10 Best Impact Affiliate Brands (To Earn More Dollars)

Honestly, Impact Radius is one of my favorite Affiliate Marketing Networks, where there are so many good and high-paying brands or affiliate programs.

By promoting these brand’s affiliate programs, you can easily generate a good amount of dollars every month.

Before this, you first need to be get approved by the Impact Radius, which is not a very difficult task.

Now as a beginner it may be difficult for you to look out for some of the best Impact Affiliate Brands.

Hence, this is the reason that I am sharing with you a detailed and valuable article, that will give you an idea about 10 best brands on Impact Affiliate network.

I am sure that if you are reading this page, then you must be here to know the same.

If this is true, then you are on the right article, just follow up till the last line of this page.

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Reasons to read the article

  • Best and high paying Impact Radius Brands
  • Guide to Affiliate programs
  • Personal experienced of Impact Radius shared

10+ Best Impact Affiliate Brands:

1. Bluehost

As you are aware of the fact that Bluehost is one of the biggest and most popular web hosting services on this planet.

There are millions of websites that are hosted with the Bluehost and along with this, it provides good user services to its customers.

This web hosting also has an affiliate program, which gives you a very high amount of commission.

10 Best Impact Affiliate Brands (To Earn More Dollars)10 Best Impact Affiliate Brands (To Earn More Dollars)

Before moving on, let me make one thing clear, if you want to join the Bluehost.com affiliate program then you can simply join it by coming to its affiliate page (of .com website) and it will give you instant approval.

Instead, if you are interested to join Bluehost.in affiliate program, then all you have to do is to come to the Impact Radius affiliate network.

After coming to Impact, then you will find all the information related to its affiliate program such as commission rates, cookies, where can you promote etc.

Commission Rates:

Per Sale- 5000 INR
Per Lead- 0 INR

2. Hostinger

Well, if you ask me then must reveal that this website is currently hosted on the Hostinger.

There are many reasons for choosing the Hostigner such as its plan affordability, website speed, user interface, easy-to-use hPanel, good contact support etc.

For years, Hostinger is one of the most popular and very affordable hosting services and is used by many people on this planet.

10 Best Impact Affiliate Brands (To Earn More Dollars)10 Best Impact Affiliate Brands (To Earn More Dollars)

Along with this, the most important thing is that it has a very good affiliate program, which is available on the Impact Radius affiliate network.

Hostinger affiliate program is also one of the best Impact Affiliate Brands, which provides you with a good amount of commission.

Not only on Impact, you can join its affiliate program on its individual platform also.

The best thing that I like about this offers is that it does not have a fixed commission of some dollars, but it gives commission in percentage.

Hence it is totally up to you the more sales we bring the more commission we earn.

Commission Rates:

Per Sale- 40%
Per Lead- $0

3. Linkedin Learning

Linkedin Learning is one of the biggest online learning platforms, where there are many courses that you can read and educate yourself.

According to me, this is one of the best ways to educate yourself and develop any skill.

There are multiple courses in almost every category such as Graphic Designing, Programming, Data Entry, Data Science, Business and Accounting etc.

Hence this platform needs to be promoted by the affiliates like us.

It also has its own affiliate program, which provides you commission for both sales as well as lead.

Lead commission means that it will pay an amount of money, where you bring a lead to it and this is what CPA Marketing is.

Its affiliate program is also available on the FlexOffers affiliate marketing network.

On FlexOffers, the process is the same, in order to become its affiliate member you first need to be get approved by FlexOffers.

Commission Rates:

Per Sale- 35%
Per Lead- $10

4. Skillshare

Skillshare is as same as Linkedin Learning.

It is also one of the best and most famous online learning platforms, which has vast category courses available on its marketplace.

Actually, I would say that Skillshare is a bit more popular than Linkedin Learning maybe because of the prices of courses or reviews etc.

Well, this Skillshare online learning marketplace also has an affiliate program, which I must say that it is one of the leading affiliate or CPA offers in the affiliate marketing industry.

10 Best Impact Affiliate Brands (To Earn More Dollars)10 Best Impact Affiliate Brands (To Earn More Dollars)

Like Linkedin Learning, Skillshare is also available on the FlexOffers affiliate network, where it has different commission rates.

Promoting Skillshare and making money from it is very easy because in this program you don’t have to bring sales (in order to earn more), you only need to generate leads and you will get paid for those leads.

On Impact Radius, you may not get a sale commission for Skillshare, but you will get a sale commission on FlexOffers for it.

Along with this it is also one of the Best Education affiliate programs.

Commission Rates:

Per Sale- $0
Per Lead- $7

5. Envato

Envato is a big marketplace, you know this.

It provides multiple services such as Envato Market, Envato Placeit, Envato Elements, Envato Studio etc.

All the services are very famous in their industries.

Envato Market provides you with website themes, codes, videos and audios, graphics, photos, templates, etc.

Envato Elements is similar to Envato Market, it provides users with creative materials such as video templates, audio, fonts, graphics templates, presentation templates, etc.

Envato Placeit is basically a designing and mockup platform, where you will be able to design T-shirts, logos, banners, etc.

Envato Studio is basically a freelancing platform, where you can easily get your work done by a skilled person.

Besides these, there are some others services of Envato, which are also very popular and useful for the users.

The best part is that all these services of Envato have their own affiliate program which is available on the Impact Radius affiliate network.

So all we have to do is to join these affiliate programs and start promoting the best one (which matches your website niche to promote).

Commission Rates (Envato Market):

Per Sale- 30%
Per Lead- $0

Commission Rates (Envato Elements):

Per Sale- $20-$120
Per Lead- $0

Commission Rates (Envato Placeit):

Per Sale- $15-$50
Per Lead- $0

6. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the biggest SEO and content marketing tool.

Many people think that it is only a keyword research, but me clear that, beyond keyword research, it provides you with many SEO services and features.

Do can do a lot on SEMrush such On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, content marketing, advertising, competitors research, traffic analysis etc.

10 Best Impact Affiliate Brands (To Earn More Dollars)10 Best Impact Affiliate Brands (To Earn More Dollars)

So, if you are a blogger or digital marketer like me, then this tool is a gold mine for you, as you can take many advantages from it.

It has millions of customers worldwide, even I am a regular customer of SEMrush.

I use SEMRush for keyword research, competitor research, domain and traffic analysis etc, and believe me this tool gives amazing results.

Besides this, it also has its own SEMrush affiliate program which in on the Impact affiliate.

Earlier it also used to be on ShareASale but now they have permanently moved to Impact Radius.

Its affiliate program is also one of the best and highest paying, as it gives you dollars for both, sales as well as trial.

Now only this, you also get $0.1 for every single sign up (no trial & sale) made through your affiliate link.

It would be very easy to promote the services of SEMrush, because it already has its brand value and awareness in the online market, hence people will easily trust on it.

Along with this, it provides you with $200 per sale commission, which is very amazing for, as with the help of this commission, you can easily make thousands of dollars every month.

Hence, it is one of the Best Impact Affiliate Brands.

Commission Rates:

Per Sale- $200
Per Lead (Trial)- $10

7. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is on also one of the biggest education platform, where you will get some tech courses relate to programming and computer etc.

This is also a good alternative to Skillshare and hence it is also very popular and has a large customer base.

If you want to become a front end or back end developer or want to develop programming and other tech skills, then is the best platform for you to learn all those.

With this one can learn, Python, Java, CSS, HTML, AWS, Node.js any many more.

Along with this, the courses which they provide are from experts, hence it is a complete online education solution.

But, if you are here to know how to make money with the this platform, then let me introduce you with the Pluralsight affiliate program.

It also has its own partner program, where you can make amount of money each month.

The best part, which I like about this offer is that, it provides you with percentage commission, hence the more sales got get, the more money you will earn.

The commission system of this brand on Impact affiliate network is also very interesting, where you will get $5 per trial and if that trial converts to sale, then you can earn up to 39%.

However, if you get direct sale, then you can earn up to 50%.

Hence, this offer is amazing, as here you are earing half of your sales.

Commission Rates:

Per Sale- up to 60%
Per Lead- $5

8. Web.com

Web.com is one of the leading web hosting and website builder provider.

Although, they are very famous but they provide you with low cost pricing of their services.

Even if you want to create an online store for your E-commerce business, then you don’t have to look anywhere, you can easily do it over here.

The website builder which they provide is one of the website builder at online, as it has many features such as drag-and-drop, easy to customize, simple dashboard, attractive and responsive templates etc.

It has over 3 millions websites hosted on their platform and you one could be the next, hence this could also be an option for you website host.

Now, its partner parogram is one of the best Website Builder affiliate programs, from where you can make extra dollar to boost your affiliate earnings.

It also has high payout rates, where you can easily earn up to $350 for a sale, now you can think of your monthly earnings.

Joining this brand on Impact would very easy for you but promoting their service would be very easy.

As they provide their affiliates, with good and converting marketing materials, so that you can use them and promote on your websites or blogs.

Commission Rates:

Per Sale- $10-$350
Per Lead- $0

9. Squarespace

Squarespace is very professional website builder for any kind of website.

No matter if you want to make an online store, business website, portfolio or any other, you can create ay very easily.

They come with pre-made ecommerce, portfolio and other templates, which you can use to make your website for your business.

After creating homepage, it is little bit difficult to create other page similar to the homepage, well here you will also get templates for other pages such as about, contact, services etc.

You can even sell membership on your website with the help of Squarespace website builder, hence it is a complete solution for your business.

Talking about the Squarespace affiliate program, which is also a leading offer in the industry of affiliate marketing, as they provides you with high payout on a sale.

You all know that promoting hosting and website builder is literally easy, as everyone at online business needs a website and there is a lot of demand and competition as well.

As it would be very easy for you to promote such offers.

In in this way, you can either start making money online or can boost your online earnings through this affiliate.

Commission Rates:

Per Sale- $100-$200
Per Lead- $0

10. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is also one of the best email marketing service providers on this Earth.

The fact is that Bluehost owner’s sister is the owner of constant contact, hence this is also known as Bluehost sister’s company.

By the way, they provide people with the best email marketing services to grow their business.

As you know that, email marketing is one of the biggest and easiest way to drive traffic to your website and generate lead or sales.

At the dashboard of constant contact, there are some of the useful tools and links, from which you can take advantage in your email marketing journey.

The plans which they are offering are also vey affordable and not very expensive as compared to the other email marketing tools.

Hence, in your online journey, I would recommend you to use email marketing to get traffic for your business or affiliate sales.

It is also one of the best brands on Impact affiliate, as their program is very famous and amazing.

Constant contact affiliate program is one of my favourite offers, as they provide with the amazing payouts and along with this, it is easy to do its marketing.

Let me make you aware that this affiliate is available not only on Impact Radius, but also on FlexOffers network, hence you can also join their if you wish.

For sure, the commission structure may very on both the network but it will not have a big difference.

Commission Rates on Impact Radius:

Per Sale- $105
Per Lead- $5

Some of my earnings from Impact Radius

Well, let me also share with you some of my Impact affiliate earnings which I have through best Impact brands.

Let me all tell you that this is not all of my earnings.

My Impact Earnings
Impact Affiliate Brands Earnings

So, as you can see above, along with the commission, you can see the brands name from which I have earned money on Impact.

My only motive to show you these earning proof is to motivate you that you can become an affiliate on Impact Radius and can promote the brands to make money in affiliate marketing more than me.

The best way to do this is to start by making a good website, as with the help of website it would be vey easy for you to promote the offers and earn commission in the organic way.

Build Your Own Website!

FAQ’s on ‘Impact Affiliate Brands’

1. What is Impact Radius affiliate?

Impact Radius is basically an affiliate marketing network, where you can easily many advertiser/brands that has their own affiliate programs.

You can join those affiliate programs and can easily manage all those offer at one Impact Radius dashboard.

2. What are the highest paid affiliate programs?

Among the crowd of many affiliate programs, let me share with you some of highest paid affiliate offer:

1. Sendnblue
2. GetResponse
3. Squarespace
4. Bluehost
5. SEMrush
6. Rocket.net
7. Hostinger
8. Domain.com
9. Web.com
10. A2 Hosting

3. How can I increase my affiliate income?

There are many methods or strategies to increase your affiliate earnings such as:

1. Promote organically on Quora
2. PPC Marketing
3. Make a Review and promote
4. Email Marketing

4. What is the biggest affiliate website?

There are many big affiliate marketing networks or website.

So based on my experience of more than 2 years in affiliate marketing, let me share some of the best:

1. Impact Radius
2. ShareASale
3. FlexOffers
4. Commission Junction
5. MaxBounty

5. How much do Amazon affiliates get paid?

Amazon Affiliate Program is good for beginners, those who just want to learn affiliate marketing from the basic.

They provides commission between 1% to 9%, it means that you will not get more than 9% and this is the biggest drawback and a reason for me to quit Amazon affiliate markeitng.

Conclusion (Summarizing article)

Let me summarize this most detailed as well as very informative article, which I have shared with you.

I hope that I am able to solve your query by informing you about the best Impact Affiliate Brands, from which you can easily make good amount of earnings.

I know that there are some brands in this list, that are difficult to join, but you can try your best to get its approval, else you can look for its alternatives.

All the brands which I have mentioned today in this article are very popular and genuine, hence you can easily trust them and can make money online through affiliate marketing.

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