[6 steps] How to Build a Website without a Website Builder

There are some of the most asked questions on Google related to building a website without a website builder. Like,

How to Build a Website without using a Website Builder

How to make a website from scratch

How to Make a Website without a Website Builder

how to create a new wordpress website

I am pretty sure that if you are on this page, then you too want to know that How to Build a Website without a Website Builder from scratch.

Don’t worry, as today, here in this valuable article I am going to explain to you in detail how you can build a website without using a website builder.

And this article is going to be very detailed and valuable, so don’t try to miss any of the parts.


After reading this valuable article, you will come to know that you can make your own website without a website builder. So that you too can Monetize your website from Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, Sponsorship etc.

How to Build a Website without a Website Builder [6 steps]

Now from here, you need to understand each step very carefully and after reading start implementing.

Step:1 Purchase a Domain & Hosting

Basically, a website can be made in 3 ways- with Website Builder, Programming and WordPress.

I know that you are a beginner and you may not know about programming and how to use website builders.

My favourite way of making a website is WordPress, my all the websites are made by WordPress and they all are amazing.

In order to make a website, you need a Domain name and Hosting. I hope that you are familiar with what is domain name and hosting.

Firstly, you need to purchase web hosting and along with the web hosting, you will also get a Free domain name if you purchase the premium plan of a particular hosting.

The question arrives, Which is the Best web Hosting?

If you are a beginner or not, then also I will recommend you to go with Hostinger Hosting, as the services provided by them are above amazing.

Why only Hostinger?

  • You will experience Fast website speed
  • Along with this, you will also get website security
  • It has very affordable web hosting plans
  • It is the best hosting for beginners

Here are the plans of Hostinger Shared Hosting:


I have experience of more than 1-year with Hostinger and I would like to rate 10/10 for its services like website speed, contact support, hPanel.

Below is the page speed data by GT Metrix of my website (bluepreneurs.com), which is hosted on Hostinger.

GT Metrix Speed
Hostinger text logo
  • Best Low-cost Hosting Provider
  • Easy to navigate hPanel
  • Easy to install WordPress

I will recommend you to go with Hostinger hosting, as there you can get started at only $1.39/month and this is the lowest price you can get for the best Hosting service provider.

Step:2 Install WordPress

After purchasing the hosting, your domain name will be added automatically to your hosting panel, if you have picked the plan that gives you a free domain.

If you have purchased the domain from another website, then you can click here to know, how to connect your domain name with your hosting.

Now, you just simply need to install WordPress on that domain name for creating a WordPress website.

NOTE: The following process of Installing WordPress is in the case of Hostinger hPanel.

Login to Hosting Panel

In order to install WordPress on your domain name, first, you need to login to your cPanel, in the case of Hostinger, it is hPanel.

Once you are log in to your hosting panel, you will see the domain name which you have added or got from the same hosting.

Now you just simply need to click on the Manage button.


Click on Auto Installer

After clicking on this manage button, you will see many boxes, then you just need to scroll down and there you will find a box of Auto Installer, just simply click on that box.


Select WordPress

So, once you are in the Auto Installer part, then scroll down and now you just simply need to Select WordPress (WP), so that it can be installed successfully on your domain name.


Add Login details

After selecting WP, it will ask you to add some details so that you can log in to your wp-admin at any PC or browser without logging in to Hosting hPanel.

You can see the image given below, to know that what all details you need to add before installing WP.


Once you are done with filling in all the details, the easy step that you need to take is to click on the Install button, after this step, WordPress will be installed on your domain name.

Now you are ready to move to your WP admin Panel (WP dashboard) so that you can start working on your website to make it awesome.

Read more- How to Install WordPress on Subdomain Hostinger

Step:3 Set up WordPress

After installing WP on your domain, here comes the most basic step, that you must do in order to start working on your website.

To create a new WordPress website, you first need to set up WordPress. there are some basic things and setting that you must do before proceeding further.

Install Catchy Theme

The very first step you need to do for sitting up your WP is to install a catchy theme.

A good and beautiful theme attracts the user and in this way, a user will stay on your website for a long time. Hence, you need to install a beautiful theme in your WP dashboard.

Along with the beauty, you should also look at the size of the theme, it should be light in weight so that it can load and upload fast and this helps in the ranking of your website.

Usually, Premium themes are good, mobile friendly and light in weight. Hence I recommend you purchase a premium theme for your website.

Affiliate Booster text logo
  • Best Low-cost Premium Theme
  • Attractive Layouts
  • Easy to customize

In order to install a theme in your WP dashboard, you first need to log in to your WP dashboard.

After logging in, you need to come to the Theme section, which is in the Appearance section. There you will the default theme, which is given by WP.

Now to add a new theme, you just simply click on the Add new option, above the page.

How to Build a Website without a Website Builder

There you will see multiple free themes, that you can install, but in order to add your custom theme that you have purchased from another website, just simply click on the upload theme button, which is given above the page.

How to Build a Website without a Website Builder

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Install Basic Plugins

After installing the theme, the very first step you need to do for building a website is to install some basic plugins.

Plugins are basically software that makes your website work smarter and they help us to make our work easier. Hence, you should also use plugins.

There are many WP plugins, but you don’t need to install all those plugins, you just need to install the plugins according to your need.

Here are some basic plugins that you need to install:


Don’t install too many plugins, as more plugins will make your website slow and hence the website speed will become slow and then it will affect the ranking of your website in Google.

If you are using shared web hosting, then you should not install more than 20 plugins.

Try to install only those plugins that you need on your website.

To add a new plugin to your WP dashboard, all you need to do is to go in the plugin section and then you just need to click on the Add new button, as given at the top of the page.

After this, you can search for the plugin which you need to install or if you want to upload a plugin file, just simply click on the upload button, as it is given at the top of the page.

upload plugin

Step:4 Create a Custom Home Page

This part is my favourite, as in this part we need to design our home page and that custom home page will be on our main domain.

As if you will come to bluepreneurs.com, you will see a custom page that is not by my WP theme. This custom is created with the help of a Page builder.

Benefits of creating a custom Home Page:

  • It creates a brand value
  • It tells what your website is all about
  • It attracts visitor
  • Easy to navigate on other pages

There are many Page builders available on the internet in the market of WP, but I use Thrive Architect for creating all my custom pages and it is very easy.

Don’t think that designing a custom page with a page builder would be very difficult. Take it easy and just have patience, it is very easy to use.

Get a Page Builder

Thrive Architect text logo
  • Best Page Builder
  • Multiple Page Templates
  • Easy to understand

First, you need to install a Page Builder. So in this case I will recommend you go with either Thrive Architect or Elementor.

Basically Thrive Architect and Elementor are paid plugins, but Elementor also has its free version, which you can use. But with that free version, you won’t able to make a very good home page.

Import a Template

Suppose, if you have purchased Thrive Architect page builder and then you have to create a Page and name it as Home. Then you have to set its width to Full width (see at the right options).

Also, make sure that you have set the sidebars to No sidebars. This will put off the sidebars from your home, as we will make that page a full-width page.

After this, you have to open that home page with Thrive Architect and now you need to design your home page according to your style.

Now at the top-right part, you can see a small icon of import, you just simply need to click on that icon to import a template for your custom home page.


Now once you click on this, you will see many templates, now all you need to do is to choose the template which you like the most and simply click on the choose Template, this will import the whole template to your home page.


Customize it

After the template is successfully imported, you simply need to start customizing it. Now it is totally up to you, how you customize your page and make it more beautiful.

In Thrive, there are multiple options for customization. You can add any elements like lead generation, image, video, custom HTML, posts list etc to your page.

Step:5 Create a Blog Page

After making and designing a custom Home Page, now you need to create a Blog Page so that all your blog posts can be listed on that page.

For this just simply click on the Add New under Pages section, then you need to name it as Blog and then simply publish it.

Once, you publish this page, come to the Reading section, which is under Settings.


So once you are on this page, you simply need to set your Homepage as Home and Post Page as Blog and then click on the save changes.

Build a website without website builder

So once you are done doing all these things, this means that you have successfully created your custom Home Page and a Blog Post Page.

After this, you can simply add pages like Home, Blog, About in your Menu section, which is under the Appearance section.

Step:6 Customize website

In order to build a website without a website builder, first, you need to make a custom home page and then customize the entire website pages, on which your WP theme is active. But this is very easy and you can do this quickly.

All you need to do is to go into the customize section, which is under the Appearance section.


Once you do this, a new page will open with the left panel that contains the customization options and side by side you can see the changes you did.

Basically, customization options are different for different these, so in case if you are using Affiliate Booster, then you will see the same options as below.


So all you need to do is visit each section and customize your website according to your style and choice.

Now, I am pretty sure that you may e familiar with the Menu option. As you see at the top of bluepreneurs.com there is a navigation menu that contains some navigation to pages or categories like blog, about etc.

It is mandatory to add this section on your WP website as it helps the visitor to understand your website and also it helps your website to get a higher rank on Google.

In order to create a new menu, you just simply to go in the menu section, which is under the Appearance section.

So once you are on this page, then you need to click on the create menu option and then a new menu will be created for your website, you can name it as you wish.


After creating a new menu, you need to add items to that menu like categories, pages, custom links etc, so that it can display those items.

After adding the items, then you need to scroll down and then you have to choose the display location, which means that where do you want to display this particular menu, then after this simply click on the Save button.


Widgets are some parts that are added additionally somewhere on your page.

For example: Widgets are sidebars, banners below the header or above the footer etc.

With the help of widgets, you can add items inside the footer of your website and it makes your website more attractive.

NOTE: Widgets customization options are different for different Themes.

To add widgets or to manage your sidebar and footer, all you need to do is to come to the widgets section, which is inside the Appearance section.

How to Build a Website without a Website Builder

After coming inside the widgets section, there you can see multiple items that you can add to your sidebars, footer header etc.

There are multiple themes of WordPress, but all those themes are not SEO friendly or light in weight.

So I recommend you to go with a theme that is light in weight and which is SEO friendly.

I use the Affiliate Booster Premium theme on my website (bluepreneurs.com) and I am experiencing a good website and WP website and not only this, this is SEO optimized.

I use this and will also recommend you because it is very affordable.

Affiliate Booster text logo
  • Best Low-cost Premium Theme
  • Attractive Layouts
  • Easy to customize

Why to Make a Website?

Now, this is a multi-time asked question. Not only beginners, but many people also search on Google that, why they need to make a website. In short, they want the necessity of a website.

After this COVID-19 period, the need for a website has increased. There are many people who are unable to earn offline and this is the reason that they are shifting to the online industry.

In order to Make Money Online, you must need a website. No matter if you are doing Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing or E-commerce.

Hence, in today’s world, if you want to earn money online, then you must have your own website.

What after making a website?

First of all, if you have made your website, let me Congratulate you!

Now many of you may be thinking that after purchasing hosting, installing WP and setting up all the settings of WP, what do we have to do?

Don’t worry, in this article, I will also share with you some Pro tips that will you earn from your website after making it.

In order to earn from any type of website, you first need Traffic on it. As I say many times that if Content is King, then Traffic is Subject.

So, in order to drive traffic to your website, you first need to add content related to your niche. Your website niche can be anything like Travel, Digital Marketing, Health etc.

There are multiple ways to drive Traffic to your website:

SEO: Now, after making a website, you need to put SEO optimized content on it, so that your website content can get rank on Google and in this way you will receive traffic.

To gain traffic from Google through SEO, you need to do On-Page SEO of your website’s blog posts.

Quora: Quora is a Gold mine for website owners to drive free and targeted traffic to your website. All you need to do is to answer the question, which is relevant to your niche content.

In this way, you are going to gain a very good amount of traffic to your website.

Social Media: You should never skip this method when it comes to driving free to your website. In this method, you just simply need to share your content on different social media platforms.

Paid Advertising: This is Paid method. But by using this method, you can not only gain traffic but you can easily generate a lot of revenue from your website.

In his method, you need to run paid campaigns, so that you can easily get targeted traffic to your website.

Ways to Monetize your website


In order to make money from your website, you need to monetize your website from any revenue source.

Nowadays, there are multiple ways through which you can easily monetize your website and generate revenue from it.

Some of the Top ways to Monetize your website:

Affiliate Marketing

This is my favourite source of monetizing a website and earning money online from it.

In this way, you just simply need to first join some Affiliate Marketing Programs or networks, then after this, you need to promote those programs on your website through the articles or pages.

So, if someone purchases any service or a product from your affiliate links that are on your website, you will make a commission.


Now, this is the Top earning source of my YouTube channel.

In this source, you first need a have a good amount of traffic on your website and based on this brand of your content niche will contact you to list the links or articles of their services or products and they will pay you for this.

For Sponsorship deals, you too can reach out to brands, relevant to your content.

Google AdSense

I am pretty sure that you are aware of this way of learning through our website.

In this way, you simply need to put more content on your website and then drive traffic. then after this, you can apply for Google AdSense, so that AdSense can place ads on your website.

Sell Courses

Now, if you have any skill in any category and let me tell you that, this way of monetizing a website is only for you.

In this way, you simply need to sell your course which you have launched on another platform like Udemy, Skillshare or Linkedin Learning.

You can sell it at the price you want and can make money online through your website.

Why you need to Build a Website without a Website Builder?

Now many people ask this question and many of them don’t even get the right answer to their question.

But don’t worry, I will explain to you the reasons why you need to make a website without using a website builder.

Here are some Benefits:

More customization options

If you have chosen a website builder to build your website, then you can design a good website but there will be fewer customization options. You won’t be able to add your own style or designs.

But in the case of a website that is built by WordPress, you will get multiple customization options. You can design anything according to your style.

And this is one of the biggest reasons to choose WordPress for building your website.

Website speed

This is the biggest issue in those websites which are build by website builders. I have seen many websites that are built by a website builder and all those websites have speed issues.

So here, in this case, WordPress come in. If you will make a WordPress website, then you will not face such kind of issue, as your WordPress is installed on your web hosting that offers good speed.

Easy to manage

Well, this is also a noticeable reason. If you make your website with the help of a website builder, then managing things may become complicated for you.

But in the case of WordPress websites, you can easily manage your website with easy navigation.

FAQs on ‘How to Build a Website without a Website Builder’

1. Is it better to build a website or use a website builder?

Well, if you ask me, I will give a simple answer to this question that is Yes.

Building a website without using a website builder is a much better option. This will give you more options that you use to make your website better.

2. Can I make a website on my own?

Yes, if you are a beginner, then also you can make your own website by following some simple steps.

I created my first website when I was 17 years and that website is giving me a good response. So, you too can follow the steps given in this article.

3. Can we make a website without using a website builder?

The answer to this question is Yes. Building a website without a builder is a much better option. You can easily make it according to your style.

4. Why do you need a website?

In order to make money online from Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing or E-commerce, you must need a website.

As it helps to create a brand value and explain our work in a better way.

5. What should be the type of website?

Actually, there is not an exact answer to this question. You can make a website of any type or niche.

It can be travel, fashion, vlog, health, sport, digital marketing website etc. But first, you should look at what you are an expert in.

Based on that you need to start making your website.

6. Which web hosting is the best for beginners to Build a website?

Now listen to me carefully, if you are a beginner or not, then also I will recommend you go with the Hostinger Hosting.

I have experience of more than 1-year with Hostinger and based on this experience I am recommending you this hosting.

Now you are smarter enough to realise how a recommendation is made.


After explaining all these topics in detail, I don’t think that there is anything left on this topic.

I am pretty sure that this valuable article has solved your doubt or query on How to Build a Website without a Website Builder.

So, all you need to do is understand all these steps properly and then start implementing, so that you too can make your own WordPress website without a website builder.

And after making a WordPress website, you can also start earning money online, just sitting at your home.

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