10+ Best Accounting Affiliate Programs To Make Money

There are thousands of best affiliate marketing programs in different categories such as health, web hosting, SEO, education, editing, email marketing etc.

There is also a golden category, that is Accounting. In this category also, you will find many best and high affiliate programs.

After joining Accounting Affiliate Programs, let me tell you that you to can earn a very good amount of money in the affiliate marketing business.

So, if you too want to know some affiliate programs of accounting, then let me make you sure that, here you are going to get some best offers.

All you need to do is just follow this article and along with the affiliate programs, here you will also come to know that how to promote those accountant affiliate offers.

Hence, this article is going to be very interesting.

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  • Know about some affiliate programs
  • Guide to promote those affiliate offers
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What is Accounting software?

An Accounting Software is a type of software that helps small or medium-sized businesses to manage and grow their business.

These types of software provide them with services such as time scheduling, payroll, services, tax invoice, payment invoice, employee scheduling etc.

These softwares are mostly used by those people who want these services to manage their work or business.


10+ Accounting Affiliate Programs to earn Money:

Accounting Affiliate Programs

Now, from here the main section of this post start, for which you are on this page.

Here, I will share with your the top or best affiliate programs that come in the category of accounting. All these offers are very big, famous and trustworthy and hence you can join any of these programs.

After joining these affiliate offers, if you will promote properly to the right audience, then you will be able to make money online in affiliate marketing.

1. Freshbooks

Freshbook is one of the biggest and popular accounting software or service in it industry.

The reason why it is so famous is that it is very easy to use and navigate and hence it is very user-friendly.

The affiliate program of Freshbooks is also very famous, as it is one of the high paying affiliate programs and this is the reason that is so popular.

Firstly, let me make you aware that its affiliate program is available on the two big affiliate marketing networks, that is ShareASale and FlexOffers.

So, if you want to make money with the FreshBooks affiliates, then all you need to do is simply join any one of the networks first.

You can take either ShareASale approval or FlexOffers approval, then after this, you need to be get approved by the Freshbooks affiliates inside them.

Taking the ShareASale and FlexOffers approval is not a big task, all you need do is to make a website.

Since it is available on the two networks, hence it the commission structure is also different on both the network.

Info (on ShareASale)

  • Commission Per Sale- $55-$200
  • Commission Per Lead- $5-$10
  • Network Threshold- $50
  • Cookie- 120 days

Info (on FlexOffers)

  • Commission Per Sale- $88
  • Commission Per Lead- $8
  • Network Threshold- $25
  • Cookie- 120 days

2. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is also the same and it has more than 100 million traffic (Similarweb’s data)

As you can make out the traffic of this website and how big this platform is.

Along with FreshBooks, Quickbooks is also providing people with many accounting services such as invoicing, banking, billing, accounting, taxes, scheduling etc.

Hence, this is complete software for those who are looking for these services.

Its affiliate program is also very good and is giving you a high payout so that more people can join and promote its services to earn money.

Quickbooks affiliate program is available on the biggest instant approval affiliate network and for sure, it is Commission Junction.

As you all know that CJ is giving you instant approval to its affiliate dashboard, hence you can easily join commission junction and can take the approval of Quickbooks.

In its affiliate offer, it has some more offers, so that you can promote those offers also and can generate even more revenue.


  • Commission Per Sale- $55
  • Commission Per Lead- $5
  • Network available- Commission Junction/Partner Stack
  • Network Threshold- $50
  • Cookie- 45 days

3. Sage

Sage is based in the UK and is also one of the Top leading services in its business industry.

It also has a very good amount of traffic on its website and this is the reason that it is also trustworthy.

With the help of Sage, one can easily manage, run or grow his business and can even manage the employee working or time.

One can also track or see the analytic of his business growth and along with this, there are multiple services that are provided by Sage.

But, if you want to earn money online with this Sage service, then all you need to do is simply join its accounting affiliate marketing program, which is also very awesome and noticeable.

Its affiliate program is available on the Impact Radius affiliate network, hence you first need to be get approved by that Impact network.

Once you are approved on the Impact with your website, then you have to apply for the Sage affiliate offer.


  • Commission Per Sale- 7%
  • Commission Per Lead- $5
  • Network available- Impact Radius
  • Network Threshold- $10
  • Cookie- 30 days

4. Gusto

Gusto is also big and has bulk traffic of more than 5 million per month.

Let me tell you that this Gusto is providing people with many services such as hiring & boarding, time tracking, scheduling, all the services of payroll and more.

Hence, you should consider this as one of the best payroll softwares for small and medium-sized businesses.

There were more than 200,000 businesses that are using this Gusto to manage their businesses.

Due to its good and more services, the affiliate program of gusto is very easy to promote and hence it is also easy to earn from it.

Besides this, it is also a high paying affiliate offer and the best apart part that I like about this is that they also offer bonuses as well as some incentives in their affiliate program.

Hence, in this way, you will be able to generate a good income from this Gusto affiliate marketing program.

Its affiliate program has the 4th power rank on the ShareASale, which means that it is one of the top leading offers of the ShareASale network.


  • Commission Per Sale- $100
  • Commission Per Lead- $50 (accountant lead)
  • Network available- ShareASale
  • Network Threshold- $50
  • Cookie- 120 days

5. Homebase

Similar to Gusto, Homebase is also providing you with many services that come in the category of accounting or payroll.

It also has a large monthly traffic of more than 3 million that helps many businesses to manage their work.

Let me tell you that it is one of the best Accounting Affiliate Programs, that is also paying you a high commission.

In order to earn this high commission, all you need to do is simply join this program and promote it to the right audience to get maximum sales or leads.

For this, you need to promote it to those people, who are interested in using these types of services.

But, let me tell you that the affiliate offer of Homebase is also available on the two affiliate marketing networks, one is ShareASale and the other is FlexOffers and both are very big, as I told you before.

So, commission structures are also different on those two networks. Let us understand it in detail.

Info (on ShareASale)

  • Commission Per Sale- $0
  • Commission Per Lead- $10
  • Network Threshold- $50
  • Cookie- n/a

Info (on FlexOffers)

  • Commission Per Sale- $0
  • Commission Per Lead- $30
  • Network Threshold- $25
  • Cookie- n/a

6. Patriot

Patriot is one of the award-winning accounting software and is also very popular in its industry.

Not only accounting and payroll, but this Patriot is also proving people with some HR management services also so that they can take more advantage of using their software.

Along with this, it is also providing some more good offers or services to attract more customers towards its software.

In order to join Patriot as an affiliate to make money from it, all you need to do is simply first come on your ShareASale dashboard and then take the approval of this offer.

Basically, it is one of the best CPA offers, as it is offering you a good commission for lead and as you all know that with the help of CPA offers, we can earn even faster and easier.

As in the CPA offers, we don’t have to generate any sales or we need is to generate leads to make a commission in our affiliate dashboard.


  • Commission Per Sale- $0
  • Commission Per Lead- $20
  • Network available- ShareASale
  • Network Threshold- $50
  • Cookie- 90 days

7. ZarMoney

ZarMoney is also a Cloud accounting software that is built mainly for small and medium-sized businesses.

Now, the best thing that I like about ZarMoney is that with the help of this software, you can even receive online payments, which I think will be used much by business owners.

And this receive payments allow an owner to accept payments from multiple options like credit or debit card etc.

Along with this one can also integrate other services like email service, payment services with this software.

Now, if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and wanted to earn as soon as possible, then I recommend you to join those offers that are giving you lead commission along with sale commission.

As with the lead commission, you will be able to promote offers easily.

Let me also tell you that this ZarMoeny is also one of the best accounting/payroll affiliate programs and it is providing you with the lead commission also.

So, in order to grab your opportunity to earn in CPA affiliate marketing, you need to join ShareASale and there you have to search for this high paying offer, which is ZarMoney.


  • Commission Per Sale- $120
  • Commission Per Lead- $1
  • Network available- ShareASale
  • Network Threshold- $50
  • Cookie- 60 days

8. Quaderno

Quaderno is a software that offers people many services, that are useful to them.

Along with the services of TAX, accounting, billing, this software is also providing people with integrations features, which means that you can integrate other services or tools such as Woo-commerce, PayPal, Shopify etc.

These types of tools are a very big help of all the businesses, hence this software is complete for those businesses.

Quoaderno affiliate is not available on any affiliate network, instead, it is individual affiliate programs, which is an advantage.

So, to become its affiliate member, all you need to do is to apply for it by filling a simple form, which will not take more than more than 1 minute.

Let me also inform you that the commission of Quaderno affiliates is a recurring commission, which means that you will get a commission each month (if your referred customer continue paying).


  • Commission Per Sale- 30%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0
  • Program Threshold- $50
  • Cookie- n/a

9. Webgility

Webgility is also very relevant to accounting services or software.

Basically, it is accounting software for an e-commerce company or business and you also know that there is a big need for these kinds of services to manage an e-commerce business.

Hence, this particular tool is used by most of the business, manage and grow their business.

Similar to Quaderno, the affiliate program of Webgility accounting software is also not on any affiliate network and it is individual.

So it is very easy to join these kinds of accounting affiliate offers, which is performed individually.

Although it is not proving you with a lead commission, if you will promote it properly, then you can make a good commission with the sales commission.


  • Commission Per Sale- 5%-10%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0
  • Program Threshold- n/a
  • Cookie- 90 days

10. Zoho

Zoho is not only an accounting service provider, it is providing people with many services such as sales & marketing, customers service, email and collaboration etc.

It is big software, which has more than 50 million visits per month, hence it has multiple pages on its website, in those pages, there is a page where you will find accounting services.

The affiliate program of Zoho is offering you a very high commission and this is the reason that I personally recommend you to join this and promote to earn.

In its affiliate program, it is also providing good and attractive marketing materials, hence it becomes easier for you to promote.


  • Commission Per Sale- $100
  • Commission Per Lead- $0
  • Program Threshold- $100
  • Cookie- 90 days

11. Xero

I have seen articles related to accounting software, but in those I hardy find Xero. I don’t why they haven’t covered this powerful and useful tool.

Xero is useful and big accounting software, which also has its own affiliate program.

One can easily manage his business, payments, tax invoice and can even link his bank for accepting payments.

Along with these features, there are many good features, which is provided by the Xero software.

Since it is a good tool, hence its affiliate program would be very easy for your to promote and earn.


  • Commission Per Sale- unlisted
  • Program Threshold- unlisted
  • Cookie- n/a

12. Bean Counter

Bean Counter is one of the biggest and leading accounting and bookkeeping service providers.

This is the reason that is used by most of the owners for managing their works.

The Bean counter affiliate offer is also giving you a good amount of commission, hence, you can promote this offer to earn more.

Let me tell you that, in order to join this affiliate program, you don’t any kind of website (as written on their website), hence it becomes easier to join it.


  • Commission Per Sale- 50%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0
  • Program Threshold- n/a
  • Cookie- 180 days

Instant Approval Affiliate Programs

If you want to know about the 28+ Instant Approval Affiliate Program, there here I have an awesome detailed article on this topic.

Who is the Audience for Accounting Affiliates

Accounting Affiliate Marketing Programs

In order to earn a good amount of commission from these affiliate programs of accounting software, all you need to do is simply target the right audience, so that you can get more conversions.

Firstly, you need to understand the right audience, which means that you have to find out those people who are interested in these types of software.

Since these softwares helps a business in work management, therefore all you need to do is to target small as well as medium-sized businesses.

Along with this audience, you can also target those people who are running a solo business and needs help to manage it.

Hence, if you target the right and interested audience, then you can earn a good commission even if you have gotten fewer conversions.

How to promote Accounting Affiliate Programs

After choosing or finding out the right audience to promote these affiliate programs, now you simply need to promote them, so that you can maximize conversions.

There are various methods of promoting an affiliate program, so you can use any one method and then put all your efforts into promoting with that method, Insha’Allah you will get results.

So, here are some best, working and 100% proven ways to promote any kind of affiliate programs.

Method:1 Write a SEO Optimized article

This is my favourite and the best way to promote an affiliate marketing offer and earn from it.

As you all know that, in order to get the most targeted traffic, you need to rank your website in Google and for this, you first need to optimize your website or blog content according to the searching engine.

This is what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is.

Firstly, you need to write a review article on any of the accounting software and then you need to monetize that content by pasting your affiliate links of that accounting offer.

Then, you need to do its On-Page SEO, so that this article can rank on the 1st page of Google and you can gain traffic from Google.

Along with the review article, you can also cover some other topics such as :

  • Best Accounting software
  • How to manage work through accounting software
  • Freshbooks vs Quickbooks (Comparision articles)
  • Alternatives of Gusto (Alternatives articles)

In order to rank your articles on Google, all you need is low-competitive keywords. In this case, I recommend you use SEMrush Keyword Research Tool.

Method:2 Run Paid Advertising

This is a paid method, but it is a method that will give your fast results.

As you are aware that SEO is best, but it takes time for a new website to rank on Google.

So, if you want to earn from affiliate marketing as soon as possible, then you should use paid advertising.

For this, you need to target the audience on that platform, where you are running an Ad and then you have to send that traffic to your website or to your landing page.

If you don’t have a website, then you can even build a high converting landing page, so that you can get even more sales or leads.

In order to run paid campaigns, you can take the help of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Quora Ads etc.

Believe me, this method will give you good results.

But, you should choose this method only if you have a budget.

Method:3 Email Marketing

Email Marketing is also my favourite and one of the most powerful ways to get traffic to your website or funnel page.

Here, all you need to do is simply build an email list and then you have to send bulk emails to them.

But, make sure that your email template should be very high converting, as due to this high converting template only people will open your email and even follow the links given in that.

Know- How to write a high converting email template

Now, after building an email list, all you need is a good email marketing tool, that will help you to send emails to your email list.

Well, in this case, I would like to recommend you to use the GetResponse email marketing tool, as it is very affordable and along with this, it is very user-friendly.

Method:4 Promote on Quora

Let me also tell you about this method. Quora is a Gold Mine, from where you can easily get targeted traffic quickly.

Quora is a QnA website and it has more than 500 million traffic/month on it and along with the majority of the traffic is from USA and UK.

There are multiple ways to promote your content on Quora to get traffic from it. So let us understand in detail.

Answer the Questions

Here, in this case, we are promoting payroll affiliate programs, hence you need to find out some questions on Quora, that comes in the category of accounting or payroll.

Then you need to answer those questions, but don’t forget to provide value in your all answers and also add some images to make them more attractive.

While answering, you have to paste your website or landing page link in that answer, so that traffic can come to your website or landing page.

NOTE: Never share your affiliate links directly on Quora. If you will do so, your Quora account will get banned.

Make a Quora space

You can even create your own space on Quora so that you can receive bulk traffic from it.

I have seen many spaces on Quora, that has followers in millions, it means that if the owner or contributors share content in it, it means that content has an opportunity to gain millions of traffic.

Now creating a space on Quora is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You can become a contributor in other spaces and can share your content in it.

Run Ads on Quora

Quora also provides people with a powerful service, which is Quora Ads.

With the help of Quora Ads, you can easily run the most targeted and high converting ads for promoting your affiliate offers relevant to accounting services or any offer.

Method:5 Make a YouTube video

Many people say that nowadays people are interested more in video content and I totally agree with them.

Hence, you need to make a YouTube video about any accounting service or compare two accounting services or anything related to it, then you need to paste your affiliate links in the description box.

You can take an idea from this video:


But, make sure that you say in the video that follow the link in the description to buy any of these services. This is nothing but a kind of CTA (Call to Action).

As you all know that 1 video will not work, hence you need to create videos back to back to get views on YouTube or even you can share your videos outside YouTube.

Method:6 Make Facebook Page

Similar to the Quora space, you can create a page on Facebook and for sure this method will also give you good conversions.

As you know that Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, where there is traffic in billions.

Hence, you simply need to take advantage of this bulk traffic by making a Facebook page and then after this, you also need to focus on growing the page.

So, once you have good traffic on your page, then you can easily earn from accounting associates programs.

FAQs on Accounting Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. Top 5 Accounting Affiliates

Well, in this article I have shared with you more than 10 best affiliate programs that come in this category.

But, let me share with you the Top 5 from these:
1. Freshbooks
2. Quickbooks
3. Gusto
4. Homebase
5. Sage

2. High Paying affiliate programs

There are many affiliate marketing programs, but all those are not high paying.

So, let me now share with you some of the best and high paying affiliate programs:
1. SEMrush
2. GetResponse
3. Web .com
4. Rocket.net
5. Bluehost
6. Fiverr
7. Builderall
8. Hostinger
9. A2 Hosting
1. WP Engine

Final words

I must say that in this article I have shared all my knowledge regarding these types of partners programs.

Along with this, I have shared with you my personal strategies to promote these Accounting Affiliate Programs, so that you can earn a very good amount of money online.

Some of these offers are available on the affiliate network, hence in order to join these programs that you are looking for, you first need to join those affiliate networks.

Now, nothing more to share in this article.

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