How to do Fiverr Affiliate Deep Link in 5 Minutes

Fiverr Affiliates is one of the biggest and high paying affiliate programs, which is also an instant approval affiliate program.

I am pretty sure that you may be knowing this much.

But, if you are already an affiliate of Fiverr or not, then also this article is going to help you in increasing your affiliate sales.


There is an option in many affiliate programs, which is known as Deep Link. Many of you may know about this term and some of you may not.

The Fiverr affiliate offers also has this awesome option so that we can use it and can make more money from it.

So in this article, today day I am going to tell you about the Fiverr Affiliate Deep Link and will also tell you how you can do it.

And believe me, this particular feature will help you a lot in your affiliate marketing business.

Why Read this Article?

  • Know about Deep Linking in detail
  • Will be able to do Deep Linking on Fiverr Affiliates
  • Benefits of Deep Linking
  • Promoting that Link
  • Know more about the Fiverr program

What is Deep Linking

A Deep Link is a link that sends a user directly to a custom page instead of the main or homepage of a website or an app.

For example: In Fiverr affiliates, if you send a user to a particular page or gig instead to its homepage, then here in this case you can use this deep linking feature.

I hope that now this term is clear for you!


Doing Fiverr Affiliate Deep Link

Fiverr Affiliate Deep Link

All right, now here are steps that you should follow in order to understand or generate deep links in the dashboard of Fiverr affiliates.

Believe me, this is very easy and I think that it will not take more than 5 minutes for you to complete this whole process.

So, let us begin the story…

Step:1 Copy any Fiverr Page or Gig Link

So first of all, all you need to do is to come on that Fiverr page or gig of which you want to copy the link.

Like if you want to generate a custom or deep-link of a logo design gig on Fiverr, then you simply need to that gig page and then simply copy the URL of that page.

It is as simple as this.

copy gig link

Step:2 Log in to Fiverr Affiliates Dashboard

After copying the URL of that page, you need to log in to your dashboard of Fiverr affiliates.

There on the left side, you will be able to see an option of Marketing Tools, you need to click on that option.

After this, there will be multiple options from where you can take out tools like images, banners, links for promoting Fiverr.

So you have to click on the Default and Deep Links.

fiverr dashboard

Once you click on this option, you will be navigated to a page, where you can do so.

Step:3 Paste that Link

Now, once you are on this page, on the right side, you will be able to see an option of LP URL, which is basically in the form of a button, just click on that.

Once you click on that button, a box will open, then all you need to do is to paste the link/URL of that Fiverr gig or page.

After this, you simply need to press enter and nothing else.

Fiverr Affiliate Deep Link

So, once you are done pressing the enter button, a long URL will come in front of you, it is basically your affiliate link.

Step:4 Shorten URL

So, to get rid of that long and ugly affiliate link, you need to just click on the Shorten URL option.

shorten url

After this, you will be able to see a short affiliate link, now you are ready to copy that and promote.

So this is how we generate Fiverr Affiliate Deep Link. Hope you understood!

Join Fiverr Affiliates Now

But Wait,

There are multiple boxes that contain different links, so which one do you need to copy?

So, if you want to promote the offer of Fiverr CPA, in which you will get a commission on each sale of Fiverr service, then you have to copy the 1st link, which is of Fiverr CPA.

But, if want to promote other offers like Fiverr Hybrid, Fiverr Business or Fiverr Sub Affiliates, then you can even do this by copying their affiliate links given below.

Benefits of Deep Linking

benifits of deep linking

1. Get the link to exact Page

The deep linking option is one of my favourite options in Affiliate marketing, as it has multiple benefits.

With this tool, you can easily get the link to the exact page of a website, that you want to promote on your website or social media platforms.

This helps us in many ways, as it directly sends all the users to the page, where we want to send them and it could the page that has our affiliate products or services.

Hence, it also helps in getting more sales.

2. High Converting

Almost every website has a page that is very high converting, so all we can do is first join the affiliate program of that website and then we need to do deep linking of that high converting page.

So that we can promote that page to make more money in affiliate marketing.

Hence, doing deep links on Fiverr affiliates or on any other affiliates is going to be very high converting, Insha’Allah.

3. Better Targeting

On a website of a big brand, there are multiple services that it offers to its customers.

So, according to the service, there are different pages made by that website.

So, if we want to target a particular service of a website, then all you need to do is to copy the link of that service page and simply do its deep linking, to get a custom link to that page.

Hence, this helps us to target a particular audience in a better way.

How to Promote Deep Link of Fiverr Affiliates

how to share affiliate links

Now, I should say that this is the most important part. after getting the eep link, you need to promote that in order to make a commission in affiliate marketing.

So, based on my knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing, let me tell you some proven methods or strategies, through which you can easily promote any kind of affiliate links.

Here are those strategies

1. Write a Review

In order to make money from Fiverr affiliates after getting the deep link, all you can do is to write a review article on Fiverr on your website or on your Medium blog.

If you ask me the best platform to write a review, then I will say that it is on your website. You need to make a website so that you too can start making money from affiliate marketing.

You can also pick some best gigs on Fiverr of a particular category like SEO, WordPress, Graphics designing etc and can promote those gigs after doing deep linking of those pages.

2. Make a review video

Along with the text form article, you can also try making a review video on Fiverr or on some gigs.

As you all know that people are most interested in watching video content and hence this particular method of promoting Fiverr is great.

All you need to do is make a review video and then publish that video on YouTube or on any other platform.

This is going to give you better results.

3. Run Paid Campaigns

Well, this is a paid method but as you know that paid methods are also very high converting.

In order to get more affiliates sales on your Fiverr dashboard, you simply need to run paid campaigns on an advertising platform.

Watch this video to know how to run a Google Ads campaign to promote Fiverr

4. Promote on Quora (Not Affiliate Links)

This is one of my favourite methods to promote any affiliate programs or links.

As you all that Quora is like a Gold Mine, from which you can drive free and targeted traffic to your website or to your landing page.

For this, you just need to answer the question, that is relevant to your content.

Here, in this case, you need to promote the deep links of Fiverr, so you can answer those questions that fall in the category of Freelancing.

You can even make a Quora space and try to grow it so that you can hold an audience as followers and can also gain traffic.

FAQs on Fiverr Affiliate Deep Link

1. How to get my Fiverr affiliate link?

So if are already a Fiverr affiliate, then all you need to do is simply log in to your affiliate dashboard, then there you need to go in the Marketing Tools section.

Hence, there you will be able to see your default link, as well as you can a custom link also.

2. What is a deep link in affiliate marketing?

A Deep link is a type of link that helps you to navigate users to a particular page instead of a homepage.

With the help of these links, you can promote a particular page and can increase your earnings.

3. Can you become a Fiverr affiliate?

The answer to this question is Yes, you can.

In fact, it is very simple to become a Fiverr affiliate, all you need to do is simply create a free account on it and the best part is that they are giving instant approval.

4. How does Fiverr make money from affiliates?

As you all know that Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace, where there are some clients that list their works and those works are done by freelancers on it.

So, if an affiliate promotes any gigs of Fiverr, he will earn commission on a sale and in this way Fiverr is getting benefit as they are getting more users or clients on its platform.

5. How do Fiverr affiliates work?

The simple answer to this question is:

The affiliates join the affiliate program of Fiverr and then promotes the Fiverr gig to make money in affiliate marketing.

Then Fiverr affiliates team pays all the affiliates, who brings sales for them.

Hence, in this way Fiverr affiliates works.

6. Why is deep linking so important?

Deep linking is of the best features that almost all affiliate programs have.

With the help of this, you can simply promote a particular service, page or product and hence you should do this in order to increase your affiliate sale.

7. Is doing Deep Linking Safe?

Yes, of course, it is 100% safe to do deep linking.

Here, all you need to do is simply copy the link of the page of which you want to do deep linking, then simply come to your affiliate dashboard, to do its deep linking.

8. What is the threshold of Fiverr Affiliates?

The threshold of the Fiverr affiliate program is only US $100 and believe me this is not a difficult milestone, which you can’t achieve.

As they are giving you a very high commission for each sale.

9. How to join Fiverr Affiliates?

In order to join Fiverr Affiliates, you need to come to its affiliate program page, then you need to create its free account by simply providing your email, phone, name etc.

10. Can I share a deep link on social media platforms?


As you know that a deep link is your unique affiliate link and we should not directly share our affiliate links on social media.

Instead, we should make a high converting landing page for that affiliate offer and then send traffic on it.


Now, this was all about the Fiverr Affiliate Deep Link, that I can share with you.

I hope that you have got a detailed guide on how to generate deep link and also how to share it to make more commissions.

Hence, I will also recommend you to use this feature and try to target audiences to get better results in your affiliate dashboard of Fiverr.

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