15+ Best Rocket.net Alternatives & Competitors (Revealed)

Make a good and fast websites depend on many factors and one of those factors is the best hosting services.

There are many types of hosting such as Shared, WordPress, Cloud hosting etc, they all provide you with different services as per the cost.

If we talk about WordPress hosting, then it gives you a good website performance and with it, it is very easy to build a WordPress website.

But, along with the hosting type, hosting service provider also matters.

You may be aware of the Rocket.net, which is a popular WordPress hosting provider.

But if you are looking for the the Rocket.net Alternatives, then in this article I will share more than 15 best alternatives to Rocket.net.

So, all you have to do is simply keep reading this article till the end and get the best service recommendation by us.

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What is Rocket.net?

Rocket.net home page

Rocket.net is one of the most popular and fastest WordPress hosting service provider on the Internet.

There are many best features, which are provided by them such as Daily backups, Free malware protection, Free Migrations, expert support etc.

15+ Best Rocket.net Alternatives & Competitors (Revealed)

If you want to host your WP website on a fully managed WordPress hosting, then Rocket.in is my first recommendation to you.

For this, there are many reason, one of those is they provide you with the fast website speed.


Fastest WordPress Hosting

  • Fast website performance
  • Security + Free SSL
  • 24×7 Expert support

15+ Best Rocket.net Alternatives:

Best Rocket.net Alternatives

But anyhow if you are not satisfied with the Rocket.net or you are unable to afford its pricing, then you should not worry about this.

As today, I will share with you more than 15 alternative of this WordPress hosting, which are very good in providing services and also has low cost.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is one the Top leading and my favourite web hosting company in the world.

There are many reason to consider it to be the best such as best services in all types of hosting, excellent support, low cost pricing, easy to use panel etc.

Hostinger also provides you with the best WordPress hosting service, which you can use and host your WP website easily.

The plan of this hosting are really very affordable as compared to other and this is the reason that this is consider to be the best affordable hosting.

15+ Best Rocket.net Alternatives & Competitors (Revealed)15+ Best Rocket.net Alternatives & Competitors (Revealed)

If you are facing with nay problem in your hosting dashboard or in your website, then you shouldn’t worry about it, just contact their fast support and get it solved.

One of the best part about it is that, they provide you with hPanel, which is literally very easy to use and navigate.

Along with their hosting plans, you will also get a Free domain (for 1 year) as well as Free lifetime SSL.

Well, their security level is also very good, it means that your website is very secure over here.

To best honest, I have more than 2 years of experience with Hostinger and I have hosted all my website over here.

Hence, in order for you to host your WP website, Hostinger is a good alternative to Rocket.net, that would be the best option for you.

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is the another best and also a leading hosting provider on this planet.

Let me tell you that Bluehost is recommended by WordPress, which means that this is a platform, at which you can easily trust.

There are millions of website which are hosted on Bluehost, hence it has good customer rating.

15+ Best Rocket.net Alternatives & Competitors (Revealed)15+ Best Rocket.net Alternatives & Competitors (Revealed)

Along with this, being such as big brand, it has very affordable plans in all the type of hosting.

The best part which I like the most about Bluehost is that it provides you with 24×7 call support, hence can easily got solved your issue live on a call by their expert.

It also a good and easy to use hosting dashboard, where you can easily manage your website.

Another best feature is the one click WordPress install, it means that to install WordPress on your domain name you don’t have to be tech-savvy, you simply need to 1 click.

It also has integrations with multiple best tools and plugins such as Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Elementor, PayPal etc.

Along with all these, at the end it also has Bluehost website builder tool, which comes with pre-build templates which you can use and maki your website using drag and drop features.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the fastest hosting that will give you up to 20X faster speed to your website.

If you want to go with WordPress hosting of A2 hosting, then let me tell you that it would be very easy and quick to set up all the things properly.

Their managed WordPress hosting features will provide you with many features such as Turbo speed, high level security etc, and it is mainly optimized for speed.

It also comes with Jetpack integrations, that will help a lot in increasing your website performance.

15+ Best Rocket.net Alternatives & Competitors (Revealed)15+ Best Rocket.net Alternatives & Competitors (Revealed)

No matter, what type of hosting you want to build, A2 WordPress hosting would be the one stop solution for you.

It has 99.9% uptime and this is one of the most important feature, which many people look before choosing a hosting.

It also gives you a Daily automated backups features and I think that this is the most useful for you.

So if you want to make many subdomain of your main domain, then here you don’t have restrictions as you can create unlimited subdomains.

4. DreamHost

If you are looking for Rocket.net Alternatives, then Dreamhost would be an option for you.

It also comes with many type of hosting but we will only look for the WordPress hosting.

Let me also tell you that Dreamhost is also recommended by the WordPress.org, hence you can now imagine how popular and good it is.

They have WordPress optimized servers, that will provide you with the best speed to your WP website hosted on their platfrom.

It would be very easy for you to set up WordPress over Dreamhost, as it is very easy and user-friendly.

It has Auto-WordPress update, then you need not to worry about the version of your WP or manually do it, simply relax, they will handle.

They also give you Free SSL certificate along with the Free Privacy protection for your website, so that your website can become more secure and strong.

The best part which I like the most is that, Dreamhost also provides you with Free Email hosting, so that you can do email marketing and can promote your website.

They have vey interesting pricing plans, as they have plans inside plans, hence you have multiple options to choose the best.

5. Kinsta

Kinsta is a very popular and one of the best cloud hosting service providers.

Along with the best cloud hosting it also provides with the best WordPress hosting service.

As you all know that WP is easy and very powerful way to build any type of website.

Slow website, website is down or displaying an error, caching and backup issue, slow loading and uploading time, these are issues that you will never face with Kinsta.

kinsta banner

The have worldwide CDN and global availability, so that you can experience better and better speed as well as performance.

You can even choose your data center throughout the world, so that you can get more better hosting performance.

The dashboard of Kinsta hosting is also very easy to use and has good interface, so that you can manage all your website projects.

6. Namecheap

Namecheap is also a popular and cheapest WordPress hosting providers.

If you want to host your website on a managed WordPress hosting but don’t have enough budget, then all you can do is try Namecheap.

The WordPress hosting plans of Namecheap are very affordable and along with the low cost you will also get amazing performance and fearures.

Let me tell you that this is the fastest and optimized WP hosting which will help you to grow your business website.

Talking about their contact support, which is pretty awesome and very fast.

Along with this, here you will get 99.9% uptime guarantee and this is what many people look for in a hosting service.

It comes with integrations of Jetpack, Yoast SEO, WooCommerce etc, so that you can make use of these plugins and make your website perform better.

It also comes with simple and easy backups and a single dashboard, where you can manage all you website at one place.

The best part is that you will get Free Namecheap CDN, so that you can get more website speed.

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7. Hostgator

Hostgator is also one of the cheapest WordPress Hosting service and great Rocket.net Alternatives, which also comes with many great features.

The WordPress hosting plans which they offer to you have very low cost but provides you with many benefits.

Features such as Advanced security, Free domain name, Free SSL, Free website migrations and easy to use panel, which is also user-friendly.

There are multiple millions website which are hosted on the Hostgator WP hosting and they all are satisfied with their service, hence your website could be the next one.

Another great features are 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7/365 brilliant customer support, which is very necessary for you.

You also get an option of call support, where you can sole your issue on a live call.

With the growing technology, website risk and hacking are also increasing and this is the reason that Hostgator provides you with Advanced security options.

Such as CodeGuard, SSL certificate, SiteLock etc.

The best part which I like about it is that, with this WP hosting you can claim your $500 Google Ads spend credit, hence it is a golden opportunity for you.

8. iPage

iPage is also another solution for web hosting services.

Along with they web hosting, they also provide you with WordPress hosting for all those who are looking for the best service of managed WP hosting.

Here you will get everything, that you need to build a complete WP website.

They will give you optimized WordPress and some extra features, which will be very useful for your.

With iPage you should not worry about 2 things- Speed and Security, as here you will the best performance in both the cases.

So if you eagerly looking for a good alternative to Rocket.net, then this might an option for you.

They have a talented WordPress specialized team that will help you in each of your problems, hence use stress free WP hosting.

It also has its own website builder, hence you can even take help of it and build a better website.

Another best part is that you with the iPage you will get $200 Ad credit, that can be used in Bing, Google etc.

9. WPEngine

As by its name WPEngine, you can make it that is famous and one of the best alternatives, which you are looking for.

It will provide you with fully managed WordPress hosting service with the the features you are looking for.

Along with this, they have also guaranteed for the website security, hence if you host your website on this platform then you should not worry about anything.

With security, it will also give you accelerated website speed and excellent global contact support, so if you face nay technical issue, contact them.

If you are a freelancer or a digital marketing agency and making money by building websites for your clients, then WPEngine will help you to optimize websites of your clients and grow it.

As you know that many hosting website fails, when we host an e-commerce website on it, but you will not face this, in the case of WPEngine.

Hence, this platform is the complete and one stop solution for your WordPress website.

10. Inmotion

Inmotion is also a good hosting and domain name service provider.

It is widely famous for providing web hosting but let me make you aware that it also gives you with good performance WordPress hosting.

But here we will only talk about Inmotion WordPress hosting, which is literally excellent to host your WP website.

They have got multiple plans, where you can get unlimited bandwidth, Free Lifetime SSL, Unlimited NVMe SSD, host unlimited websites etc.

They take a guarantee that you will be satisfied by their hosting service, even if you don’t, then they have 90-day money back guarantee.

No matter how many website you host over this platform, all you WP website will have faster speed and good performance.

Along with this, there are many premium plugins such as Jetpack license, Total Unkeep etc, from which you can take advantage.

They have advanced caching options, so that you get good user experience.

Over here you can create unlimited business email, unlike other websites which has restrictions.

Besides all these tools and plugin, they also provide you with their drag-and-drop page builder, which will make your work easier.

Hence, in my opinion, this is also one of the best Rocket.net Alternatives.

11. Siteground

Siteground is a vey professional and a bit expensive hosting service.

You may find the plans expensive, but if you analyze their features, then believe me they deserve this price.

This is also a leading hosting brand on this planet, which gives you with all the best services.

Let me tell you that the only one word I remember when we talk about Siteground is ‘Speed’.

Believe me, the speed which you are going to get on Siteground is amazing and it will also help you in your website performance.

Also in the WordPress hosting plans, you will get the Top WordPress speed, which is necessary for your website.

It not only have speed but also provide you with the Top rated security and good contact support with satisfaction.

12. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a premium WordPress hosting for all those who are looking for the best alternative to Rocket.net.

The main thing which you should focus on while purchasing any hosting is the speed and this you will get at WPX Hosting platform.

As here they are providing you with Free-website speed optimization, website transfer, security and malware protection etc.

If you will look at the Trustpilot, then you will be able to find many positive and excellent reviews of WPX.

One of the best which I like the most is their support response time which is 30 seconds, I mean its beyond amazing.

So after hosting your WP website on WPX, if you face any technical or website issue, then you simply need to relax, as they will handle all the stuffs.

But, I think that you won’t experience such issues while using WPX hosting.

13. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a type of hosting which is considered to eco-friendly, which provides you with many features in their hosting plans.

If you are looking for an amazing WordPress hosting, then it will give you with optimized WordPress hosting, which is a good option for you.

Along with this you will also get blazing fast speed, which will help you in your website ranking as well as user experience.

This hosting is a Developer friendly, which means that if you are a developer then it would be very easy for you to to look it deeply, as you will access to many things.

At the end, if you are stuck in anything, then they have expert expert, waiting to help you.

Another best part is that, it has one-click WordPress installation feature, that will help you install WP quickly and get into your website.

Backup is an essential feature and here you will get on demand backups for WordPress.

14. Flywheel

Flywheel is a leading WordPress hosting platform and also a goof alternative.

There are many features which you must know such as 60-day money back guarantee.

If you host your WP hosting on this platform, then you will get many useful and productive tools, that will help you to grow your website.

The dashboard which is provided by the Flywheel WP hosting are very easy to use and also has many extra options.

Hence, you can easily manage your websites as well as your client’s websites.

Here you will get contact support for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they all are humans, no bot.

This hosting platform is trusted by big brands, hence if you host your brand over it, then your brand could be the next in their list.

15. WordPress.com

WordPress.com is one of the biggest website building platform on the Internet.

But wait,

Many people got confused between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, but let me make it clear to you.

WordPress.com is a platform where you can get started quickly to make a website by simply using their managed hosting service.

While WordPress.org is an open-source software, which you can install on your device or any other hosting platform and make a website with more customization options.

Coming bank to our topic of WordPress.com hosting, which is pretty awesome and also one of the great Rocket.net Alternatives.

If you have hosted your website on this platform, then you should not worry about your data loss or any other security options.

WordPress gives you more website speed, more security as well as more bandwidth, hence this is a complete solution for managed WP hosting.

The plans of this hosting are also very affordable, hence you can get started quickly.

16. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a leading and most popular platform for providing best quality domain name at low cost.

I have purchased all my domains from the GoDaddy, due to their domain services I would like to recommend you for your domain name.

But if you are looking for fully managed WordPress hosting, then you shouldn’t look anywhere else, as GoDaddy provides you with one of the best WordPress hosting.

They will also provide you with pre-installed useful plugins as well extensions, that will have a great benefit to your website.

If you want to make an E-commerce website, then you can easily do it by using WooCommerce.

Let me tell you that WordPress + WooCommerce has a great combination and gives you better services.

Another benefits of this WP hosting are 99.9% uptime, CDN, security update, Free 22/7 support as well as migration tool.

In order to increase your website speed, you should not do any struggle, as here you will get built-in-speed as well as performance.

My favourite Alternative to Rocket.net

So, after sharing with you some of the best alternatives, let me share my favourite alternative, which is Hostinger.

Alternate to Rocket.net

As Hostinger is a leading and very affordable hosting service that provides best service in all the type of hosting.

So, if you are looking for a WordPress hosting, then I would recommend you to go with the Hostinger WordPress Hosting.

As there you will get many useful services which you are looking for.


Best Affordable Hosting

  • Affordable Hosting plans
  • Fast hosting service
  • Excellent contact support

How to choose the Best Hosting service!

Well, you may get confuse in choosing the best hosting service.

But there are some factors based on which you can choose the best hosting for you.

Hence, let me share some of the main factors which you should focus on while choosing the best hosting service no matter whether it is Shared, WordPress, Cloud etc.

1. Uptime

Uptime is one of the most important factors, which you should focus on, while choosing your choosing provider.

A hosting service with good uptime gives you better services as well as performance.

Today, almost all the hosting companies provide you a with a good uptime, hence providing you with good performance.

But, some of the companies provide you with less uptime, hence, you should always choose the best uptime.

2. Loading time

Loading time is one of the most important factor in the search engine ranking.

If your website load slow, then it will have negative impact on in your SEO, hence your website should load very fast, so that you can get better SEO result.

There are many factors, which decide the loading time of your website such as your theme, plugins, page size etc.

Some factors depend on the server location and hosting service which you are using, hence you should always look for the fast one.

3. Customer support

Well, this is Customer support is also very useful for the users of hosting.

As sometimes, there can be some technical issues or any other, hence in this case you may need a good customer support, so that they can solve your issue.

It should be very fast and have good user experience, hence while choosing the hosting service, look for the one who provides you better customer support.

4. Storage space

Storage space is one of the primary features, which is provides by the hosing companies.

The more storage space you have the more you will get benefit, as at a time your website can become very heavy, hence in this case good storage space will help you.

It will also help you in providing you with the fast speed as well as good performance, hence it will directly have a good impact on your website ranking.

Hence, in a hosting service plans, you should try to go with the plan which is providing you with a good storage space.

5. Pricing

Well, Pricing is the last but not to be considered as the least factor.

At the end, this is also a major factor in choosing the really-best hosting.

There are many hosting services that provide good services but are very expensive.

While there are also some hosting provider, that provides excellent services at an affordable cost.

Hence, it totally depends on you, as this factor will not effect your search engine ranking but your budget.

FAQs regarding Rocket.net Alternatives:

1. What are the best WordPress hosting services?

There are many good and reliable WordPress hosting provider at online.

Let me share with you some of the best one:

1. Rocket.net
2. Hostinger
3. Bluehost
4. Siteground
5. Dreamhost

and many more…

2. Best Alternatives to Hostinger?

Similar to the alternative to Rocket.net, there are also many as well as almost same Hostinger Alternatives.

Such as:

1. Bluehost
2. Siteground
3. A2 Hosting
3. Domain.com
4. Rocket.net
5. Dreamhost

3. What is meant by WordPress hosting?

In a simple language, WordPress is a type of hosting, which is mainly optimized for the WordPress websites, which gives you with better features.

Hence, if you want to make WP websites, then WordPress hosting is the best solution for you.

4. Is Hostinger better than Bluehost?

To be honest, I have experience both the hosting service and literally Hostinger is better than Bluehost in terms of speed and performance.

Bluehost is also a cool host, providing you with many features and a good dashboard.

But Hostinger service are better than Bluehost, like their hosting panel, customer support, speed etc.

5. Is WordPress good for beginners?

The simple answer to this most simplest question is YES.

WordPress is an open source software to make stunning websites and it is vey easy to use and has a good looking dashboard.

Even a beginner can learn it very easily and quickly and can become its expert in a few days.

Hence, if you are planning to make a website, then I would like to recommend that you should make a WordPress website.


Here, I would like to conclude this most-detailed article, where I have shared with you everything from A to Z.

Now, you should not search more for some of best Rocket.net Alternatives, as here you got more than 15 alternavtives.

These all hosting companies are very famous and providing you with their best services at the reasonable cost.

Hence, it up to you to make your mind and choose the best hosting service provider for you websites.

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