Hostinger vs A2 Hosting (Which is Better for You)

You must have heard that Everything is legal in the Battle.

It is absolutely true.

But today in this article, we are going to conduct a battle on Hostinger vs A2 Hosting.

Here we will honestly review the features and performance of both web hosting services and finally, in the end, we will declare the winner.

So, if you also want to build your own website by purchasing the best and most affordable web hosting, then you are in the right place.

Here, in the post, you will come to know the best hosting provider, which you can choose for you.

So let us start with the Amazing article.

Why Read this Post

  • A detailed comparison between Hostinger and A2 Hosting
  • Know the best web hosting provider
  • Grab the best deal on the web hosting




  • Affordable Web Hosting
  • Secure and Fast websites
  • Excellent contact support

Hostinger is one of the best, most reliable and fastest web hosting providers on this planet.

It has millions of websites hosted and they are able to provide you with the best services.

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A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting

  • Fast Websites
  • Reliable Web Hosting
  • Good customer support

A2 Hosting is also very popular and recommended by many users and it also provides you with the service of fast websites.

Many websites, which are hosted on the A2 Hosting experience good contact support and take benefits from their services.

Comparision factor (Hostinger vs A2 Hosting)

Speed and Performance


First of all, let me be honest. I am using Hostinger for the last 2 years and I am very happy to say that I am glad to use their service.

I have hosted multiple websites on Hostinger and the speed of the websites are quite good.

Besides this, I have used multiple free hosting and paid hosting but none of them provides with the services as Hostinger did.

In short the performance of all the website are amazing and everything is very tight.

A2 Hosting

But at the end, you can’t avoid A2 Hosting.

In the world of hosting, one of the most popular providers is A2 Hosting.

The speed of the websites, that A2 Hosting provides is beyond amazing and is always very fast.

If the speed of the website is good, then ultimately the performance is good.

Easy to Use panel


Well if we talk about Hostinger, then let me tell you that Hostinger hPanel is very easy to navigate and use as compared to nay web hosting panel.

As it has its own panel, which is known as hPanel (Hostinger Panel).

Where you can easily find any services related to any category.

Here you can easily install WordPress on your domain without getting into some technical guide, as it already has a very easy interface.

A2 Hosting

If we talk about the hosting dashboard of A2 Hosting, then in my opinion it has slightly complicated interace as compared to Hostinger.

Like other hostinge it gives you access to cPanel, where you can install servicess, get into the file manager etc.

In order to install WordPress on any of your domain name. then you need to navigate towards the cPanel. which sometimes may be complicated for you .

Build Your Own WP Website


Comparing the features of both the hosting, will give you an overview of the winner of this battle- Hostinger vs A2 Hosting.

So let us start.



  • It has Maximise website speed, that will give you fast websites that loads completely very fast.
  • It provides you with Litespeed technology, that will become a plus point for your website speed.
  • It also has beter and the most advanced Cache solutions.
  • The best is its 24 X 7 contact support, with the help of which you can solve your problems.
  • You will also get 99.9% uptime, which means yu are going to get excellent services.
  • They also offer you Money back Gurantee.
  • Along with this, it also gives you Advanved security, that will make your website more secure.
  • It provides you with the Free migration tool, so that you can transfer you website easily.
  • It has its own Panel (hPanel), whcih is very easy to use and navigate.
  • You can also make your website with the Hostinger Website Builder, easily.
  • Hence, it is the complete solution for web hosting.

A2 Hosting


  • It provides you withe 20X faster web hosting, to experience faster websites.
  • With this, you can do Quick and easy set up of your websites.
  • Here you will get Optimized WordPress, so that you van get better version of WordPress.
  • They offer Guru crew contact support for user support.
  • Gives you 99.9% uptime for muchh better experience.
  • You will also get Free migration for transfering your website.

Website Security


Over a decade back, website security was not so strong.

But now web hosting companies like Hostinger is providing you with the best website securitys so that your website and your data can ramain secure.

It is providing you with the Free SSL sertificates, so that your website can look and be secure.

It also offers you with Cloudflare security services, so that you can get much more better security for all your websites.

Along with this, you will also get automatic backups.

A2 Hosting

As you also know that A2 Hosting is also a very popular web hosting provider in the world, hence with thsi hosting, you will also get a good security options.

Currently they have not listed some specific security features but I am sure that you will get some security options.

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Contact Support


As I have told you earlier that I have more than 2 years of experience with Hostinger hosting.

Based on this experience, let me tell you that Hostinger is providing you with 24/7/365 excellent, friendly and fast contact support to its users.

If you have got any doubt or problems, then all you can do is to simply contact their team and get solved everything within a few minutes.

Here, you can also chat live with the experts with the help of their chat bot.

I don’t remember a single time, at which they have not solved my problems.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is also very fast in providing with the contact support.

They provide you with the Guru screw contact support, where you will get their support team available 24/7/365.

Price and Plans

So here are the pricing of Shared hosting of both the hosting provider.

NOTE: This data is based on current pricing, which is listed on their website, it may change with respect time.

NOTE: This data is based on current pricing, which is listed on their website, it may change with respect time.


So if we talk about the pricing of Hostigner shared hosting, then let us understand it in detail.

Hostinger new pricing

Basically, there are 3 plans of shared hosting:

  • Single shared hosting ($1.99/mo)
  • Premium shared hosting (Recommended) ($2.49/mo)
  • Business shared hosting ($3.99/mo)

Well, I personally use Premium shared hosting and I am happy with their services.

This is True that Hostinger provides you hosting at very low cost as compared to other hosting providers.

This is the reason why many people use and recommend Hostinger hosting over any other hosting.

A2 Hosting

When it comes to the pricing of the A2 hosting, then the price becomes little high, let us look into it.

A2 hosting pricing

Here, you will get 4 shared hosting plans:

  • Startup ($1.99/mo)
  • Drive ($4.99/mo)
  • Turbo Boost ($5.99/mo)
  • Turbo Max ($10.99/mo)

As you can see over here, that the pricing of A2 Hosting is little high as compared to Hostinger pricing.

And this is the reason that Hostinger is much recommended by me and by others.

Trustpilot Reviews


Below, you can see the reviews of Hostinger on Trustpilot.

Hostinger reviews

It has more than 10,000 reviews and overall rating is 4.5, which is graded as Excellent by Trustpilot.

As you can make an idea by looking at the reviews and rating, that many people like
Hostinger hosting and they would recommend too.

A2 Hosting

At this side, A2 Hosting also has 4.5 rating but as you can look over there, the reviews are around 1,000.

A2 Hosting reviews

This doesn’t mean that A2 Hosting has less user, instead it has less reviews by its users.

But overall, it is clear that Hostinger is more liked by the people as comapred to A2 Hosting.

Who is the Winner of this Battle?

After comparing both the brands on some factors such as features, speed, performance, security options, contact support etc it is clear that Hostinger is the clear winner!



  • Affordable Web Hosting
  • Secure and Fast websites
  • Excellent contact support

Frequently Asked Questions regarding ‘Hostinger vs A2 Hosting’

1. Is Hostinger cheaper than A2 Hosting?

The answer to this simple question is Yes. Hostinger is much cheaper than A2 Hosting.

The features which you are getting at A2 Hosting at an expensive cost, you can get the same features at low cost at Hostinger.

2. Is Hostinger good for hosting?

Yes, Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting providers on this planet.

It provides you with the bets services and has very low cost plans as compared to its competitors.

It has multiple types of hosting such as WordPress, Shared, Cloud etc

It also provides you with a cost which is very affordable and has many features such as Litespeed cache technology, daily backups, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database etc.

3. Is A2 Hosting easier than Hostinger?

Well, in this case I must say that Hostinger is much easier than A2 Hosting.

The simple reason to this is that, Hostinger has its own panel known as hPanel, which is very easy to use and navigate.

4. How to buy Hostinger hosting?

In order to buy Hostinger hosting, all you need to do is simply follow the given steps:

1. Go to Hostinger website
2. Choose the hosting type
3. Pick the hosting plan
4. Choose the hosting period
5. Choose a payment method and make the payment

5. How to buy A2 Hosting?

In order to buy A2 hosting, all you need to do is simply follow the steps given below:

1. Go to A2 Hosting website
2. Choose the hosting type
3. Choose the plan of hosting
4. Choose a Domain name
5. Choose the period of hosting
6. Create your account
7. Choose a payment mode and make the payment

Conclusion (Last statement)

So this was all about the battle of Hostinger vs A2 Hosting, where we have compared these two brands on some factors.

After reading the whole article, I hope that it has been clear to you that which hosting provider is best for you to host your websites.

Choosing the best among these two is very easy, all you need to do is to look into the factors which we have discussed over here.

Finally, as you have seen that Hostinger is the winner of this battle because it’s a much better option as compared to A2 Hosting.

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