Can a Blog be About Anything (Except These)

There are many people or beginners who search on Google that, Can a Blog be About Anything, can they write about anything in Blogging or question related to this.

So, if you are on this page, then you may be also searching these types of questions on Google. If so then let me tell you that you are on the right page.

If you have searched these types of questions many times on Google but didn’t get the exact answer for which you are looking, then all you need to do is be with this article.

As today, in this valuable article, I am going to answer this question in a simple language that you can understand easily.

Along with this question, in this article, I will also give you some pro tips such as How to start a Blog, when to and who should start a Blog etc.

So, let us begin with the amazing piece of content and I am pretty sure that you are going to learn a lot from it.

Can a Blog be About Anything?

When people search this question on google, what they mean is that they want to know whether they can write anything in their blog or not.

A simple answer to this question Yes, you can write anything in your blog such as your hobby, your lifestyle, providing education to people, about travel etc.

But, there are some topics that you should not cover in your Blog. If you will do then your blog can be penalised by the Google or you may not get Google AdSense approval, which could be your major source of earning.

What are the topics that you can write about and what are the topics that you should not write about in your blog, these are the most searched questions on Google.

Usually, those who are beginners in Blogging, who want to take their first step in Blogging, ask these types of questions.

But, many times, they don’t get what they are actually looking for.

Further, in this article, you will come to know that what can a blog be about or what shouldn’t a blog be about.

So that, you too can start your blogging career in the right direction and don’t get trapped in the wrong direction that can destroy your blogging career.

A Blog can be about:

Can a Blog be About Anything

You may have seen many types of blogs of different categories or niches. So if you too want to choose the niche of your bog, then you can choose from the following.

Each of these blog niches is very popular and they can give you thousands of dollars per month in blogging if you are very passionate and hard-working in your work.

NOTE: Besides these niches, there are multiple blogging niches, that you can start with and Make Money Online in Blogging.

A Blog can be about in the following niches:

1. Digital Marketing

Once, Sandeep Maheshwari said that, if he loses everything in his life and if he wants to start again, then he will start with Digital Marketing.

In today’s world, the online industry has become very powerful and this is the reason that the Digital Marketing industry is growing very fast.

While using the internet, you may have seen many digital marketing blogs that provide value on starting your own digital marketing business and generating revenue from it.

If you are a beginner, then I will not recommend you to make a blog on digital marketing topics only. You should choose some micro-niche topics that come in digital marketing such as email marketing, starting a blog for beginners etc.

You can make a very powerful blog on these topics and can share your own experience, knowledge and opinion on it so that people can gain value from it and in return, you can make money.

So if you really want to start blogging, then starting a digital marketing blog may be the best option for you in today’s world.

But, along with this, there is a lot of competition in this niche, so it would not be easy for a beginner like you to get ranked on Google in this niche.

Hence, you should choose some low competitive keywords or topics, on which your chance of ranking is high.

2. Amazon Affiliate

Well, these types of blogs are very famous and generate lots of amount of commission. Let me tell you that, the first blog was Amazon Affiliate blog and it was amazing.

In this type of blog, you simply need to first join Amazon affiliate programs, which gives instant approval. then you simply need to write a review of the products and then paste your affiliate links.

In his way, you can easily monetize your website and can earn a good amount of money online, because amazon affiliate is one of the best and beginner-friendly affiliate programs.

Though it is one of the best affiliate programs, it has many restrictions on its affiliates that make works difficult for them.

Such as the cookie length is only 24 hours, you can’t short its link with URL shorter, you can’t use its logo or trademark on your website, you can’t share links in email etc.

The biggest problem, which I find with its affiliate programs is that its commission is very less. It offers you a maximum of 10% commission only.

Due to these restrictions, many people don’t even join the Amazon affiliate program, but shouldn’t do this, if you are a beginner, then I will recommend you to join this program.

I have personal experience of more than 1 year in Amazon affiliate marketing and based on my personal experience, I am recommending you to join and start Amazon affiliate marketing.

3. Website Review

Let me tell you that, this is a golden niche for you, as in this niche you don’t need to be an expert or skilled in a particular thing. All you need to do is to review websites of different categories or fields.

So, for this, you simply need to make a Website review blog and then start reviewing websites on different categories that offer different services.

For example: You can take out some low competitive keywords on this niche and can write about ‘Top 10 websites to learn Graphic designing’ it ‘Top Accounting service websites’ etc.

In this way, you can target multiple categories of websites and then can start growing your blog by simply publishing more and more content on it.

What I think, in this niche is that you will never get a content locking situation, as in this niche, the content is available in bulk, so all you need to do is simply search for the content and keywords.

I know that there will be competition in this niche also, but if you are a beginner and want to get ranked fast on Google, then I have a pro tip for you.

Pro Tip:

You can make a website review blog on a particular niche, such as health, digital marketing, cooking, travel etc. This will make you to work on a micro niche blog and in this way, your chances to win increase.

4. Travel

These types of blogs are very famous and they are making a lot of money online in blogging. In today’s world, who doesn’t want to Travel or know about Travelling.

In these types of Travel blogs, you simply need to write about the best places that you have visited, you can about the facts about those places, about its history or can tell why they need to visit those places etc.

The tone of writing a Travel blog should be very user friendly as in these types of blogs you are not only writing but doing conversation or explaining something to people.

As you all know that Travel industry is very big and famous, in almost all countries and similarly, in the blogging world, this particular niche is very big and popular.

Now for a Travel blog, it will cost a lot to travel to different places, but let me again give you a pro tip.

Pro Tip:

You can learn everything about different famous places and then start writing about those places in your blog so that your Travel blog can become more famous and generates revenue from any source.

5. Cooking

The cooking niche is not only famous in the YouTube industry but it is also very big and famous in the blogging industry.

You may have seen many channels on the YouTuibe, which are on cooking or related to it and also with it, you may have also seen the views on those channels, which are in millions.

Similarly, what you need to do is simply make a cooking blog and share content related to it such a recipe, ingredients requires, benefits of some dishes on our health etc.

This will not only give you money but it will also make you expert in cooking and then you can find more ways of earning through cooking.

As you know that, almost in all the country, there are some dishes that are very famous, hence you can simply choose some dishes of a particular country and write about it on your blog.

This will make your blog more engaging and attracting for the visitor that comes on your website.

You can simply monetize your blog with Google AdSense and along with it, you can also join some affiliate programs related to your niche, which is cooking.

NOTE: Now, let me tell you that while making a cooking blog, make sure that you don’t share any type of recipe that may affect one’s health

6. Technology

I think is that no one can beat the Technology industry, as this industry is growing very fast (more than you think).

While using the internet, you may have seen multiple Technology blogs, that shares content on Technology or things related to it such as Gadgets, AI, Technology news etc.

You all are aware that many people are interested in knowing about the new Technology or Technological gadgets and thus is the reason that, these types of blogs are read by many people.

If you too want to start a Technology blog, then all you need to do is simply gather some pieces of information related to the technology industry, then start writing about it on your blog, but on a keyword.

So if you will work on some low competitive keywords, then this will help your blog to rank on those keywords or on keywords related to it.

The best part, which I like about these types of blogs is that there are multiple ways to monetize, You can monetize it through Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships etc.

If your blog becomes big, then brands will contact you to review their products on your blog and for this, you can charge a good amount of money.

7. Business

This niche, can be a little bit complicated for you, but you will try to understand it and then work on it, then you are going to win in your industry.

You may have seen multiple channels on Youtube that guides you on Business and related things.

Similarly, there are multiple blogs which are available on the internet, that guides you about Business, such a show to scale your business, how to maximize your profit, how to win customers heart etc.

Now here, a question arrives, how to start a Business a blog that guide people. So for this, all you need to do is simply analyze your competitors, what and how they are writing about business.

After analysing, you need to take out some low competitive keywords on your business niche, for which you can rank.

While writing your articles on your blog, you should first focus on proving value to the people, the more you provide value to people, the more people will start loving you.

The more people will love you, the Google will start loving you and your content, in this way, you can easily rank your business blog on Google and can gain traffic to it.

8. Health

You all may be aware of a health blog or have read health bog to maintain your health.

Like you there are many people, who either want to gain or lose weight and for this, they simply search on Google and finally they start reading health blogs.

Many people say that you should not start a health blog until you have the right knowledge of it and it is absolutely correct.

If you are new in this health industry and starts writing about anything, then this will not work and it may harm the health of other people.

So, in order to start a successful health niche blog, all you need to do is first need to gain some knowledge of it by reading other health blogs and after this, you too can start your own blog.

The health industry is a gold mine and there are multiple health affiliate programs that you can join and can promote through your health blog to make money online in blogging.

Not only with Affiliate Marketing, but you can also monetize it with either Google AdSense or by selling your own health supplements products if you have.

9. Sports

Along with the health blog, there are many people who search about sports on the internet and for this, there are many sports blogs that provide content to those internet users.

Making a sports blog is not a very difficult task, all you need to do is simply put content related to different sports and the benefits of those sports in ones’ life.

Not only this, but you can also compare two sports and this is the way to gain visitors attraction as it creates controversy and this will help you a lot.

Now the monetization criteria of these types of blogs are similar to those of health blogs. There are many sports affiliate programs, which you can join and promote to make money from blogging.

If I talk about the content of the sports blog, which is not going to end. As there are many things to get covered in sports, hence you will not get any content shortage in this niche.

10. News

This niche is something different from all the niches, which are given above.

You may have seen some News websites or blogs on the internet, which are very big brands, but you may also have seen some small blogs that write about the latest and trading news and still they get rank.

So what they do, is simply cover those topics which are not covered by the big news website or blogs and in this way, they easily rank their blogs on Google.

But, in order to keep ranking your News blog on Google, you need to update yourself as well as your content, because you need to write about the fresh and latest content that hasn’t been covered yet.

This task seems to be very difficult, but is not so difficult, if you work smarter as well as harder, then you can easily gain traffic on your blog through the Google search engine.

Make Your Own Website Now!

If you too want to Make your own WordPress Website, then you need to follow the button, given below to get started with simple and easy steps.

A Blog shouldn’t be about:

Can a Blog be About Anything

Besides these blog niches, there are also some topics or niches that you shouldn’t include in your blog or should not make a different blog on these topics.

You are smart enough to understand that on which topics, you should never a blog.

Some of the Topics you should never include in your blog:

  • Harrasive content
  • Adult content
  • Dominating a particular community or Religion
  • Content that speakes about violence
  • Writing abusive against a personality or a group

So, these are some topics that you should never include in your blog, if you do so, then your blog or website may be penalised by Google.

If you try to include any of these or such topics in your blog, then you will never get the approval of Google AdSense and not only AdSense, you will also not get the approval of affiliate programs.

So, what is the need for this, if you won’t get any way to monetize your blog or a website.

Hence, be aware!!!

Why ‘Can a Blog be About Anything’?

Blogging is a very big industry and it is not restricted to one niche or topic. There are multiple ideas or topics on which you can write and can drive the audience to your blog.

In order to monetize a blog from any source, all you need is a particular audience (relevant to a niche). As you know that, there are multiple types of audiences available on the internet.

For example: health, wealth, education, travel, sports, marketing etc.

Hence, in order to drive any of that audience to your blog, you need to write on those topics in which that particular audience is interested.

By doing this, you are simply driving that audience to monetize your blog.

Hence, you can write about anything in your blog and this is the reason that a blog can be about anything.

Now, after reading till here, I am pretty sure that you have got your answer to your question. Now, the biggest step you need to take is to start a blog.

Further, you will get a complete step by step guide on How to start a blog. So, you too can start blogging and make money from it.

How to start a Blog?

Starting a Profitable Blog is as simple as 1,2,3 and it is not difficult as you are thinking.

So, if you too want to start your own money-making blog, then the article is for you. As here in this valuable article, you are going to get a detailed step by step guide on how to start a blog from scratch.

If you will follow all these steps (which are given below) consistently, then within few months you will be able to see the results from your blog.

So, let us begin our blogging journey.

Choose a Profitable Niche

In order to start a Profitable blog, the very first step that you need to take is to choose a profitable niche of your blog that can give you a good amount of commission each month.

In this case, many beginners get confused on choosing their blog niche and sometimes, they chose the wrong niche and afterwords they quit blogging due to the wrong decision they made.

Hence, you should not do this, you should take your time to choose the best niche of your blog, in which you have the knowledge and feel comfortable.

Tips to choose the Profitable niche:

  • You should first look at the things or skills which you are good at
  • First, try to discover 30 blog posts ideas relevant to your niche
  • Also discover multiple topics or categories that come in your niche
  • That’s all, start working on that niche

After choosing your profitable blog niche, you need to make a website, so that you can put content relevant to it.

Purchase Domain and Hosting

Now, after just choosing the best profitable niche for your blog, your next step is to make a website or a blog, so that you can put content on it and can monetize it.

In order to make a blog or a website, you must need a domain and host and I am pretty sure that you are aware of this investment.

You need to choose the Best and Fast Hosting to host your website so that your website can load and upload fast and this will help you in your website ranking.

I know that you are a beginner and want to start blogging on a low budget, then, in this case, I would like to recommend you Hostinger Hosting, which is very fast, secure and low-cost.

Why choose Hostinger?

  • With Hostinger hosting, your WP website is very secure
  • Your website will become very Fast
  • It has Budget-Friendly Hosting plans
  • With Hostinger, you will awesome Contact support
  • It has user-friendly hPanel

Shared Hosting Plans of Hostinger:


NOTE: If you will go with the Premium or Business Shared Hosting Plan, then you will get a Free Domain name for 1-year.

My website ( is hosted on Hostinger and I have experience of more than 1-year with Hostinger and based on this experience, I would like to rate its all services 10/10.

Below is the page speed of my website (, which is hosted on Hostinger.

GT Metrix Speed
Hostinger text logo
  • Best Low-cost Hosting Provider
  • Easy to navigate hPanel
  • Easy to install WordPress

Hence, in the end, I will recommend you to go with the Hostinger hosting.

Install WordPress

Now after purchasing the hosting, to make a WordPress website or a blog, you need to install WordPress on your hosting account.

WordPress is the best platform to build your website without coding or having any knowledge in website development or designing.

With WordPress, you can make any kind of website such as E-commerce, portfolio, blog etc. Hence, you should choose WordPress to build your website or a blog.

Now to install WordPress, you first need to add a domain name to your hosting account. If you got a free domain name while purchasing hosting, then that’s great, so in this case, you don’t need to add a domain.

But, if you have purchased a domain name from another website and not from your host provider, then in this case you need to point your domain name to your hosting account, which is very easy.

Click here, to point your domain name to your hosting account.

After doing all these things, now the main step comes in to install WordPress and start working on your blog.

Click here to Install WordPress on your domain name

Once, you have finished installing WP to your domain name, then you are ready to move to your WP dashboard and you can start working on your blog.

Now in future, if you want to add a subdomain of your domain name and want to install WordPress on the subdomain, then you can click here.

Set up WordPress

After installing WordPress at your domain name, now finally you are ready to move to the new WP dashboard of your own blog.

Now, you need to set up your WP before you start working on it. There are some basic settings, that you must do before you start working on it.

Such as you need to install an attractive Theme and that theme should be fast enough so that it can load and upload fast and helps in ranking.

Now, in this case, I will recommend you the theme, which I use on this website.

Affiliate Booster text logo
  • Best low-cost Theme
  • Easy to navigate and customize
  • SEO and Schema optimized

Along with the attractive theme, you should also install some basic WP plugins, so that your blog can become smarter.

Here are some plugins to be installed:

After installing plugins, you can visit the setting section on the side panel of WP and there you will find many options related to the setting of your WP.

WP settings

If you want you can change it according to your requirements.

Start Publishing your Content

Now, this is the most important part, as if you will not focus or not work hard on this part, then you can’t make your blog a successful money-making blog.

Hence, you need to work more on this part to make a good amount of money from blogging.

Now after installing and setting up WP, you need to start publishing your content on your blog relevant to your niche, so that you can gain traffic.

Now many people ask that how much content do they need to publish or till when do they need to publish content on their blog.

Listen, to keep earning from blogging, you need to keep publishing content of your niche on your blog and it is as simple as this.

But, the only thing, which you should focus on, is that you don’t write about the topics that are mentioned above and that can destroy your blogging career.

While publishing content on your blog, make you that you are also optimizing your content according to the search engine like Google or Bing.

So for optimizing your blog content, you need to do its SEO (Search engine optimization). Don’t worry, this we are going to discuss in our next topic.

Drive Traffic to Blog

Now, in order to earn from any type of Blog, the only thing you need is Traffic.

No matter how much valuable content you publish on your blog, if it doesn’t have traffic, then it is useless, as it is not going to give you any revenue.

Hence, you need to drive traffic to your blog to make money from it.

Now, there are multiple ways to drive traffic to your blog, but the best way is SEO, you need to do SEO of your blog content so that it can rank on Google and you can gain traffic.

To know How to do On-Page SEO of your blog content, watch this video:

Ways to drive traffic to your blog:

  • SEO (Search Engine optimization)
  • Quora
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising

Each one of these ways of traffic can give you a good amount of traffic each month and hence, you can convert this traffic into revenue.

When to Start a Blog?

when to start a Blog

Along with the question, Can a Blog be about anything, many people also ask that when to start a blog, which means they want to know the right time to get started with blogging.

Many people think that can they start a blog, if they are school going students or they should wait for the school studies to be completed.

Similarly, they think that can they start a blog in their college life or wait for the graduation to be completed.

When I started my blogging journey, I was in the 12th standard and for blogging, I quit my school studies and I am happy to take this big decision.

But, you should also not quit your studies, what you can do is start blogging along with your studies and this is going to be more beneficial.

So, if you ask me that when to start a blog, then I will say that, you should start today. As today is the right time to get started with anything new and awesome.

Don’t wait for your studies to be complete, you can be a good blogger as well as a student. No matter, whether you are a student or a job person, anyone can get started with this.

Who should Start a Blog?

Now, this is also the most asked on Google, in the blogging industry. Many people want to know who should start a blog.

By knowing this, they want to check whether they are made for blogging or not or can they be a good blogger.

So, if you ask this question from me, then I will state some kinds of people that should start a blog.

Kinds of people that should start a bog:

  • Those who want to Make Money Fast
  • Those who want to get Freedom
  • Those who want to learn new Skills
  • Those who want to make online Network
  • Those who want to be a master in Typing

Besides these types of people, there are many others, who should start a blog, as blogging gives you your own voice to speak on the internet by typing.

Who shouldn’t Start a Blog?

You may be interested in knowing that there are some kinds of people, who shouldn’t start a blog ever.

Many people start blogging in their full confidence, but after 1 or 2 months they quit it and the simple reason is that they are passionate about blogging because of their own mistakes.

Kinds of people who shouldn’t start a blog:

  • Who are lazy in typing
  • Who can’t create their own thoughts
  • Who feel boring while learning about something new
  • Who doesn’t want to make money

So, if you also come to the list of these kinds of people, then I will recommend you never start blogging. But, if you can change your habits, then you can be the next Harsh Agarwal.

Tools you will need in Blogging

Blogging is a journey and hence in this journey, you will need many tools that can be paid or free, depending on your requirements.

But, there are some basic and must tools in blogging, that every blogger needs to make his work easy and faster.

So, here are some of the basic and must-have tools in Blogging:

Hostinger text logo
  • Best Low-cost Hosting Provider
  • Easy to navigate hPanel
  • Easy to install WordPress
Semrush text logo
  • Best Keyword Research Tools
  • Analyze competitors easily
  • Keywords Questions ideas
Affiliate Booster text logo
  • Best Low-cost Theme
  • Easy to navigate and customize
  • SEO and Schema optimized
Thrive Architect text logo
  • Best Page Builder
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Attractive layouts and options
Can a Blog be About Anything (Except These)
  • Best Designing platform
  • Thousands of Templates
  • Attractive Elements and Photos

Along with these many tools, there are more tools, that you may need in your blogging journey, depending on your work requirements.

FAQs on ‘Can a Blog be About Anything’

1. In blogging, can you write about anything?

Blogging is an industry and it is not restricted to a particular niche. After making your own blog, you can write about anything related to your niche.

2. What is a blog supposed to be about?

A blog can be about anything, such as a digital marketing blog, health and fitness blog etc. Now in this blog, you need to put content related to your niche.

Like in a health blog, you need to write about the tips and strategies to maintain or to gain health.

3. What should you not do in a blog?

After starting a blog, many people make some mistakes, that you shouldn’t do. If you do, then you may not be able to grow your blog.

Mistakes are done by new bloggers in their blog:

1. They write about Harrasive or Abusive content
2. They don’t publish their content on Social Media
3. They don’t do Quora Marketing
4. They avoid their subscriber’s email list
5. They don’t provide value in their content

4. Why do people write a blog?

Mainly people write a blog for two purposes, one is only for hobby and nothing else and the second reason is to make money with it.

By writing a blog, they gain traffic and then they hold that traffic as their audience and in this way, they make money through blogging.

5. What is the main difference between a website and a blog?

The simple answer to this question is that,

A Blog is also a type of website but a blog need to be updated frequently but on the other hand, a website doesn’t need to be updated.

6. Why do most of the blogs fail?

There are many people who start blogs but very few can become successful in blogging and the rest fails.

The only reason behind this is that they are not passionate about blogging. They do blogging by not with their full attention of mind and heart. They don’t do the branding of their blog.

7. What are the most 4 common types of blogs?

On the Internet, there are multiple niche blogs but if you want to know the most 4 common types of blogs, then let me tell you those:

1. Education blogs
2. Affiliate blogs
3. Technology blogs
4. Business blogs


If you have read the whole article and then came to this end part, then, first of all, I would like to thank you for this.

Here, this valuable article comes to an end. I am pretty sure that I am able to solve your query and hope that from now on you will not search that ‘Can a Blog be about anything’.

In this article, I have not only answered your question but also given you a complete guide on How to start a blog from scratch and along with this, I have also given you some pro tips that will help you in blogging.

So, if you have learned something from this article, then you can show some love by sharing this valuable content with others.

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