Envato Placeit Review (Biggest Mockup & Designing Platform)

You may be aware of the biggest digital assets marketplace which is Envato.

Envato Market is one of the biggest marketplaces, which is providing you with multiple services such as web templates, plugins, codes, audio, video etc.

It also has Envato Studio, which is also one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork etc.

Along with this, there is also one more platform of Envato, which is Envato Placeit.

It is a designing, editing and mockup platform and hence it is going to be very useful for you.

So, if you are reading this page, then I am pretty sure that you may be interested in knowing Envato Placeit Review.

Hence, this article is all about the review of Placeit, so keep following this article.

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  • Detailed Review of Envato Placeit
  • Benefits and Uses of Placeit
  • Alternatives of Placeit

What is Envato Placeit?

Envato Placeit is nothing but one of the best and biggest Designing, Editing and Mockup platform.

On this platform, you can easily design logos, t-shirts, e-books and can make different and attractive mockups etc.

So, this platform is the complete solution for all who are interested in designing or editing works or they are want to their works.

Not only this, if you are a YouTuber, then you can make intros, outros or any other kind of video on this platform and let me tell you that, there you will get many gaming templates especially.

Envato Placeit Review (Starts from here)

Enavto placeit text logo
  • Biggest Mockup platform
  • Best Designs & Templates
  • Video and Logo Maker

5 Services provided by Placeit

Let me make you aware that currently there are basically 5 services that Envato Placeit offers to the people.

But, inside these 5 services, there are multiple services that you can use and can do your work by making it more attractive.

So let us try to learn each of its services in a detailed way so that all your doubt or queries can be cleared and can make your mind to use Placeit.

1. Mockups

One of the best services that Envato Placeit offer is a Mockup generator.

On this platform, you will easily be able to generate your mockups on any of the products you want such as t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, boxes, brochures, caps, frames etc.

For this, all you have to do is first of all upload your image on this website and then automatically your image will come to all the products such as t-shirts, mugs, caps etc.

Now if you want to download that image, then all you have to do is simply purchase its subscription and let me tell you that you will be satisfied with its services.

You can make use of this tool for your e-books cover generator, t-shirts for your business or website branding etc.

Try Envato Mockups

2. Designs

Now if you are a designer, freelancer, web designer or anything else, this Design service is very useful for you.

With the help of this service, you can easily design t-shirts, brochures, mugs, Instagram stories, youtube intros & thumbnails, business cards, book covers etc.

The templates you will get over here are premium and hence you will be able to design attractive works for your or for your client’s works.

As you all know that a well-designed template attracts people and hence if you will use those templates in your works such as YouTube videos, for your client’s works etc, then you will get more conversions.

Try Envato Designs

You may have seen many websites that help you in making or generating logos for your business or website.

But let me tell you that the Logo maker tool of Placeit is the best as compared to all those.

If you are a business or a website owner, then you must need a dedicated and attractive logo for it.

In this case, this logo maker is going to help you a lot and in fact, it is very interesting to make a logo with it.

In order to make a logo, all you need to do is to provide them with some information like your business or website name and the industry it belongs to.

Then once you are done with this, you will be able to see many logos with different styles, hence you can pick any of them.

hence, in this way, you will be able to get the best logo for which you are looking.

Envato Logo Maker

Try Envato Logo Maker

4. Videos

In the online industry, you will find a few best video maker tools.

Like logo makers, Envato Placeit also provides people with the best Video Maker tool.

With the help of this video maker, you will be able to make your videos for YouTube, Instagram stories, Instagram videos your projects etc.

First of all, you have to choose the type of video which you want to make and then you will get many templates that are also very attractive and satisfying.

As you all know that videos are the best way to convey your messages and thoughts and this is the reason that people are interested in the video content more.

Hence, if you try to make good quality and attractive videos, then you will be able to build a good following online on different platforms.

Try Envato Video Maker

5. Gaming

So if you are a game lover or have a Gaming channel, then Placeit Gaming templates are only for you.

On this service, you will get many gaming templates, videos, intros for YouTube videos, logos etc.

So that you can make use of them and van make your work even more attractive and acceptable.

You can also make short videos of gaming templates to upload on Instagram, Facebook or on YouTube.

Not only this, if you want to print some gaming templates or images on the t-shirts, mugs, caps, book covers etc, then you can even do this with the help of this service, which is by Plaveit.

Try Envato Gaming Templates

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Pros and Cons of Placeit

Since it is the Envato Placeit Review, so we should also discuss the pros and cons of it, so that we can know the pros and more or cons.


  • Best Mockups Generator
  • Multiple Designing Templates
  • Easy Video Make
  • Customizable Logo Maker
  • Gaming Templates
  • Multiple categories Templates


  • No major cons

So, as you have seen that there are no major cons or I should say that there are no cons of Placeit, hence you have got an idea that how good and useful this platform is.

Alternatives of Envato Placeit

Besides Envato Placeit, there are some more platforms that provide you with the same services and all those alternatives of Placeit are also very good.

So as this is the review of Envato Placeit, so let us discuss some of the best alternatives to it.

1. Canva

Let me tell you that along with the Placeit, Canva is also my favourite.

Canva is also one of the biggest designing, editing, logo, video maker platforms.

Over here you will be able to make any kind of design with your custom dimensions so that you can design your template easily.

2. RenderForest

RenderForest is also a big alternative to Placeit.

The services that it provides are the same as Placeit. Hence, you will find many similarities between these two platforms.

3. VistaPrint

I am sure that you may have heard about VistaPrint, which is very famous for generating different kinds of Mockups.

And not even this you want those mockups to be delivered at your address, it can even do this.

Hence if you want to create a brand value for your business no matter whether it is small or big, then you can easily get attractive mockups from here.

4. Wix

You don’t know about Wix.

I am pretty sure that you have used Wix at least 1 time.

As you all know that over Wix, not only you can create a website, but you can even create designs, logos, business cards, mockups etc.

Hence, you can also use it to make your thumbnails, designs, logo, business cards etc.

Build Your Own Website Now!

Who is Envato Placeit for?

Now, this is a big question, who is Envato Placeit for, it means that you should use this platform or service.

As I have told you that it is the best designing and mockup generator platform, over there you can make designs, mockups, videos, logos etc.

Hence, the one who is interested in these services and wants to use these services for its work can use these best services.

This platform is very useful for some people like freelancers, graphic designers, editors, YouTubers, Bloggers, etc.

Do you need to use this platform?

Now you may be thinking that do I need to use this awesome platform or not.

So, here in this situation, let me help you.

If you are a blogger, freelancer, graphic designer, YouTuber etc, then this platform is very useful for you and you must use Placeit.

But, if you are not from those, then you should look in your daily works and try to find that do you need of the services provided by the Envato Placeit.

If you find at least one, then let me tell you that you should go with this awesome and useful platform.

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘Envato Placeit Review’

1. Is Placeit subscription worth?

Yes, Placeit subscriptions are worth it.

There are many useful and amazing services that Placeit provide to the people so that they can use those services and can make their work or projects more attractive.

2. What services do Placeit provide?

Envato Placeit provides mainly 5 services, but inside these, there are multiple services that you can take advantage of.

1. Mockups
2. Designs
3. Logo
4. Videos
5. Gaming

3. What is Envato Studio?

Envato Studio is one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces.

If you are a buyer and looking for some of the best services or talents that can do your work or projects, then let me tell you that Envato Studio is the best place.

4. What is Envato Market?

Envato Market is the biggest digital assets marketplace.

On this marketplace, you will get many digital products such as web templates, themes, plugins, audio, video, templates, soundtracks etc.

5. What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is also a platform, where you will get some digital elements such as video, audio, fonts, graphic templates, presentation templates, photos etc.

Over this platform, you will get more than 57 million digital assets, hence with this large number you have choices in millions.

6. Is Placeit free with Envato?

Envato Placeit allows you to create a free account on its platform.

But in the free account, you are limited to using templates and services.

Hence, if you want to remove these limitations, then you are free to purchase its subscription.

Final words (Conclusion)

So here comes the time to end up with this article.

Here I have shared the most detailed Envato Placeit Review so that all your doubts and confusion regarding this platform can be cleared.

Now I am sure that finally, you have made your mind to test the services of this Placeit, if so then what is stopping you from doing this.

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