How To Build a Website with Bluehost (from Scratch)

The Website has become one of the most important stuff these days!

If you are planning to work line as a freelancer, blogger, or digital marketer, or want to start your own business, then your website is compulsory.

You can’t even think of an online business without a website.

But wait, How to build a website?

Well, in this awesome article, we are going to discuss- How To Build a Website with Bluehost.

Today we will learn how to build a website with the help of Bluehost and this going to be detailed from scratch.

Along with the making of a website, we will also discuss some other important headlines, hence this article is going to be very important for you.

Go ahead!

Why read this article?

  • A detailed guide on building a website with Bluehost
  • A practical guide with snapshots
  • Beginner friendly article

Why choose Bluehost?

How To Build a Website with Bluehost

You are aware of the web hosting service ‘Bluehost’.

It is one of the most popular web hosting service providers around the world.

There are millions of websites hosted over Bluehost worldwide and they provide excellent services such as high website speed, 24 X 7 contact support, security, etc.

Along with this they also provide you with the Bluehost website builder, which you can use in case you are not a WordPress expert.

This builder helps you to build websites with the help of pre-made stunning templates.

How To Build a Website with Bluehost



  • Fast and secure websites
  • Excellent 24 X 7 contact support
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Affordable hosting pricing

Step:1 Select your best plan of Bluehost

The first and an important part to build a website with Bluehost is o purchase the best plan that fulfills all your requirements.

Given below s the image of plans of Bluehost shared hosting. So basically it has 4 plans which provide you with many great benefits and services.


Now it is up to you, you have to choose a plan that is more suitable to your business requirements.

But, as you can see in the image, the most popular plan or recommended is the Choice Plan, hence here you will get all the essential services.

Services included such as 40 GB SSD storage, Free CDN, Free Domain for 1 year, unlimited websites, etc.

Step:2 Choose the period and Make the payment

Now after choosing the best hosting plan as per your need, then it is time to choose the hosting period.


Now the more period you choose the more you will benefit.

Bluehost provides you with multiple duration options, hence it is up to you, now you have to make the final decision.

Once you have chosen the period, then at the left side you can see an option for making the secure payment.

There are multiple payment options such as PayPal, debit or credit card, etc.

You simply need to choose one of the payment options and then make the payment securely to Bluehost.

Step:3 Install WordPress on the Domain name

Now once you are done with purchasing the domain and hosting, then our first step start for building a WordPress website with Bluehost.

In order to work on WordPress, first you need to install WordPress on your domain.

Don’t worry, this is not rocket science, it is just a work of a few steps.

All you have to do is simply head to the Bluehost hosting dashboard (which is very easy to navigate and user-friendly).

Let me tell you that the Bluehost dashboard provides you with a 1-click WordPress Install feature, which is very useful.

There you will find an option to install WordPress, then you just need to make 1 simple click, then the WordPress will be automatically installed on your domain name.

After installing, you can navigate to the WordPress dashboard- WP Admin.

Step:4 Do some Basic settings in WordPress

After successfully installing WordPress, then the next step is to do some basic and essential settings inside the WordPress dashboard.

All you have to do is simply login to your wp dashboard, then you can start doing some settings like creating pages, changing permalink style, etc.

For changing the style of the permalink, which is an important factor for your website SEO, you have to go to settings, then click on permalinks (as shown in the image).

WP basic settings

Now, this is not only one setting, there are many other settings that you should do for making your WordPress website works best.

Step:5 Install an attractive WordPress Theme

Once you are done with doing some settings, then one of the most important parts is to install an attractive theme to your WordPress website.

A theme must be lightweight as well as attractive.

Because heavy theme takes a long time to load and hence this is the worst situation, as this not only affects your SEO but also your sales.

Hence you must take care of the speed of your website.

Now, I would like to recommend you a WordPress theme, which is very famous, lightweight as well as has attractive pre-made starter templates, which is Astra.



  • 240+ Pre-made Starter templates
  • Lightweight theme
  • Multiple customizing options

Astra is a popular theme, which has both, free as well as paid versions. Hence it is up to your needs to choose whether to go with the paid version or continue with the free.

Step:6 Install some Basic Plugins

Now as you know that if you are building a WordPress website, then using some useful plugins will make your website more functional and improve its performance.

But using many plugins may slow your website speed, hence install only those plugins which you need.

Let me recommend you some of the most essential plugins, that you must install in your WordPress website, to make improve its performance.

  1. Rank Math (for SEO)
  2. Contact Form 7 (for building forms)
  3. WP Rocket (for improving websites performance)
  4. Elementor or Thrive Architect (for creating or designing custom pages)
  5. Jetpack (for checking the website’s Insights)
  6. WooCommerce (for building e-commerce websites)

Now besides these plugins, there are a lot more plugins for different purposes. Hence all you have to do is simply search for the plugin as per your need.

There are two methods for installing a plugin, either you search for a plugin in the WordPress plugin s section or you can download it from other websites and can upload it over WordPress.

upload plugin

In order to upload a plugin you simply need to click on the upload plugin button, which you would see at the top of the same page.

Step:7 Create a Blog page

In case you are building a blog website or want to add a blog page to your business website, then you must create a separate page with the name blog.

In order to achieve this, first you have to create a page and name it as – blog.

Then go to Settings, under this, you can see ‘Reading’ option, go over there.

How to Convert my Blog into Website

Then you simply need to set the post page as ‘blog’ and Homepage as your home page (which you have build using a page builder tool.)

So, once you are done with this, then you are all set.

Now all your blog posts will go to the blog page and your homepage will remain clean.

Step:8 Make a custom & professional Homepage

Now if you want to make a custom home page, then in this case you must need a page builder that will help you to do so.

For this, you can use Elementor, Thrive Architect, WP Bakery etc.

Let me show you building a page with the help of Thrive Architect.

To start working, you have to open your home page with Thrive Architect.

Then the editor section will open, where you can easily build your custom page.

Now, there are two options, either you design the whole page on your own by simply dragging and dropping the elements or you can directly import a pre-made template.

In order to import the template, simply follow the instruction as shown in the image below.


Now here you will see many templates, simply choose the one you like the most and install it by clicking on ‘choose template’.

How to Convert my Blog into Website

This will import a template on your home page.

Further, if you want to customize it, then you can easily do this by deleting a section, adding elements, changing images or text, etc.

Step:9 Make your website Mobile-friendly

So, Once you are done with designing your website completely along with the homepage, blog page, and other pages, then you must make sure that the website you have created is mobile-friendly or not.

To check this, simply search on Google- mobile-friendly website check.

Then you can use the Google search console tool or other tools for checking, it doesn’t matter.

How To Build a Website with Bluehost (from Scratch)

Above you can see the result of our website-

By default, the template you import is mobile-friendly. But after you design, the page may affect. Hence you should check for safety.

Tools Recommended for Building a Website



  • Fast and secure websites
  • Excellent 24 X 7 contact support
  • Easy-to-use dashboard


  • 240+ Pre-made Starter templates
  • Lightweight theme
  • Multiple customizing options
Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

  • Easy-to-use page builder
  • Pre-made templates available
  • Mobile-friendly

What after making a website with Bluehost?

Now after making a website with Bluehost, you need to get visitors to your site. Without visitors, a website is nothing but a simple page.

Hence you need to struggle to get targeted traffic to your website so that it can drive sales or leads for your business.

Now, as you all know that there are many methods of driving traffic to your website such as SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, etc.

You can go with any of the methods or can go with all the methods at the same to get more traffic as soon as possible.

Let me also recommend you one of the best email marketing tools, which is GetResponse.

It is a good email marketing tool, which also provides you with many other services such as landing page builder etc.

If you have a good budget, then you can run paid ads to get traffic on your website, and that traffic will turn into sales or leads, if you have a good website and a good product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start building a WordPress website?

In order to get started with building a WordPress website, follow the given steps:

1. Purchase domain and hosting
2. Install WordPress on the domain
3. Strat designing your WordPress website

2. What are the essential components needed to build a WordPress website?

You may require some essential components or tools to build a WordPress website such as:

1. Domain and Hosting
2. WordPress theme
3. Page builder
4. Some useful plugins

3. Do I need coding skills to build a WordPress website?

The simple answer is NO.

You do not need any coding skills to make a WordPress website. All you need to do is simply a domain name and hosting.

Although if you have coding skills, then it is a plus point, as you can add your own styles to make your website beautiful as you want.

4. How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

The cost of building a website depends on the cost of hosting, plugins, theme, and other tools which you are using in your WP website.

5. Can I use my own domain name with a WordPress website?

YES. You can use your own domain name with a WordPress website.

If your website is made on, then in this case you must have your own domain name.

Final words (conclusion)

Finally, we have reached the end of this most detailed guide, which was on- ‘How to build a website with Bluehost’.

In this article, I have discussed each step that is essential in making a good website.

Now with the help of this article, you can create any type of website such as a Blog, Portfolio, E-commerce, Business website, etc.

You can also use the Bluehost website builder if you are not an expert in creating a website or using WordPress.

But overall, Bluehost will help you a lot in building your website and it also helps in maintaining your website safe and secure from all types of cyber attacks.

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