How to Get Approved on ShareASale (In 13 Minutes)

If you are on this page, then I am sure that you may be knowing about what is ShareASale and how it works.

But, let me give you a quick intro to the ShareASale affiliate marketing network.

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that has a big network of Advertisers as well as Affiliates. Some people join it as an affiliate and promotes the products or services of multiple brands to make money in affiliate marketing.

So, if you too want to know that How to get Approved on ShareASale, then believe me this valuable article is for you.

In this article, I will give you a completely practical step by step guide on to take the approval of ShareASale and not only this, I will tell you more about ShareASale so that you can also earn a good amount of money online.

Firstly, I will show you that how I get approved in just 13 minutes, I will reveal all the strategies that I use to get approved on the ShareASale affiliate marketing network.

So, let us get started with this awesome guide…

How I Get Approved in just 13 minutes

Before proceeding with the article, first, let me tell you that how I got approval in just 13 minutes so that you can believe in me and can get motivated for doing so.

So, when I applied on ShareASale, I received this simple email in my inbox, which says that ‘your application has been received and it is under review’

After applying for ShareASale

Gmail proof before

After 13 minutes

After just 13 minutes of applying to ShareASale, I got this email in my inbox, which say that ‘welcome to ShareASale affiliate marketing network’, Alhamdulillah.

This email made my day because from now I can also earn from this big affiliate network.

How to Get Approved on ShareASale

How to Get Approved on ShareASale (5 steps)

Now, from here you are going to get a complete step by step guide so that you too can get approved on ShareASale.

So, for this, all you need to do is simply follow these steps and then start implementing and this will give you results, Insha’Allah.

Step:1 Make a Website

In order to take ShareASale approval, the very first that you need to take is to make a website.

I am not telling you to learn to program and code your own website, you just simply need to make a WordPress website.

So, as you all know that for making a WordPress website, you need hosting and a domain name and that’s all.

So, if you purchase good hosting, then you will also get a free domain name for 1 year.

Now, I know there are many hosting provides in the market and all those are not very good and I also know that you are a beginner and want to purchase the best affordable hosting for your website.

Hence, in this case, I would like to recommend Hostinger hosting for making a fast WP website.

Why choose Hostinger?

  • It is a low-cost web hosting provider
  • It will provide you with a free domain name
  • With Hostinger our website will become very fast and secure
  • It has user-friendly hPanel
  • It provided you 24/7 contact support

My website ( speed, which is hosted on Hostinger (GT Metrix Data)

GT Metrix Speed

Hence, I recommend you to go with Hostinger hosting.

  • Best budget hosting provider
  • Easy to use hPanel
  • Provides very fast website speed and security

Want to Make your own WordPress website, then follow this link.

Step:2 Put content

Now, after making a good website, then all you need to do is simply put content on it so that you can grow your website.

So, for this, you simply need to publish blog posts on it on a particular niche.

For example: if you see my website this website, then I publish content on a niche, such as the content on affiliate marketing, blogging etc.

You simply need to do the same, choose your niche and then start publishing content on your website.

Step:3 Drive Traffic to website

After publishing some content on your website, you also need to drive to your website.

Now, if I tell you the best way to drive free traffic to your website, that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

As, you know that in order to gain traffic through SEO, you simply need to do On-page SEO of your content while writing it so that you can rank on Google and can easily gain free traffic to your website.

Alternative methods to drive free traffic:


I am pretty sure that you may be knowing about Quora.

Quora is a QnA website, where many people ask questions in almost all categories.

So all you need to do is simply answer the questions which are relevant to your niche content.

For example: On Quora, I am answering questions related to blogging, affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO, WordPress etc.

So, you simply need to do the same and that is answer the questions.

Along with answering the questions, you can make your own Quora space, so that you can build an audience on it and can easily gain free traffic from it to your website.

Watch this detailed video to understand more about Quora marketing.

Some more powerful ways to get free traffic to your website:

Step:4 Apply for ShareASale Affiliate

Now after making a website with some content on it, all you need to do is simply apply for ShareASale affiliate.

I am sure that you may be aware of some steps that you need to complete while applying for ShareASale. So from here, I will show you practically, how to correctly apply for ShareASale.

So, for this, you nee3d to first come on ShareASale and then sign up as an Affiliate.

1. Set Login details

Once, you click on the sign up as an Affiliate, you will be redirected to this page, where to simply need to complete step 1 that is to add your login details.

After adding all the details correctly, then click on the Step 2 button.

step 1

2. Set Basic information

Now, you will come to step 2 page, where you have to provide some basic information like your website address, through which you want to promote.


After getting approved on ShareASale, you can promote any affiliate program through any source. But make sure that you provide that source inside the website section (which is under the account section).

After providing all the details, you simply click on the Step 3 button.

step 2

3. Add email address

Now, in step 3, you need to provide them with your email address.

Now it is not mandatory that you need to give your business email address, you can also give your Gmail email address.


If you will give your business email address (which is associated with your website), then you may get approval fast.

step 3

4. Set contact information

After coming on step 4, you need to provide your contact information such as your name, address, phone number, city etc.

step 4.2

After providing them with your contact information, you need to scroll down and then you can see two more options that you need to fill.

step 4


Make sure that you check these boxes as per your website information.

Then, after this you simply need to proceed to the last step, that is step 5.

5. Set Payment information

Now, step 5 is the final step that you need to complete for submitting your application to ShareASale for joining as an affiliate.

In this step, you simply need to choose the payment method and I think that this is the most important part for you.

But, I will recommend you to check on the choose later box and simply click on the complete signup button.

As, we can set these details, once we get approved on ShareASale.

step 5

After this, they will simply ask you to verify your email address, which you have provided before.

After verifying the email, your application to ShareASale will be submitted successfully. Now all you need to do is simply wait for 3-5 business days as they say in their email.

Join ShareASale Now!

Now, it is the right time to take action and join the ShareASale affiliate marketing network now, so for this, you simply need to follow the button which is given below.

Pro Tips💡for getting approved

1. Following ShareASale’s guidelines and policies

It’s crucial to comply with ShareASale’s guidelines and policies to maintain a good standing on the platform.

ShareASale has strict rules against unethical practices such as spamming, fraud, and incentivized clicks.

It’s important to review these policies before joining the platform to ensure you don’t engage in any prohibited activities.

ShareASale also requires affiliates to disclose their affiliate relationship with merchants, which is a crucial component of being transparent and building trust with your audience.

As a ShareASale affiliate, you should regularly check for any updates or changes to the policies to stay in compliance and maintain your partnership with the platform.

2. Engaging with merchants and building relationships

Engaging with merchants is a critical part of building a successful affiliate marketing business on ShareASale.

By establishing a positive relationship with merchants, you can gain valuable insights into their products, promotions, and upcoming campaigns.

Communicating regularly with merchants can help you stay up-to-date on any changes to their products or services and provide you with the opportunity to negotiate exclusive deals and offers for your audience.

Building strong relationships with merchants can also result in higher commission rates, increased exposure for your website, and access to exclusive content or promotions.

To establish a successful partnership with merchants, it’s essential to be proactive, professional, and courteous in your communications and to provide value to their business.

3. Staying up-to-date with ShareASale’s updates and news

As with any platform, ShareASale is continually evolving and updating its policies, tools, and features.

As a ShareASale affiliate, it’s crucial to stay informed and up-to-date with any changes or news that could impact your business.

One way to stay informed is to subscribe to ShareASale’s newsletter, which provides updates on new merchants, upcoming promotions, and platform changes.

Additionally, regularly checking the ShareASale blog and social media accounts can help you stay on top of the latest news and updates.

By staying informed, you can ensure that you’re utilizing the latest tools and features to optimize your affiliate marketing strategy and remain compliant with ShareASale’s policies.

What are the ShareASale sign-up requirements

First and foremost, an applicant must have a website or blog that is active and in good standing.

The website must be relevant to the merchant’s products or services, and it must not contain any illegal or offensive content.

Additionally, the website must have a privacy policy in place and be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Secondly, ShareASale also requires all affiliate to have a valid Tax ID or a valid social security number.

This is to ensure that all affiliates are operating legally and that they are able to receive payments for their commissions.

Thirdly, ShareASale has a strict policy against spamming, and all affiliates are required to promote merchant’s products or services in a legal and ethical manner.

This means that affiliates cannot use unsolicited email, fake reviews, or other deceptive practices to promote products.

Finally, ShareASale requires all affiliates to disclose their affiliate relationship with merchants in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines for disclosure.

This means that all affiliate links must be clearly marked as such, and that any reviews or endorsements must be honest and unbiased.

Overall, ShareASale has strict requirements for its affiliates to ensure that the platform is fair and trustworthy for both merchants and affiliates.

By adhering to these requirements, affiliates can build a successful and sustainable business through the ShareASale platform.

Get Approved by Merchants inside ShareASale?

Now there are many people who easily get the approval of ShareASale but they are unable to get approved by the merchants inside it.

As you all know that I have a YouTube channel and most of my subscribers face the same problem, that they are not getting approved by the merchants.

Don’t worry, I will share with you my own personal strategy that helps me to get approved even by the merchants easily.

1. Focus on your website

So, first of all, you need to focus more on your website content and quality. As all the merchants see your website only.

Your website should be on a particular niche, don’t try to write on multiple niches. Just focus on one, stick to it and publish more and quality content.

2. Apply for the Merchant

Now, you simply need to apply for the merchant of which you want to take approval.

NOTE: Make sure that the merchants you are applying for match your niche content.

While applying, ShareASale will ask you to tell the merchant about your promotional strategies, marketing plans, your website etc.

So you need to do the same, there in that box, you need to tell the merchant about your website, your marketing strategies etc.

This will leave a good impact on the merchant and this will increase the chances of your approval by that particular merchant.

3. Contact it

So, once you have applied for that merchant, either you can wait for their email or you can do one powerful thing and that is to contact that merchant.

After applying, you need to contact that merchant and try to convince, so that it can give you approval easily and as soon as possible.

You can simply do this, by opening that particular merchant page and there you will find the contact option below.

contact merchant

What after getting Approved?

After getting approved on ShareASale, the main work that you have to do is to find the best and high paying affiliate programs on it, so that you can apply to join it and can promote it to make a commission in affiliate marketing.

There are more than 16,000 merchants on ShareASale, this means that there are more than 16,000 affiliate programs on ShareASale, which you can apply and promote.

But, all those affiliate offers are not good, hence as a beginner, I will recommend you to pick only those offers that are easy to promote and pay a good amount of commission.

So that it becomes easy for you to make money online in Affiliate Marketing from ShareASale.

How to get approved on ShareASale without website?

If you don’t have a website, then still there are some methods by following you can get approved on ShareASale without a website.

NOTE: Let me make you aware that you may get approved by the ShareASale network without a website, but you will never get approved by the merchants inside the ShareASale without a website.

As those merchants give you approval by reviewing your website.

You can only join the instant approval affiliate programs that are on ShareASale.

So, let me reveal some of the methods:

Method-1 With a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel with a good amount of subscribers works well in place of a website.

Hence if you have a YouTube channel that has a good amount of subscribers then you are free to apply for the ShareASale in order to get approved by it.

There is not a fixed number of subscribers needed by this network to give you approval, but according to my knowledge and experience, you should have at least 1K-2K subscribers with good content on it.

Method-2 With a Medium blog

Making a Medium blog is one of the easiest works that you can do to take approval.

This Medium blog will be like your own website or a blog but in the case of this blog buy Medium, you will get a subdomain of Medium, which you have to use.

Now all you have to do is to make one Medium blog for free and then apply for ShareASale to become its affiliate member and Insha’Allah you will get approval.

Method-3 With a Tumblr blog

Tumblr blog and a Medium blog are basically the same and also do the same work in the case of taking any approval of any network or program.

As you are aware of the fact that Tumblr is one of the biggest social media platforms, hence you have to take advantage of it.

You simply need to make a simple blog on Tumblr and then publish good-quality blogs on it.

Then you are free to apply for this affiliate network.

Method-4 With a Quora Profile/Space

Well, this is one of my favorite methods in order to get approved on ShareASale without website.

As you know that there is no platform like Quora.

Now all you have to do is to make a strong Quora Profile or a Space.

You simply need to publish good content on your Quora profile or space based on your niche and then you will gain views on Quora following an increase in the audience of your space or profile followers.

10 Best Paying Affiliate Programs on ShareASale

As I already told you before that besides How to get approved on ShareASale, I will also tell you more about the ShareASale network.

As, you all know that among different affiliate programs, it is very difficult to find the best offers for you.

To make your work easier, I will tell you the 10 Best paying Affiliate Programs on ShareASale so that you can easily join them and can promote them to make a good amount of commission in affiliate marketing.

These 5 affiliate offers are real offers, that really pays you and not only this, they are also easy to promote for you.

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is basically a Keyword Research and SEO Tool, that helps one to take out low competitive keywords and do SEO of their website so that they can rank on Google easily.

SEMRush Affiliate Program

  • Per Sale- $200
  • Per Trial- $10
  • Per Lead- $0.01
  • Power Rank- 180

2. Freshbooks

FreshBooks is an Accounting, Billing and Payment Invoice service provider. This software is used by small and medium-sized businesses owners to manage their business accounting works.

FreshBooks Affiliate Program

  • Per Sale- $55-$200
  • Per Lead- $5-$10
  • Power Rank- 26

3. WP Engine

WP Engine is a WordPress hosting provider that offers WP hosting to people or a business, who are in search of WP hosting for their or client’s websites.

WP Engine Affiliate Program

  • Per Sale- $35-$200
  • Per lead- $0.01
  • Power Rank- 700

4. Gusto

Gusto is also an Accounting, Employee scheduling, Time management services provider. These services are used by small and medium-sized businesses to manage time, employee service etc.

Gusto Affiliate Program

  • Per Sale- $100
  • Per Lead-$0
  • Power Rank- 4

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is the Best Writing Assistant and Grammar tool, that is used by almost every blogger, freelancer, employee or by those people who do typing works online.

Grammarly Affiliate Program

  • Per Sale- $20
  • Per Lead- $0.20
  • Power Rank- 1000+

6. Homebase

Homebase is also like Freshbooks and Gusto. It is an Accounting services provider like time management, employee scheduling etc for small and medium-sized businesses.

Homebase Affiliate Program

  • Per Sale- $0
  • Per Lead- $10
  • Power Rank- 264

7. Pet Pharm Canada

Pet Pharm Canada is a pet health affiliate program, which has products such as some medicines that will help you to keep your pet healthy and fit. Hence, this offer is easy to promote.

Pet Pharm Canada Affiliate Program

  • Per Sale- 12%
  • Per Lead- $12
  • Power Rank- 66

8. Shift4Shop

Shift4Shop is an e-commerce store builder platform that helps a person or a small business to build their own e-commerce store and sell their products online.

Shift4shop Affiliate Program

  • Per Sale- $100
  • Per Lead- $5
  • Power Rank- 407

9. Optinmonster

Optinmonster is one of the best Lead generation software, that helps a blog or website owners to collect the emails of their website’s visitors by displaying some popups, floating bars or other CTA popups etc.

Optinmonster Affiliate Program

  • Per Sale- 20%
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Power Rank- 624

10. Survey junkie

Survey Junkie is different from all the offers given above. It is a survey website, through which people can take surveys and can earn money online. It is country restricted affiliate offer.

Survey Junkie Affiliate Program

  • Per Sale- $0
  • Per Lead- $2
  • Power Rank- 998

Secret Tip to find Best offers on ShareASale

As I already told you above that all the affiliate offers which are on ShareASale are not good enough to promote for a beginner like you.

Now, let me also with you the secret tip to find the Best Affiliate offers on ShareASale, that will help to find the best one so that you easily promote them and can make money online.

After getting the approval of the ShareASale affiliate network, you will get its affiliate dashboard.

So, once you are on your ShareASale dashboard, to search for any merchants or affiliate programs, you need to go on the search for merchants which is under the merchant’s section (as you can see on the top navigation bar)

There you will be able to see Featured categories, which contains option like New programs, Power Rank, Marketing Calendar etc.

So, all you need to do is simply click on the Power Rank option and this will filter the merchant’s list as per their power rank.

shareasale power rank

Now the affiliate offers or merchants you see now are good and easy to promote, as they are the top affiliate offers on ShareASale.


A merchant which has a power rank under 1000, means that its affiliate offer is a good and easy to promote offers.

How to withdraw Payment

Now, many people search on Google that How to withdraw payment from the ShareASale affiliate marketplace. Don’t worry, you will get to know this, in this article only.

For this, you simply need to come in the Payment setting which is under the Payments section (as you can see at the top of the navigation bar)

Now, first of all, you need to set the threshold, by default it is set to $50. If you want to increase the threshold amount, you can even do this.

But, I will recommend you to let the threshold set to $50, as it will become easier for you to withdraw your earnings earlier.

Then you need to choose the payment method, through which you can withdraw your earnings. For this, you simply need to click on the change payment settings.

withdraw payment from shareasale

Now, you need to choose the source by which you want to receive your affiliate marketing earnings.

There are multiple sources through which you can easily withdraw your payment to your bank account.

Sources to withdraw payment from ShareASale

  • Payoneer
  • Direct Deposit
  • Mailed Check
  • Wire Transfer

So, it is totally up to, to choose the best payment method in which you are comfortable.

Let me also tell you that ShareASale releases its affiliate payment on the 20th of every month.

So if your commission (which is in your dashboard) has been approved, then you will receive your earnings within 3-5 business days, after it is released by ShareASale on the 20th.

NOTE: After ShareASale releases payment to your bank account to Payoneer, it takes 3-5 business days for the payment to arrive in your bank account.

My last month earnings from ShareASale (Motivation 🔥)

So, only for motivating you to join the ShareASale affiliate network today, I would like to share my last month earnings from ShareASale.

To be honest, I have two ShareASale accounts and from both of them, I am able to earn, Alhamdulillah.

Below is the earning from my Primary account:

Total Earnings- $116.02

shareasale payment proof 2

Total Earnings- $100.00

Below is the earning from my Secondary account:

shareasale payment proof 1

So based on this data, my August month earnings from ShareASale is a total of $216.02.

Now, if you will work hard as well as smart, then you can easily earn more than this. Believe me.

For this, all you need to do is simply follow all the steps, which I have mentioned in this article.

FAQs on ‘ How to Get Approved on ShareASale’

1. Do you need a website for ShareASale network?

So, if you will ask this question from me then I will simply say that, Yes, you need a website for ShareASale approval.

Besides a website, if you have another content source such as a YouTube channel or a well maintained social media page, then you may get approval.

But, in order to get the approval of affiliate programs that are inside ShareASale, then for this you need a website.

2. How do I get approved for affiliate programs?

Well, in this article I have covered this question only. So, let me quickly summarize it.

Here are some working steps:

1. Make a website
2. Put content
3. Drive Traffic
4. Apply for ShareASale

3. Best Affiliate Programs on ShareASale?

ShareASale has more than 16,000 Affiliate programs, hence, it is hard to find the best ones.

Let me make your work easier, by sharing with you some best affiliate programs on ShareASale:

1. SEMRush
2. Freshbooks
3. WP Engine
4. Gusto
5. Grammarly

4. Is ShareASale free for Affiliates?

The simple answer to this simple question is Yes, it is free for all the affiliates.

If you want to become its affiliates, then you need to do is simply apply for it, then wait to get its approval.

5. Is ShareASale Safe?

Yes, of course, it is 100% safe. Even I have received payment from ShareASale as I already showed you above.


So, let me say you that this is the last section of this article.

Now after getting such valuable content, I don’t think so that you will search more on Google about ‘How to Get Approved on ShareASale’ as in this article, I have shared all the strategies that I used.

So, if you follow all the steps and strategies, that I have shared with you in this content, then I believe that you will get approved on ShareASale affiliate marketing network easily, Insha’Allah.

The main thing on which you should focus more is your website, as they only see your website. So be aware.

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