FlexOffers Payment Methods (4 different Withdrawal ways)

In the industry of affiliate marketing, there are many best affiliate marketing networks or programs such as Impact Radius, ShareASale, Commission Junction etc.

Let me tell you that FlexOffers is one of those biggest and trustworthy networks, that has more than 12,000 advertisers and more than 75,000 publishers.

It is also one of my favourites networks and I am working on this network to make money from it.

So, if you are thinking to start your own affiliate marketing business then I should say that FlexOffers is the best option for you to start.

It has a very large network of many advertisers that list their affiliate programs on this network and along with this, there are also many affiliates over here, to promote those offers and earn.

So, if you are reading this page, then I am pretty sure that you have an approved FlexOffers account and want to know about FlexOffers Payment Methods so that you can withdraw your earnings from it.

This is the most important part, but don’t worry, if you are over this page, then I can make you sure that you will get all the answers regarding the payment method of FlexOffers.

Along with the payment method, I will also share those things that are compulsory for you to know, in order to withdraw your earnings.

Here you will know about:

  • Beginners guide to understand FlexOffers
  • Payment Method of FlexOffers
  • Payment frequency of FlexOffers
  • FlexOffers commission system

Finding Payment Methods section:

In order to set the payment system inside the FlexOffers network, all you need to do is simply first come to your dashboard.

After coming to your dashboard, you need to look at the top bar and there you will find an Account section, you simply need to click on that option.

Now, you will come to a page, where you need to complete the 4 steps to set the payment and tax information and start receiving your payments from FlexOffers.

After coming under the account section, you need to complete the 1 step, which is very easy and will not take more than 5 minutes to be completed.

At the 2nd step, you will be able to see the payment methods option, now here comes the step for which you are on this page.

Payment Methods of FlexOffers

Now there are 4 different types of payment modes in order to withdraw earnings from this affiliate marketplace.

So let us try to understand all these 4 modes in detail.

4 different FlexOffers Payment Methods:

1. eCheck/Local Bank Transfer

FlexOffers Payment Methods

The very first payment mode of FlexOffers is eCheck/Local Bank Transfer, you may call it a direct bank transfer, as here you need to provide your bank details to withdraw.

This is one of the most used, popular and simple methods as here you don’t need to be very technical and it takes hardly a couple of minutes to provide all the information.

Here you simply need to add your bank account details, no matter from which country you are, you simply need to add all those information and simply click on the Next button.

Make sure that you provide your details correctly, like A/C no. Swift code or whatever.

Once you are done with this, you will receive your payments directly into your bank account when it is issued by the FlexOffers.

NOTE: It may take up to 7 business days for the payment to arrive in your bank account. Hence, you need to be patient.

Payment mode Details

  • Threshold- $25
  • Processing Fee- $1 per Payment

2. Wire Transfer

FlexOffers Payment Methods

The second method to withdraw your affiliate marketing earnings from this affiliate network is Wire Transfer.

Let me tell you that wire transfer is one of the fastest ways to send money from one place to another, it means that payment will be done directly from one bank to another quickly.

The funds are transferred electronically to your bank account.

Along with the fastest way, it is also a very secure mode of payment and hence it is also used by many affiliates.

So, it is upon you, if you want to choose this mode of receiving earnings, then you can even do this, by simply selecting this option in the dropdown section and then proceed by clicking on the next steps.

In this method also, you need to provide some basic information related to your bank account and don’t worry, it is safe.

Payment mode Details

  • Threshold- $1,000
  • Processing Fee- $15-$26 per Payment

3. PayPal

FlexOffers Payment Methods (4 different Withdrawal ways)

PayPal is one of the most famous and trusted FlexOffers Payment Methods.

Well, I must say that PayPal is my favourite way to receive payments worldwide and for sure that is the most secure way.

So, if I tell you about my payment option, then for sure it is PayPal. As it is very simple and quick to choose it as your payment method.

As here, all you need to do is simply provide your email which is associated with your PayPal account.

Once, your commission is approved, then it will be issued by FlexOffers and if you have chosen PayPal as your method, then you will receive your payment inside your PayPal account in some time.

And if the payment is in your PayPal, then let me tell you that you will receive it to your bank account within just 24 hours.

Isn’t it cool?

Payment mode Details

  • Threshold- $25
  • Processing Fee- $1 per Payment

4. Check

check payment method

The fourth method is Check payment.

This method of receiving payment from FlexOffers is different from all those which are mentioned above.

You must have your bank check with you. So if you want your FlexOffers payment to come from Check, then you can choose this way.

Here, you simply need to enter your address details correctly along with your bank account number, so that, the paper check can come to your address by mail.

For sure, this process will take time, as the paper check will take time to come to your address.

In fact, there are many big affiliate marketers, who choose this check method in multiple networks like Clickbank.

Payment mode Details

  • Threshold- $25
  • Processing Fee- $3 per Payment

What is ‘Hold my Payments’

You will be able to see the option of ‘Hold my Payments’ in the dropdown of payment modes. Now you may be wondering that is a payment method.

No, actually, it is not a mode of withdrawing your commissions to your bank.

It simply means that, if you want to put your affiliate payment on hold, then all you need to do is choose this option and then click on the Next button.

This will simply put your payment on hold and you can withdraw it, wherever you want.

So, it’s all your choice.

Understanding FlexOffers commission system

As you all know that every affiliate marketing network has its own commission system, but the commission system of FlexOffers is something different from all those.

So, let us try to understand it in detail.

Pending Commission

So, after getting approved by Flexoffers, you need to join some best and high paying affiliate programs, so that they can give you more earnings on affiliate marketing.

After joining some affiliate programs, you need to promote them on your websites, I am sure that you may be knowing that you can only promote programs of FlexOffers through the properties that you have listed in your account.

Once you make sales of affiliate programs, its commission will come to your affiliate dashboard but in the Pending commission section.


It takes time for the commission to update get updated in your affiliate dashboard. It usually takes 1-2 days.

Approved Commission

Once the commission comes in the Pending commission section, it takes some days to get approved and come under the Approved commission section.

Now, there are many people who ask that, how much time will it take for the commission to get approved on FlexOffers.

Now, let me explain in detail.

After your commission comes under the pending section it takes exactly 60 days to get approved and come in the approved commission part.

For example: If you have earned $500 in the month of April (from 1st to 30th), then your whole commission will get approved after 60 days, that is on June 30th.

Once the commission is approved, then it will be issued within the 1st week of the following month, that is July (in this case).

Hence, this is the whole commission system of FlexOffers affiliate marketing network.


Once the payment is issued, it may take some days to come to your bank account, depending on the payment method you have chosen.

You can have a look at my affiliate dashboard of FlexOffers to understand better.

FlexOffers Payment proof

Here, I have an amount of $228 which is currently pending, but it will get approved soon, Insha’Allah.

TAX Form (Mandatory to withdraw Payments)

I must say that this is the most important part in order to withdraw your payment from the FlexOffers network.

You need to fill the TAX Form, as it is compulsory in all the affiliate networks.

But, the TAX form of FlexOffers is a little bit long but it is not difficult, in fact, it is too easy and they just ask for basic information from you, which you can provide easily.

There are some steps that you need to complete to fill the TAX form, hence be aware by providing the details, as you need to provide them correctly.

After filling in all the information and submitting the TAX form, you are all done withdrawing your earnings from this awesome network.

In future, if you want to make any changes in the form or want to submit a new TAX, after deleting the current one, you can even do this.

Here is a way to find a way to fill the FlexOffers TAX form.

Tax from flex

FAQs on FlexOffers Payment Methods


1. How does FlexOffers work?

As you know that there are many affiliate networks such as FlexOffers.

It has many advertisers listed and affiliates simply promote the affiliate programs of the advertisers to make a commission in affiliate marketing.

2. Is FlexOffers good?

Yes, for sure it is one of the biggest and my favourite affiliate network to make money.

It is very trustworthy, so too can make money from it by promoting the offers.

3. What is the FlexOffers Payment Frequency?

Basically, FlexOffers pays to its affiliates in net 60 days.

It means that your earnings for April month will get approved after 60 days and that is at the end of June.

Then in the 1st week of the following month, you will get your payment.

4. Top Affiliate Marketing Networks?

There are many top affiliate marketing networks from which you can earn a good amount of money online, such as:

1. FlexOffers
2. Impact Radius
3. ShareASale
4. Commission Junction
5. ClickBank
6. Digistore24
7. Amazon Associates
8. WarriorPlus
9. JVZoo
10. Rakuten

5. How to use FlexOffers?

It is very simple, in order to use FlexOffers, all you need to do is join some of the best affiliate programs that have high payout and then you need to promote those offers so that you can make a commission.

In this way, you can easily earn in the affiliate marketing industry.

Final Words

So, here I would conclude this valuable article, as I don’t think so that there is anything left to cover on this topic.

Here I have explained to you the FlexOffers Payment Methods in detail so that from now, you don’t need to search more on this topic.

Along with the payment modes, I have also shared with you about the TAX form and commission system, which I think, you need to know about.

Now, all you need to do is to set up your payment option inside this network, to withdraw your affiliate marketing earnings safely and directly to your bank account.

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