Envato Market Review (Biggest Digital Assets Marketplace)

Envato is the biggest Digital Assets Marketplace, where you will get many digital creatives, tools, services, templates etc.

It has multiple services such as Envato Market, Envato Elements, Envato Studio and Place it.

With the help of Envato, you can get many creatives for your videos, audio, websites, projects and whatnot.

I personally think that it is the biggest help to all the online users who want to make their works or projects attractive and more high converting.

So, in this article, I am going to cover Envato Market Review, which is one of the best services by Envato.

In this review, we will talk about the services or tools that it’s providing us and along with this we will see its pros and cons.

Now only this, at the end I am also going to guide that how you can make money online from Envato.

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Here you will get

  • Detailed Review of Envato Marketplace
  • All the Envato Market services
  • Its Pros and Cons
  • Alternatives of Envato marketplace
  • How to make money with Envato

What is Envato Marketplace

Envato Market is one of the biggest marketplaces, where you will get multiple digital products or creatives such as themes, plugins, videos, audio, templates etc.

There are a total of 7 services that Envato Market provide people.

There are many people, who are not an expert in designing, doing programming or creatives works, so for those people this platform is the biggest help.

So that they can make their works even more attractive and engaging with this awesome marketplace.

Hence, in this article, you will come to know about each service in detail. Along with this, you will also come to know that which service is useful for you to purchase.

Envato Market Review starts from here

Envato Market Services:

There are many services that you will get in the marketplace of Envato and let me tell you that all those services are very very useful, even I find them very useful for my works.

So, let try to understand all those services in detail.

1. ThemeForest

ThemeForest is basically a part of Envato, although it is on another domain, if you open its website, you will come to know that this Themeforest service belongs to Envato.

Now the main question is that, what all services or tools does it offer?

Let me tell you in detail. As you can make out by its name that t may be providing people with website’s themes or templates.

Themeforest provides themes of WordPress as well as of Blogger, so if you have a blog or a website on WordPress or on Blogger, then let me tell you that you are going to bookmark this page, as it is very useful.

Here, on this platform, you will get many best, attractive, light-weight and affordable website themes, so that you can purchase them to install on your website or a blog.

Get the Best WordPress Theme for your website: Hub liquid

Along with the themes, you will also find many beautiful and attractive website templates.

Now, there are many people, who are not experts in web designing, hence all those people can take the help of the web templates, that are provided by this ThemeForest platform.

You can easily access e-commerce, CMS, site, Marketing templates etc.

Let me all tell you that all these themes and templates are mobile as well as SEO friendly, it means that it will also look good and attractive in the mobile or tablet version.

Since it is also SEO friendly, therefore it will help in the ranking of your website.

So, if you are looking for the best theme or template for your website, then I will recommend you to visit this Themeforest page (which is by Envato), where you will get the best one for you.

Here, you will be easily able to choose a theme that suits best for your website niche, as a niche theme matters a lot.

After purchasing any of the templates or a theme, you will be easily able to customize it, as those themes also come with easy customization.

Here, you will also get Forum templates, hence if you want to make your own Forum website, then you can even do this, by using these templates.

Affiliate Booster Theme

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2. CodeCanyon

The next service is CodeCanyon, which is simply a code, scripts and WordPress plugins provider.

As you all know that WordPress is the biggest and my favourite platform to build any kind of website.

Let me make you aware that this website (www.bluepreneurs.com) is also made on WordPress.org.

In order to make a good and responsive WP website, you need some code, scripts as well as plugins.

Plugins are basically some kinds of software that you need to install in your WP dashboard, similar to a theme and these plugins will help you to make your website work smarter.

In order to make your website smarter and high converting, you can take the help of some HTML or Javascript code, as these will help you add some sections to your website’s pages or posts.

Hence, these all works are done by a programmer, but wait, if you too want to make use of these plugins or scripts, then you can take the help of CodeCanyon, which is also by Envato.

Envato Market Review (Biggest Digital Assets Marketplace)Envato Market Review (Biggest Digital Assets Marketplace)

Here, on this platform, you will be able to get many HTML templates, Javascript codes and WP plugins, that you can use to build your website or a blog on WordPress or on a non-WordPress platform (not on Blogger).

Let me also make you aware that the plugins that are available on this CodeCanyon platform are very amazing and useful tools, that will for sure make your works easier.

Besides plugins, the codes are also very attractive and high converting such as add-ons, countdown, social networks, shopping carts, SVGs forms, to-do lists etc.

Believe me, all these tools will make your website works smarter and responsive and for sure it will also have a good user interface and engagement.

And if you use these tools or templates in your affiliate content, then it is also going to increase your affiliate sales as well.

3. VideoHive

Now, I think that VideoHive is one of the most used services of Envato, as it is used by many people, due to its broad targeted audience.

VideoHive is a platform where you will get many videos effects as well as stick footage.

There are many YouTubers who want royalty-free videos or stock footage so that they can use them in their video and don’t get any penalty or copyright by YouTube.

As, if creators will use other’s videos, they will get copyright. So, in order to keep this issue away, they need these kinds of footage and video effects.

Envato Market Review (Biggest Digital Assets Marketplace)Envato Market Review (Biggest Digital Assets Marketplace)

So, if you are YouTuber or not, then also you can make use of this VideoHive service, which is part of the Envato marketplace and should be covered in the Envato Market Review.

There are a total of more than 2.9 million video effects and stock footage on this platform and all these are very very attractive and high converting to be used in your works or projects.

Here, you will get many effects of After effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion, Motion graphics, Add-ons etc.

Along with this, you will be able to get some templates of DaVinci, Cinema 4D etc.

And I think that it is a complete platform for a creator or the one who wants to expand his work with the help of video marketing.

As you all know that video or animation marketing is one of the powerful ways to get customer or user engagement, hence in this case, this VideoHive tool will help you in doing this.

4. GraphicRiver

As you can make out by its name that GraphicRiver is a service that provides people with graphics creatives or tools.

There are more than 900K fonts, logos or graphics assets on this platform.

Here you will get graphic creatives such as icons, templates, fonts, logos, presentations, add-ons, infographics etc.

Now is this service for you?

Now, if you are a blogger, then you may need these types of creatives or tools to make your website user-friendly and more attractive.

In order to get more affiliate sales from your website or a blog, you should be very creative, hence you need to use some graphics creatives such as images, icons, infographics, illustrations etc.

As, this will make your affiliate landing page more high converting, hence you will get more conversions.

You may have seen on this website, I have used some good looking icons or images, as these things attract people, you all know this.

Hence, this GraphicRiver platform can become a major help for you to make your work high converting by adding some infographics, logos, icons, fonts to them.

Besides these, on this platform, you can also get some texture or patterns as well as well designed T-shirts at an affordable price.

Hence, my recommendation for you will always be to use this service.

5. PhotoDune

PhotoDune service by Envato market is similar to the VideoHive.

In the VideoHive, you get royalty-free videos and effects but in the PhotoDuen, you are to get many royalty-free stock images and photos.

This service is used by YouTubers as well as Bloggers, as both can’t use other content’s images directly in their content.

If you will do so, then you may get Google AdSense approval, which may be your biggest revenue source. Also, you may get copyright issues from the owner of that image.

Hence, in order to be safe, you should use royalty-free images in your blog or in your YouTube videos.

On this platform, you will get many images in almost all the categories such as education, health, wealth, personal, home, fitness, technology, science, make money online, nature, beauty etc.

Along with this, here you will also get many patterns and backgrounds so that you can even get desired backgrounds to use them on your network.

You can easily make use of these images in your works or in your project and for sure by using this in your content you will never have any issue regarding the copyright.

So if you ask me, then I should day PhotoDune by Envato marketplace a big help for all the content creators like me.

6. 3dOcean

3dOcean is a noticeable feature that I should mention in this article of the Envato Market Review.

As you can easily understand by its name that, it is a service where you will get many 3d templates, images etc.

On this platform, there are more than 73K 3d modules, textures, images, render, materials, shaders, animation etc.

Now, this service is also used by many content creators that need these types of 3d videos, animation, textures in their content.

So, if you find these services or tools useful, then let me tell you that you should purchase this 3dOcean service as it is very very affordable, hence you can easily afford them.

There are also some 3d scripts and elements that you can use to gain benefits from them by using them in your works.

So, if you are a 3d designer, then let me tell you that this tool is going to become your first choice to do your works.

Pros & Cons

Now is the time to see some good as well as the bad sides of the Envato market.

But before looking into this, let me tell you that it has more good things as compared to the bad.


  • The only platform you need
  • Trusted marketplace
  • For beginners
  • Easy to join
  • Affordable price of products
  • Easy to navigate
  • Millions of web themes & templates
  • Biggest marketplace for digital goods


  • Difficult to choose the best one due to various options

So, as you have seen above that there are many best features of the Envato, which you can focus on and can finally make the decision of purchasing it.

How does Envato Market works

Envato Market is basically a platform, where sellers/authors sell their products, services or any digital assets on this platform by listing them.

The people who are interested in buying those products or services simply come to Envato and purchase them.

In this way, the sellers or authors earn money through Envato.

In this process, Envato charges some commission from the seller, which the customer pays to buy those author’s products.

Hence, in this way Envato market works, I hope that now it is totally clear to you about the working and earning system of Envato.

Is Envato a legit website

The simple answer to this simple question is, Yes, Envato is the most trusted website or marketplace, which is very useful for people.

According to the data of Similarweb, it has more than 19 million visits per month, hence you can imagine how big this platform is.

Besides the traffic, it also has the #3 category rank and it is under #1800 in the global rank, which is very amazing.

Along with this it also has the #250 Alexa rank and now I hope that after seeing the Alexa rank, you should also start trusting this website.

If you will read the Wikipedia of Envato, then you will learn and know more about this Envato marketplace and then you will realise that this is the biggest marketplace of digital goods.

Who is Envato marketplace for

Since Envato is a digital asset and good marketplace, now the question is that who should purchase these digital assets or who is Envato market for.

Now, let me clarify your question by explaining it in detail.

It is a marketplace, where you will get many best services such as royalty-free images, videos, infographics, audio, textures, plugins, code, scripts, animation, soundtracks, graphics, 3d images or patterns, templates, themes etc.

Now as you all know that these digital assets are used by bloggers, YouTubers, graphic designers, freelancers, content creators, online marketers, editors, programmers, artists etc.

Hence, if you come in these types of people, then let me recommend you that you should also purchase these assets as per your need, as these things are going to be very useful in all of your works.

With the help you these tools or materials, you can really make your projects very high converting, as people are attracted by the designs, themes, templates, graphics etc.

I hope now you have understood that who is this platform for.

Alternatives of Envato market

As this is an Envato Market Review, therefore I should also mention some alternatives to it.

Below are some of the top competitors or alternatives to it, so let us have a quick look at them.

1. Creative Market

Creative Market is the biggest and perfect alternative of the marketplace of Envato, it provides people with all those services that Envato provides.

It provides services such as graphics, fonts, add-ons, photos, themes, web templates, 3d and more.

Hence, this platform is for all those content creators, graphic designers, editors, artists that need to make their work perfect by taking the help of these creatives.

2. Fontastic

As you can make out by the name of this Fontastic website that it provides multiple fonts styles.

But, let me also tell you that it also provides multiple vector icons, which you can use in your website, webpage, projects etc.

On this platform, you will get many fonts, icons that can make your work more good looking.

3. Shutterstock

You may be very familiar with the Shutterstock website, which is a royalty-free images, videos, templates, tools, 3d materials provider.

Hence, it is also a big alternative to Envato marketplace, which provides almost the same services.

Here also you will find many best attractive and high-resolution images as well as videos and templates to be used in your websites, videos or projects.

4. Pixabay

Pixabay is also a very famous website, which has more than 34 million traffic per month.

I am also using this platform to get some free videos and images for my youtube videos, as I am also a YouTuber.

So, you can also make use of this free website to get some best materials.

5. Storyset

I must say that I personally use Storyset a lot.

Here you will get many best and high-quality images, illustrations, infographics etc.

I use this platform to get some illustrations for my blog’s thumbnails, hence according to my experience, it is also very awesome.

How can you Make Money with Envato

Along with becoming a customer of Envato, you can also make money by becoming a partner with Envato.

In order to earn from Envato, there are basically two ways, either to become a seller or author on Envato or become an affiliate partner of Envato.

So let us understand both ways in detail.

Method: 1 Becoming a Seller

In order to become a seller on Envato, all you need is a digital product and this product could be anything such as a theme, plugin, template, image, soundtrack, texture, design etc.

It simply means that you need to list your product on this marketplace and then customers of Envato will purchase your product if they like it or if useful to them.

Hence, in this way you can easily earn from this platform.

Method: 2 Becoming an Affiliate

Now the another and my favourite method to earn from this marketplace is to become an affiliate member and simply earn from affiliate marketing.

Here, in this case, all you need do is simply join the affiliate program of Envato market, which is on the Impact Radius affiliate network.

Then after getting approved by them, you simply need to promote the affiliate links to make commissions.

Final Review of Envato Market

After reviewing the Envato market, now is the time to finally give it a star rating.

Enavto market text logo
  • Attractive creatives and assets
  • Useful creatives
  • Best Digital Assets Marketplace

So based on the features, tools, services, assets and pricing, I would like to rate the Envato market 4.5/5, which I think is the best rating in this category.

So, if you are still thinking to use the services of Envato, then you should stop thinking now, as here in this review article, I have shared all the details, features and benefits of these Envato services.

FAQs on ‘Envato Market Review’

1. What is the Envato marketplace?

Envato Marketplace is one of the biggest marketplaces of digital products or assets such as videos, audios, templates, plugins, themes, graphics etc.

2. How to buy from the Envato market?

In order to buy any product from the marketplace of Envato, you simply need to choose the product, then add it to the cart to proceed with the payment.

Then you can easily pay with any of the payment options, given there.

3. Does Envato own Themeforest?

Yes, Themeforest is one of the services provided by Envato.

As you can check on the website of Themeforest, you will be able to see there the branding of the Envato market.

4. What are the services of Envato?

There are multiple services that are provided by the Envato, such as:

1. Envato Market
2. Envato Elements
3. Envato Studio
4. Placeit by Envato
5. Envato Tuts

and more…

5. What is the Envato market used for?

Inside the market of Envato, you will be able to find many themes, templates, videos, audio, graphics, textures, plugins, animation, illustrations, infographics, etc.

Hence, the people who are interested in using these assets or tools in their work simply purchase from this platform.

Final Words

Now is the time to end up this most detailed Envato Market Review.

In this article, I have explained each and everything in detail, so that you can get the best review of this powerful and useful marketplace.

Along with the review, I have also shared some more information, such as its alternatives, how to make money online with this marketplace etc.

I hope that I am able to explain or guide you in a proper way and you have completely understood about the Envato platform.

Now, whom you are waiting for to become a proud member of Envato.

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