How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs (Secret Guide)

“Affiliate Marketing is a deep well, that can fulfil the thirst of each person on this planet”

Hence, in order to earn from Affiliate Marketing Business, you need to join some of the best affiliate programs or affiliate marketing networks.

There are many high commission affiliate offers, that you can join or take approval and promote them to make money.

But, there are some people that face problems in getting approved by affiliate programs or affiliate networks.

If you are also the one who doesn’t get approved easily or declined every time by an affiliate program, then do not worry.

As here in this article, I am going to tell you that How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs, so that you can earn money online by promoting them.

Here, I am going to share some of my personal strategies that you can follow and can easily take the approval of any brand’s affiliate programs or network.

Let me tell you that I have the approval of almost all big affiliate networks and programs, hence you can believe me.

So, let us get into this article.

Benefits of reading this article

  • Guide to get approved for Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing
  • My Personal Strategies

What is an Affiliate Program?

How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs

An Affiliate Program is a program that allows the affiliates or publishers to pick the affiliate links of a brand and promote and for doing this promotion of a brand, they are getting paid in the form of commissions.

This commission can be in percentage or a fixed amount, also the amount of commission varies from the different brand’s affiliate programs.

Along with this, a network that has multiple affiliate programs of multiple brands is simply known as an affiliate marketing network.

How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs

take approval of affiliate programs

So, here are some steps or my personal strategies that I have used to take affiliate programs approval, hence I would like to share with you.

If you properly follow all these steps, then let me make sure that you too can easily get approved by any offer or program.

Step:1 Choose a Website Niche

As you know that Affiliate Marketing is a way to monetize your content, hence you should make your own content first.

The best make content and drive traffic is to make a website first and put content on it.

But, you have to make a niche related website.

It simply means that you have to make a website on one niche and not on multiple niches.

Such as, if you write content relevant to WordPress, then all your website’s content should be related to WordPress or something related to WordPress and you should not put content on different niches such as health, gaming etc.

Hence, first, you should decide the niche of your website, before proceeding further.

You can choose a profitable niche by thinking that in which category you are an expert and can write more content.

Step:2 Make a good Website

After deciding the best niche of your website, you have to start making good quality and fast website.

Now in order to make a fast website, you need fast web hosting.

Now, here in this case I would like to recommend you Hostigner hosting, as I have hosted all my websites including this website ( on Hostinger.

  • Best budget hosting plans
  • Fast websites with high security
  • Free Domain & SSL

I have the experience of more than 1-year with Hostinger hosting and I have experienced a lot such as its contact support, services, fast loading etc.

After experiencing, I have found that all were very good, all my website’s speed is very fast.

As you can see below is the speed data of, which is tested on GTMetrix.

GT Metrix Speed
Bluepreneurs website speed

Here are the plans of Hostinger Shared Web Hosting:

As you are able to see the below image, that tells you about the shared hosting plans of Hostinger, which are very very affordable.


So, all you have to do is to choose the best plan as per your requirement and budget and purchase the best hosting of Hostinger to make good quality and fast websites.

Make Your Website Now!
(Practical Guide)

Now after making a website, your next and main work is to put niche related content on your website.

What does it mean?

It simply means that you have to write content that is relevant to your niche.

For example: If you have chosen WordPress to be your website’s niche, then you have to put content that is relevant to WordPress.

There are some people, who write content on multiple niches such as health, gaming, education, digital marketing etc, they mix all the niches and this is their biggest mistake.

Due to this, they don’t get approved by any affiliate networks or programs.

If you really want to know that How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs, then you should follow my advice and work on one niche on your website.

Step:4 Optimize your Content for SEO

I must say that if you want to monetize your website content through affiliate marketing, then SEO is the main work that you must do.

While writing the content on your website (which are blog posts), you also need to optimize that content according to the search engines and this is was SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is.

You have to do On-Page SEO of your content so that it can rank on Google and can gain bulk and targeted traffic to your affiliate website and in this way, you can earn from affiliate marketing.

If you want to know what is On-Page SEO and how to do it, so that you can also rank your website on Google, then only for you, I have an awesome and practical guide to On-Page SEO (Ebook).

Step:5 Drive more Traffic on your website

According to me, SEO is the best and free way to drive traffic to your website or content.

But, good things take time, hence SEO will definitely take time to come into action and rank your website on Google.

So, if you want to gain fast and good traffic on your website, then let me tell you that there are many methods to drive traffic to your website.

Top Traffic Sources:

  • Quora
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Guest Posting

Hence, you can easily make use of all these methods or sources to drive targeted traffic to your website, so that you can get a boost in your website’s SEO and can also earn money in affiliate marketing.

Step:6 Apply to the Affiliate Programs

Now once you have enough or a good amount of traffic on your website, then you can easily apply for any affiliate program.

Now if everything is fine with your website, Insha’Allah you will easily get approved by affiliate program or network which you want.

These are all my personal strategies, that made me take the approval of big affiliate programs or affiliate networks.

Hence, you will follow these methods or steps properly, then you are also going to win in affiliate marketing. Believe me.

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What factors matters to get approved for Affiliate Programs


Before applying to any affiliate program, let me tell you that there are some factors that you should focus on, as these factors will decide whether you will get approval or not.

So, let us understand these factors in detail.

1. Domain Age

Now, if you have watched the tutorials or videos of big affiliate marketers, then you must have heard about the Domain age, as this matters a lot in affiliate marketing.

If your domain is new or has less age, then let me tell you that it may be very difficult to get approved by big affiliate programs or networks.

Experts say that your domain age must be 3 months, which means that your domain must be at least 3 months old, for you to apply to any program or network.

Remember: The more your domain age is, the more chances are high for you to get approved on any affiliate offers.

2. Website Niche

This factor also matters in the approval process.

If your website niche doesn’t match the niche or content of the brand services or affiliate program, they will not give you the approval.

For example: If your website is in the hosting niche and if you are applying for health and fitness affiliate programs, then this makes no sense, you will never get the approval.

Hence, you need to apply only those brands, that falls into your website’s niche or category.

3. Website Content

The quality and quantity of the website’s content are also some of the biggest factors.

If you have less amount of content on your website, then you may not get approved by affiliate programs, hence you should focus on the quantity of the content and try to publish more content.

Along with this, if the quality of the content on your website is not good enough, then this may also become a reason for the decline by the brands. Hence, try to publish quality content also.

4. Website Traffic

Let me tell you that this factor doesn’t apply to every affiliate program.

There are some affiliate programs that need traffic on your website, while others don’t even need single traffic on your website.

Affiliate programs such as Sendinblue, MaxBounty look for the traffic, while ShareASale, Impact Radius don’t.

What source to apply with, for Affiliate Programs Approval

Do you know that you can apply for an affiliate program with multiple sources, but in all those sources website is the best option.

If you apply with a website, then the chances of approval are high.

So, let us have a look at all the sources:

1. Website

As I have already told you before, that website is the option to get approved for affiliate programs, as a website is considered the best content publishing source.

Hence, your first choice should be to apply with your website.

If your website has enough traffic that a brand needs and matches the service of the brand, then Insha’Allah you will easily get approved with the help of a website.

2. YouTube channel

A good quality YouTube channel with a good amount of subscribers is also considered a good source to take the approval of affiliate programs.

Let me tell you that I am also a YouTuber and currently my channel has more than 6.0K subscribers and with this channel, I have taken the approval of many affiliate networks or programs.

Hence, along with the website, you too can make your own YouTube channel and put content on it to take approval.

Visit my YouTube channel

3. Forum website

A Forum website is a website similar to Quora, it is basically a QnA website.

You too can even make your own forum website and can drive users or traffic to it, so that you can gain more users to use your forum as a medium to solve their queries.

In this way, your forum will grow big and with the help of this forum website also, you can apply for any affiliate program.

How to make a Forum Website

FAQs on ‘How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs’

1. How do I get the affiliate approval on Sendinblue?

Since, Sendinblue affiliates is a big affiliate program, hence to get the approval of this affiliate program, all you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Make a website
2. Put content related to Email Marketing
3. Drive a god amount of traffic
4. Apply for the Sendinblue affiliate program

2. Which is the best affiliate program?

In the industry of affiliate marketing, there are many best and high paying affiliate offers, let me share some with you:

1. SEMrush
2. GetResponse
3. Sendinblue
5. Bluehost
6. Dreamhost
7. Squarespace
9. Constant Contact

Besides these, there are multiple best affiliates, which you can join to promote and earn money with them.

3. Can anyone join the affiliate programs?

Yes, anyone can join the affiliate program, no matter if you are a beginner or expert in affiliate marketing.

Although, there are some affiliates, that don’t give approval to one, who don’t have their own website with good traffic on it.

4. How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?

Usually, It cost $0 to join any affiliate marketing program or network.

But there are some platforms like Awin, that needs a small deposit from you while applying, this deposit is only to verify you and you will get this money back.

5. How to start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

Starting affiliate marketing is easy, all you have to do is follow up with these methods or steps:

1. Make a Website
2. Become an Affiliate
3. Pick the Affiliate links
4. Promote the links to earn money

6. Is being an affiliate worth it?

Yes, being an affiliate really worth it in this world.

As you know that, nowadays every industry is shifting its business online and this is the reason that there are more earning opportunities online.

Hence, doing affiliate by being an affiliate is one of the best options to make money online.


This was all about this article or the guide, which Io have shared with you on How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs.

As I told you earlier that, here in this detailed guide, I have shared all my personal strategies or experience, which I again in the past 1.5 years.

I hope that I am able to explain these methods and also hope that now you are ready to take the approval of any affiliate program of your own choice.

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