.

4. Explain well your Affiliate offer

In this step or part, many beginners fail, they are not able to explain well about the product or service which they are promoting.

This is because many beginners are not able to understand well about the offer and this is the reason that they are unable to promote it in a better way.

So, all you need to do is simply, first try to understand the offer, product or service which you are going to promote.

If you have understood it properly, then it will become easier for you to explain well about the product or service and hence in this way you can generate more commission.

5. Convince the visitors

Actually, it is not a tip but a powerful sales strategy by Dr Vivek Bindra. I have learned this sales strategy almost a year back and it is very useful, believe me.

In this strategy, all you need to do is simply convince the customer, which means the visitors of your website.

Now, how to convince the visitors.

It is very simple, let me explain in short.

You need to write your content about the affiliate product in such a way:

  • Instead of telling about the quality and features of a product or service, you should tell that what is the use of those features of a product in the life of that visitor.
  • Try to realise the need of that product or service in the life of that particular visitor.

Let us see some Pros and Cons

As you all that every product, service or website has some pros and cons. Hence, there is a need for me to make you aware of the pros and cons of CJ affiliates.

As usual, the pros is greater than the cons and if you will ask, then I should say that you should ignore these cons and only focus on the pros.

As good things can motivate to do and achieve bigger,


  • It is giving you Instant approval
  • Best affiliate marketing networks for beginners
  • It has many high paying and best affiliate programs
  • It to use and navigate affiliate dashboard
  • Direct bank transfer payment method available


  • It is a little difficult to get approved by the affiliate programs inside the CJ

I hope that these pros will help to make your mind to join this awesome network so that you can also build your own online business in affiliate marketing.

10 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money with CJ

How to Make Money with Commission Junction

As I already told you before, that there are multiple advertiser offers on this network and but all those offers that not good and are easy to promote.

Hence, you need to search for those offers that are good and easy to promote.

1. Bluehost

I am pretty sure that you may are aware of this brand, basically, Bluehost is a web hosting service provider. Its affiliate program is individual as well as on Impact and on CJ.

Hence, it is totally up to you, from which network you join its offer.

Bluehost Commission Details

  • Per Sale- $65
  • Per Lead- $0

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the biggest Email marketing service providers in the industry. With the help of this tool, you can easily send your email marketing campaign to your email list.

In this way, you can easily grow your website or an online business.

Constant Contact Commission Details

  • Per Sale- $105
  • Per Lead- $5

3. is a web hosting service as well as a website builder service provider.

With the help of this tool, people can purchase hosting for their websites and can even make landing pages or a website with the help of a website builder tool.

Domain .com Commission Details

  • Per Sale- 30%, $0-$110
  • Per Lead- $0

4. Fiverr

You may be also knowing about this big website. Fiverr is basically a freelancing marketplace, where many freelancers make money online.

Its affiliate program is individual and also available on the CJ network so that you can join from any of the platforms.

Fiverr Commission Details

  • Per Sale- $15-$150
  • Per Lead- $0

5. HostPapa

HostPapa is like Bluehost and, it means that it is also a web hosting service and website builder service.

As being a hosting affiliate program, it is giving you a good commission,m so that you can join it and promote it to your audience or network.

HostPapa Commission Details

  • Per Sale- 15%, $45
  • Per Lead- $0

6. 1Password

This advertiser is something different from the offers mentioned here.

1Password is basically a password managing tool, where one can simply store all the passwords of multiple websites or accounts.

It is also one of the best advertisers on this network and has high network earnings, so you can easily trust this and can earn money.

1Password Commission Details

  • Per Sale- 25%
  • Per Lead- $2

7. Hostgator

Hostgator is also a leading web hosting provider, which also has very good network earnings in this network.

This affiliate program is available on commission junction as well as on the Impact Radius. Now, you should decide on which platform you want to take its approval.

Hostgator Commission Details

  • Per Sale- $75
  • Per Lead- $0

8. is basically a good website builder and it is also very famous in this industry. With this tool, one can make any type of website (with drag & drop) including e-commerce.

So, in order to make a good amount of commission with this offer, all you need to do is to join first and then promote it. Commission Details

  • Per Sale- $15
  • Per Lead- $0

9. Google Domains

Google Domains is one of the best and reliable platforms to purchase domain names for websites. It is basically a domain name provider by Google.

Hence, it will be very profitable for you, if you join its affiliate programs as it is by Google.

Google Domains Commission Details

  • Per Sale- 20%, $5
  • Per Lead- $0

10. ABC

This term may be new for this, but this advertiser is one of the best-earning advertisers on the CJ affiliate.

ABC is basically an online education platform for children. Where children can learn and can educate themselves for a better future.

ABC Commission Details

  • Per Sale- $4
  • Per Lead- $0

FAQs on ‘How to Make Money with Commission Junction’

1. How do you get approved by Commission Junction?

Now, let m,e tell you that in order to join or work on commission junction, you don’t need any kind of approval.

As CJ is giving you instant access to its dashboard, which means that your application will not be pending.

You can easily join advertisers, pick affiliate links and then start promoting.

2. How do I withdraw my payment from CJ affiliate?

The payment method of CJ affiliates is very easy.

You can easily withdraw your payment with the help of a Direct bank transfer.

So, here all you need to do is simply provide your bank details to which you want to receive payments.

3. Does CJ affiliate network pay through PayPal?

The simple answer to this most asked question is No.

CJ network doesn’t pay its affiliate through PayPal. Currently, it only pays with the method of direct bank transfer.

4. How do I share my CJ affiliate link?

In order to share your affiliate links generated by the CJ network advertiser, all you need to do is simply follow the given steps.

1. Make a website
2. Put affiliate content & Paste links
3. Earn commission

5. Why choose Commission Junction?

Commission Junction is an affiliate marketplace, which is best for all beginners that are taking their first step in this industry and want to earn money with CJ.

Conclusion (Final words)

Here, I would like to conclude this detailed and valuable article on How to Make Money with Commission Junction affiliates.

I am pretty sure that with this article, you have learned a lot many new things and I hope that all your queries have been solved.

In this article, I have tried sharing my personal strategies such as:

  • Best Affiliate offers on CJ
  • How to generate more commission
  • How to get approved by the advertisers, etc

Now, my responsibility comes to end and your work starts.

All you need to do is to take action and become a quick action taker, as this habit can make you the master in this industry.

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